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news | Retouching for FALKE and BURLINGTON lookbooks by PX2 Hamburg and masculine editorial in GALA, retouched by PX1

Robert GRISCHEK c/o KLEIN PHOTOGRAPHEN was the photographer of choice for the FALKE and BURLINGTON look books, retouching by PX2 Hamburg. The images play around with layers and reflections, the structures and materials were scanned and then integrated with the photographs. Zhoi Hy headed the creative direction. Photographer Johanna Brinckmann from Hamburg shot a mafia-inspired spread for GALA with Tim Mälzer, Oliver Wirtz and Jorge Gonzalez. PX1 Berlin carried out the retouching of the …

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news | PX4 carries out post-production for VW PASSAT and TIGUAN (Memac Ogilvy), PX1 campaign images for SMART and BBDO Berlin

Images were created for VW TIGUAN and PASSAT to feature on a 160-metre wide motorway poster wall and Internet communication in Dubai. Memac Ogilvy commissioned Simon Puschmann with the automobile photography and PX4 Team Frankfurt carried out the post-production. The post-production company’s Berlin office took care of the campaign images for SMART, which will be promoted on large scale advertising surfaces amongst others. The cars were rendered and composed with illustrative backgroun …

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news | PX2 Postproduktion personal transportation project and photo realistic rendered food pack shot

PX2 worked on a transportation image as part of a personal project with photographer Thilo Sicheneder. The skyline was photographed in Shanghai, the vehicle rendered in Hamburg. Additional images are set to follow shortly. How photorealistic can a rendered food pack shot look? In this test, bottle, contents and dew were all entirely created using CGI technology.

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news | PX Group : retouch for the advertising images for the VOLKSWAGEN Rallye world championship, MEZZOMIX, AUDI S3, TAIFUN campaign, LUDWIG BECK catalogue, editorials for SLEEK and BRIGITTE and new PX4 branch in Frankfurt

PX Group would like to thank everybody for the great old and new contacts at UPDATE 2013. A spectacular first season for VOLKSWAGEN and the Rallye world championship: PX1 Berlin edited the corresponding advertising pictures. The agency in charge was Greenkern. PX2 were responsible for CGI and post-production inclusive of CGI operator on location for the catalogue images around the new AUDI S3 edition in Hamburg. GoSee member HE&ME released the shutter and the agency was PUK from Hambu …

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news | PX Group : ‘Spectacular Zooming’ for NIKON, TELEKOM, Charlie Sheen’s ‘Anger Management’ promo for WATCHEVER, ‘Das Handwerk’ campaign images, ‘Visual Leader 2013’ Prints, a personal project … and exhibiting at UPDATE 13

Once again PX1 post-production Berlin had NIKON images on the table for Jung von Matt/Spree and photographer Peter FUNCH c/o GoSee Member EMEIS DEUBEL, this time the subject was: ‘Spectacular Zooming’. The current TELEKOM ‘Best Net’ billboard campaign stems from the DDB Tribal agency, Hamburg. Özgür ALBAYRAK also c/o GoSee Member EMEIS DEUBEL was the photographer of choice. PX2 Hamburg carried out both the post-production as well as the CGI support. &lsqu …

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news | PX Group : retouch the ZINO DAVIDOFF Luxury Goods campaign for SelectNY.Hamburg, TELEKOM XTRA TRIPLE Prepaid Flat and VW FRONT ASSIST for DDB Tribal, CGI and composing for WARSTEINER HERB

Hamburg based company PX2 is the PX head office and was the original founding office of the successful PX Group post-production company, which now has offices in Hamburg, Munich and Berlin. In the heart of Hamburg, at the Pressehaus, around 30 employees work in post-production, CGI, fine art printing and production for advertising agencies and photographers, specialising in automotive, fashion and advertising. PX2 once again carried out the retouching for the campaign and catalogue images fo …

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news | PX Group : retouch for the TAIFUN summer campaign, RIMOWA look book, LUDWIG BECK magazine, KaDeWe magazine, OSRAM LKW-truck tarp in CGI

Nagi Sakai photographed the 2013 TAIFUN summer campaign for the donkey communications agency, Hamburg. Will Matthews was the creative director in charge. The PX Group took care of the post-production. Horst DIEKGERDES c/o SHOTVIEW photographed the RIMOWA 2013 look book, the PX Group took care of the editing. The agency was Meiré Meiré. Claudia Englmann was in charge of styling, Stephanie Kunz perfected the make-up and Christian Eberhard styled the hair. Alessandra Ambrosio and J …

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news | PX Group : AUDI RS7 Avant motifs by MARCUS PHILIPP SAUER, NEW YORKER Spring 2013 campaign with GoSee girl power, MERCEDES BENZ trailer parts, ANN CHRISTINE, the TIC TAC ‘Strawberry Mix’ and MAX VON TREU photographs EX GNTM Sarah Nuru for INSTYL

Following the images for the new AUDI RS6, the PX GROUP post-production team worked on the brand new AUDI RS7. The result: images in evening atmosphere with an interesting light concept. GoSee member Marcus Philipp SAUER from Munich snapped the images. PX subsequently provided their CGI and post-production services for the car motifs. The NEW YORKER Spring 2013 campaign is packed with GoSee girl power. ESTHER HAASE as well as MARGARETHA OLSCHEWSKI, both photographers from Hamburg, were ind …

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portfolio | Fashion und Editorial

Retouching/Motivausarbeitung von Fashionmotiven für Editorial und Advertising.

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portfolio | Automobil

Postproduktion und CGI für Autohersteller wie Audi und BMW

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