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In the kitchen with cooking utensils from ZWILLING. The look by Kolle Rebbe, post production by GoSee member PX2

For the cooking utensils from the traditional manufacturer ZWILLING, Hamburg-based agency Kolle Rebbe developed elaborate food compositions which will be used as ad motifs at the POS. They were finalized by the post production specialists from PX2. With an over 280-year history, Zwilling is among the oldest brands in the world. Today, the company employs worldwide more than 4,000 people.
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Luxury department store JELMOLI Zurich and heimat Berlin, plus Jelmoli XMAS mag - retouching by PX2

Jana GERBERDING c/o GoSee member KLAUS STIEGEMEYER photographed for the luxury department store JELMOLI in Zurich. The executive agency was heimat Berlin, and PX2 was in charge of retouching. We have the motifs on GoSee.
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With DDB Berlin for VW in Cape Town. Post production of eight good reasons by PX Group Berlin

The motifs presented on GoSee for VW are about much more than just cars... Photographer Sven Schrader, DDB Berlin, and PX1 were all in Cape Town with the post production workstation, where they created the people motifs for the car maker – and also edited them on location. Finishing of the eight good reasons took place afterwards in Berlin. We have the results for you right here
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