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news | HORNBACH 'Bad Boys', photographed by Darius Ramazani for Heimat Berlin

Commissioned by HORNBACH agency Heimat Berlin, DARIUS RAMAZANI photographed the 'Bad Boys' campaign for the successful DIY retail chain. The production was handled by Jule Roschlau with art buying by Franziska Möck. Creative responsibility was in the hands of Ads Felix Pfannmüller and Marco Bienek, and the text was written by Marlon Fischer.

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news | Greetings from the future. Berlin-based photographer Darius Ramazani mails affectionately designed print mail-outs

In the world of digital culture and digital marketing, a high-quality print product designed with love feels like a warm handshake. It is a haptic and personal experience which is very similar to photography. Even though digital photography has long since been established and digital image experiences have become part of our life, an encounter with the analog version of a picture often leaves a much more lasting impression. Berlin-based photographer Darius Ramazani, whose main focus is on portra …

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news | In The Closest Proximity’ - fischerAppelt and Darius Ramazani capture DIAKONIE employees realistically as part of a multi channel campaign

Working for DIAKONIE means meeting people from all walks of life and can be an emotional rollercoaster. Many of the organisation’s staff are not just doing a job; it’s a calling for them. The new Diakonie campaign puts the commitment of those members of staff in the foreground. Darius Ramazani shot the multi channel campaign, which shows personal statements from employees, captured in their individual working environment, as a central feature. The reportage style shots tell true s …

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news | The CCWoWi campaign by TELEKOM, photographed by Darius RAMAZANI

Darius snapped the new CCWoWi campaign (Competence Center Wohnungswirtschaft) for client TELEKOM. The responsible agency was brandrelation agentur für kommunikation GmbH.

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news | Darius Ramazani shoots a portrait series on aging for BRIGITTE WOMAN

BRIGITTE WOMAN commissioned the portrait series with a variety of women, which asks ‘looking younger – what for?’ The models came from public heroes agency, the hair & make-up artists on set were Anne Krarup and Lena Schleweis (nude agency).

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news | Darius Ramazani shoots an image campaign for NEPHROLOGEN and A&B ONE

Darius photographed an image campaign for NEPHROLOGEN. He portrayed a real dialysis patient at work and at home. The kidney doctors help over 100,000 people in Germany who are dependent on renal replacement therapy, and offer an increased quality of life for their patients. The agency in charge was A&B ONE Kommunikationsagentur GmbH - Berlin.

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news | Darius Ramazani shoots kids fashion for MAXIMO in Cape Town and music duo Yello on their music app Yellofire

"MaxiMo fits every head". Darius photographed the new MAXIMO collection in Cape Town. This summer the German heritage brand has set its sights on stripes, polka dots and florals. From pastel sorbets to bold crayon and neon colours. As part of their Yellofier project Darius shot Swiss music duo Yello, made up of Boris Blank and Dieter Meier. The Yellofier app transforms input into melodic music within seconds, ranging from voices, music instruments to everyday sounds. Now everyone c …

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news | Darius Ramazani : people images for ALLIANZ, DP LUXEMBURG campaign, California Dreamin in VW MAGAZINE, fashion by FELIX W. and South Africa project in GOLDEN ARROW MAG including an exhibition

Darius photographed images visualising private insurance and preventative care for ALLIANZ Versicherungs AG. The photos for the combined policy privacy protection show young adults in their private surroundings, which they want to secure for themselves and their family. The precautionary pictures present a wider audience with different life situations illustrating the insurance provider’s various pension schemes. Darius shot the campaign for the DP Democratic Party for the parliamentary …

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news | Darius Ramazani : ‘Ich bin viele’ portraits of young people for the new Volksbanken and Raiffeisenbanken young people communication for Cobra Youth, Berlin

Darius Ramazani photographed the ‘Ich bin viele’ (‘I am many’) campaign images. Cobra Youth Communications, a specialist full service agency for kids and young adults marketing developed the new youth campaign for Volksbanken and Raiffeisenbanken in cooperation with Cobra Youth network’s recently founded agency Fhain Ideas. Five commercial and poster imagers were created in keeping with the ‘Ich bin viele’ slogan. The aim is to appeal to a young audi …

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news | Darius Ramazani : photographs ‘Berlin heads’ as well as image motifs for ROSSKOPF & PARTNER AG at head offices throughout Germany

Berlin based photographer Darius RAMAZANI photographed image motifs for ROSSKOPF & PARTNER AG at various company head offices throughout Germany. They will use these photographs for their website relaunch as well as their new image brochure. JoussenKarliczek GmbH agency developed the concept for both and was also in charge of production. Darius additionally shot some ‘Berlin heads’, as he likes to call them. This is a personal project that focuses on people from Berlin who …

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