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'The great smell of burgers' - food photographer Nicky WALSH shoots fat burgers and the best Berlin characters with them for BUSINESS PUNK magazine

What happens when hardcore burgers meet new men’s fragrances? Seven recipes to go along with seven perfumes: That was Walter Potts' task, who is impresario of Berlin's legendary burger shack 'White Trash'. He and his team remembered a wise old saying: 'It’s all in the sauce.' The photographs for the story were shot by Nicky WALSH c/o NINA RAUTENBERG. Siems Luckwaldt was the producer, and the photographs can be seen in the new 03/2015 issue of BUSINESS PUNK.
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GoSee says congratulations! Nicky WALSH wins Bronze at the 2015 PINK LADY Food Photography Award

Yeah! We are happy for and with Nicky WALSH, who took 3rd place in the category Marks & Spencer Food Photography at this year’s PINK LADY Food Photography Award. And we have the yummy award-winning motif for you on GoSee. Plus Nicky WALSCH's portfolio can be seen in her GOSEE ARTIST PROFILE.
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Antje PLEWINSKI shoots new REINERT specialties

Antje PLEWINKSI c/o NINA RAUTENBERG photographed packaging for the pate and sausage manufacturer REINERT. The Chambelle series consists of smoked pork filet, salami, and Chambelle spread – a creamy sandwich spread with original French Camembert. The executive agency was Sieger Design.
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