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'La Veganista – eat yourself happy with superfoods', vegan cuisine from GRÄFE UND UNZER Publishing. Foodstyling by Max FABER

The third book by vegan cook Nicole Just was released by GRÄFE UND UNZER and presents energetic meals under the title 'La Veganista – eat yourself happy with superfoods'. For foodstyling, Max FABER c/o NINA RAUTENBERG was on set. The food photos were shot by René Riis.
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Of 'Turnips and Beets' at EDITION FACKELTRÄGER. The new book with foodstyling by Max FABER

The book which was just released by EDITION FACKELTRÄGER 'Carrots and Beets' by Usch von der Winden presents 60 delicious and exciting recipes and information on all ingredients. For foodstyling, NINA RAUTENBERG artist Max FABER was responsible. Food photos: Jörg Lehmann.
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From 'Chambelle' to 'Ham' - Antje PLEWINSKI shoots REINERT sausage specialties in a new look and the title topic for STIFTUNG WARENTEST

Sausage specialist REINERT brings new products and new product looks into the market. With the names 'Chambelle', 'Summer Sausage' and 'Ham Nuggets' NINA RAUTENBERG photographer Antje PLEWINSKI staged them. Executive agency: Sieger Design.

Antje PLEWINSKI c/o NINA RAUTENBERG photographed the title subject for STIFTUNG WARENTEST on the topic of Oils 09/2015. Chestnuts are simply part of the fall season: whether roasted or mashed, they can be prepared in many different ways, and even turned into nutty-aromatic gnocchi with potatoes. It´s not that easy – but well worth the effort. Foodstyling: Anke RABELER.
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