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news | Schönheitsfarm :TIGHA SS 12 + 13, TOM REBL - REVOLT, BRAUN S5, FRANK FOKS, MOGA magazine, .... latest work by ESTEBAN on GoSee

"The Tigha team design and produce what we love and want to surround ourselves with every day..” Tigha was established in 2009 with the vision of interpreting classic leather styles in a new and modern way. The same motto applies to the young label’s brand image for both print and film promotion. Director and photographer captured both these in the same young and wild vein as the label’s designs. Esteban (*1989) is a young photographer and director who carries out his …

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news | schönheitsfarm : new branch in Frankfurt am Main, in addition to Hamburg and Düsseldorf

Creative post-production company schönheitsfarm is moving closer to their Frankfurt customers. It is the third branch to be opened by the company, which hails from Hamburg. Manfred Brunwey and Torsten Eichten moved to Düsseldorf in 2009 and gained ground there very quickly. Their label is committed to developing all-encompassing visual concepts and strong in-house creations and has become something of an institution in the state capital. Torsten Eichten and Manfred Brunwey founded …

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news | schönheitsfarm production : ‘farm feature’ - 4th cinema evening plus Meet'n'Greet in Hamburg and ADC Bronze for Meyer Soundsystems and CinmemaxX Kinos

Last week, Schönheitsfarm invited the industry to its fourth cinema get-together at the Dammtor Cinemaxx. Over 200 guests enjoyed an action-packed evening with plenty of popcorn and beer. The cinema event series was launched earlier this year and seeks to establish a laid-back meet-n-greet of the Hamburg advertising scene. ‘The idea was to organise a regular event that's both fun and provides a platform for an informal exchange, but also offers relevant content’, explain …

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news | NEW : Schönheitsfarm, Post & Production, Hamburg & Düsseldorf; spots for CINEMAXX, Lucy Liu for BRAUN, JUNG VON MATT plus PEPSI

Schönheitsfarm production is the latest arrival at GoSee. Founded in Hamburg as a traditional post-production company, Schönheitsfarm production of today is a creative one-stop-shop for advertising agencies in Hamburg and Düsseldorf. Illustrators, creative directors, directors, cameramen, designers, animators, 3D and composing artists as well as producers all indulge in their passion for gorgeous film under one and the same roof. From live action shoots, to visual effects …

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