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news | ‘Wallis. Etched into the heart’. Bern advertising agency Contexta with a new branding for the WALLIS canton. Post-production by PATRICK SALONEN

The new branding of the WALLIS canton paints a completely unique picture of the area – beyond any Swiss cliché. The advert communicates strong emotions, which Wallis arouses, as well as the lasting impression a visit leaves. The new slogan summarises this perfectly: ‘Wallis. Etched into the heart’. Patrick SALONEN had the chance to work on the post-production for this job. Bern advertising agency Contexta with AD Livio Canonica was in charge of the production. Nadine Bor …

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news | Personal CGI series with a VW Touareg, photographed by GoSee member MICHEL JAUSSI, post-production & CGI by PATRICK SALONEN

After countless transportation winter shots, we finally get to see a personal CGI series featuring a VW Touareg. Patrick Salonen was in charge of the extensive CGI and post-production work for the pictures, snapped by GoSee member Michel Jaussi.

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news | BERNAFON end user campaign, shot by Guy Jost, post-production by Patrick SALONEN

Patrick Salonen produced four pictures in cooperation with photographer Guy Jost for an end user campaign for BERNAFON, the Bern based manufacturer of hearing aids. In charge from the client side was Patrik Zurbach. The Bernafon Group operates 19 sales companies and partners in over 40 countries around the world.

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news | Patrick Salonen - retouch for Swiss OHROPAX campaign and SWISSQUOTE Bank

Working hard to fight noise, water and wind: Patrick Salonen worked on the new images of the OHROPAX campaign for Bern based advertising agency Komet. The images dramatize the product uses, illustrating the multifunctionality of the earplugs. The visuals for each individual product are being used for a variety of communication material. The Komet team comprised: Simon Schatzmann, Suzanne Scherer (Consultant), Thom Pfister (CD), as well as Roland Zenger and Joel Weber (AD). Patrick Salonen ret …

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news | PATRICK SALONEN post-produces winter transportation series photographed by Michel JAUSSI

PATRICK SALONEN joined forces with photographer MICHEL JAUSSI to work on a personal innovative winter transportation series. Their short film presents a refreshing take on how CGI and photography can work together. An exciting story!

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news | Landscape pictures for CARBAGAS, two personal winter images and the ‘Mustang P-51’ project with GoSee member MICHEL JAUSSI. Post-production & CGI by Patrick SALONEN

Patrick produced six landscape images together with photographer MICHEL JAUSSI for company CARBAGAS. AD Carlo Piller from in flagranti agency supervised this job on location. The post-production expert also created two winter images with photographer Michel Jaussi, which they produced as a personal project. ‘Mustang P-51’ was an additional personal project, which they produced in CGI. Michel Jaussi released the shutter. This project is to be continued… we will keep you up-to-date. www.carb …

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news | New duck pictures for SHOPPYLAND. Post-production by Patrick SALONEN

Experienced post-production specialist PATRICK SALONEN worked on two new images with the iconic duck for SHOPPYLAND. He composed the summery image of stock pictures, while Bern based photographer Guy Jost shot the Christmas picture. Shoppyland Schönbühl is the largest shopping centre in the Bern-Mittelland region and boasts 77 stores. It has been a popular shopping destination since 1975. Komet’s side of the team had Thom Pfister as CD, Joel Weber as AD and Simon Schatzmann and Sarina Künzl …

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news | Image campaign for Swiss local TV station TELEBÄRN. Post-production by Patrick SALONEN

PATRICK SALONEN collaborated with photographer Fabian Unternährer on pictures for the image campaign of local TV channel TELEBÄRN. TeleBärn has been reporting on current affairs such as politics, economy, society and culture in Bern, Solothurn and (German) Freiburg for almost twenty years. In order to present the ever growing variety of programmes, the various shows and the people behind them, KOMET agency developed a new communications campaign for TeleBärn. For the new campaign they create …

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news | Patrick Salonen, post-production : AUDI landscapes retouched for Advico Y&R, CGI and photography for SUVA and Leo Burnett Switzerland, Alpine views for SWISSQUOTE, SCHOPPYLAND and Grasshopper Club Zürich

Patrick Salonen was in charge of the post-production of the landscape images for AUDI by GoSee Member MICHEL JAUSSI. We have attached the pictures from the home of the Quattro microsite for The agency was Advico Y&R with Daniel Bieri in art direction and Rahel Güttler in consultancy. We also present the images for THURGAUER KANTONALBANK, likewise photographed by MICHEL JAUSSI, with finishing touches by Patrick. This includes the campaign by the Neue LGK agency, mainly on pos …

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