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The impressive BKW energy landscape, perfected in post production by Patrick SALONEN

For the energy company BKW, the post producer retouched numerous pictures which are used to present the newly designed BKW image world. The breathtaking landscape motifs were photographed by GoSee member MICHEL JAUSSI. The executive agency was Process from Zurich with AD Selina Eugster; consulting was provided by Elmar Müller. Initial results were presented among others in the Annual Report of BKW.
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Reliable in any weather: ATU - CGI and retouching of the campaign Patrick SALONEN for the BBS advertising agency

Together with photographer and GoSee member MICHEL JAUSSI, retouch specialist Patrick SALONEN realized the four campaign motifs for the car part company ATU. The cars as well as the logo lettering were added to the picture via GCI. The executive agency was BBS advertising agency based in Hamburg with CD Finn Rieckermann.
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Present on posters and the Web: the striking AUTOSCOUT24 ad motifs - post production Patrick SALONEN for Maxomedia

Commissioned by the Bern-based agency Maxomedia, Patrick handled post production of a motif photographed by GoSee member MICHEL JAUSSI for the online car dealership AUTOSCOUT24. The result is shown widely on billboards, ads and online. Responsible at Maxomedia was CD Reto Schild.
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