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Sardegna Productions : and the QUIERO autumn catalogue shoot on the sunshine island

Sardegna Productions worked on campaign and catalogue shoots in Sardinia for mail-order client QIERO.

from Düsseldorf was the photographer of choice. Kathrin Planned from Qiero was also on set.

Sardegna Productions team organised the location scouting and supported the photography team at various locations on the island of Sardinia.

The models were also cast on location by Sardegna Productions.

The result is a very diverse catalogue series with both beach and rock motifs, plus rustic urban motifs, all with some contemporary touches here and there.

FYI: thanks to its countless, unique and absolutely unblemished locations with a high sunshine guarantee, Sardinia makes for an ideal location, and not just for summer shoots either. Check out the photos here on GoSee for proof.

Qiero ! Was founded as a JAKO-O subsidiary in 2004 and is part of the HABA company group. The HABA group has been working for the 'best target market in the world: for kids and their families' for over 70 years.

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NEW : Sardegna Productions; Europe's Caribbean offers photo & film support and painterly locations in Sardinia, Corsica and Rome

Sardegna Productions in new at GoSee, a reliable partner for location and production service, based on a unique island in the Mediterranean.

A coast spanning over 2,000 kilometres – enchanted with white sand beaches, picturesque rocks and crystal clear water glowing with a hint of turquoise – Sardinia is known as Europe’s Caribbean. Unique rock formations, cork oaks, olive trees and amazing green pastures are all characteristics of the island’s inland.

Legend has it that Sardinia is a miniature simulacrum of all continents and there is plenty of inspiration to be found in all shapes and sizes, ranging from colourful, natural light to the diversity of the beautiful harbours, historic cities to the exclusive coastal region of Costa Smeralda.

Be it a fashion shoot with renowned brands, editorials for international magazines or brand advertising, Sardegna Productions supports productions of all kinds. Unique skills, local contacts and a professional knowledge base in combination with the dreamy Sardinian locations are a perfect blend.

Sardegna Productions was founded in 2002. The driving force, Antje Mania earned her stripes as a fashion art director in Germany. Her passion for perfectionism, flexibility and pragmatism turned many clients into ‘persistent offenders’.

Antje’s experienced team organised complete productions in Sardinia, Corsica and Rome. The list of clients includes LUFTHANSA, INSTYLE, RENAULT, TOMMY BAHAMA, LUISA CERANO as well as fashion clients BONPRIX, HESS NATUR, KARSTADT QUELLE, MADELEINE, MUSTANG, NECKERMANN, OTTO.

The versatility of aforementioned brands exemplifies that Sardegna is very much capable of catering for various business budgets.

Also part of the repertoire: the French island of Corsica, which is not far north of Sardinia. The East coast features wide and long sand beaches, the inland sports high mountains and an imposing landscape scattered with rock masses.

The steep coast of Corsica is impressive as well, cliffs formed both by man and the torrent, with some wild beaches nestled in between, the ideal location for nature shoots. Let alone the idyllic fishing villages with French flair or the larger harbour cities bustling with urban harbour life such as Ajaccio and Bastia.
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