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'Wistiki by Starck - the end of lost.' The FOUND YOU! Wistiki collection by designer Philippe Stark was just presented to the public in San Francisco, including the 'Wistiki Foundation' for the irreplacable things in life

Wistiki, one of the leading manufacturers of 'connected devices' from Paris was launched only three years ago by three French brothers. They now present with their FOUND YOU! collection four premium accessories, designed by world-famous designer Philippe Starck, which are aimed at helping you find favorite things that might be lost such as wallets, pets, stuffed animals, or keys using your telephone. And you can now place your preorder on Indiegogo: igg.me/at/wistikibystarck

But there’s more. With Wistiki you’re part of something bigger : the end of lost. Our “Lost & Found Community 2.0” is initiating a revolution, and everyone is welcome. More than connecting people with their belongings, we’re helping to connect people with hope by supporting those who have lost everything. The collaboration between Wistiki and Starck has created intuitive, ultra-adapted and elegant accessories that help people find their belongings with their smartphone, with a free app without subscription, so they can relax and enjoy life. Unlike any other connected devices, each product is created for a specific use that blends seamlessly with our modern lifestyles.

By rethinking the ergonomics of connected trackers as well as their usages and their advantages, Wistiki is revolutionizing the market introducing its new products: You know the frustration of losing your keys? Well, it’s over. voilà! easily attaches to your keys and other sentimental items to help you track and find them when lost. Ever misplace your wallet? No problem. hopla! is a self-adhesive, 3 mm slim, card shaped product that is designed to discretely integrate with your wallet and other surfaces. Your little one often loses his teddy bear? Easy peasy. Created for kids, ta-da! is a unique soft toy with integrated Wistiki technology to help you track and find it, if lost. It also glows in the dark at night. And no more putting up “lost” signs for your dog. ahā! is a medal shaped tag that attaches beautifully to your pet's collar in case he or she runs away.

100% made in France, this premium collection is as attractive as it is practical. With features such as a solid gold antenna, brushed metal case, and a tip inspired by luxury fragrance designers, the entire collection is the result of a high-end production chain dedicated to making voilà!, hopla! and ahā! the “jewelry collection” of connected devices. This elegant design line comes in a range of 4 vibrant pantone colors, while ta-da! is the first soft toy inspired by Starck with an integrated harmless tracking system and a must have for children and fashionable parents.

Not only are we here to help tackle the small things, but the big things too. The three brothers along with Philippe Starck share a personal need, a sincere and profound desire to contribute to putting an end to misfortune around the world. The end of lost is a global action. While they are conscious that people get over losing their small belongings, they want to serve a bigger cause and help those who are in need of more significant things, things you cannot get back with a tracker, such as a lost home, a lost hope or a lost parent. In line with this they will create the "Wistiki Foundation" partnering with the most reliable charity organizations. This year Wistiki plans to donate 25% of its 2015 net profits to international children’s organizations.

You can preorder the products on the American platform Indiegogo. As a reward for the support, the Indiegogo backers will have the exclusive benefit of receiving first delivery on the Wistiki by Starck collection at up to 65% off the retail price. wistiki.com & indiegogo.com//the-first-ever-connected-jewels-lost-it-find-it#

About - Philippe Starck is an internationally acclaimed French creator, designer and architect. His profound comprehension of contemporary mutations, his determination to change the world, his anticipatory concern for environmental implications, his love of ideas, his desire to defend the intelligence of usefulness - and the usefulness of intelligence - have accompanied one iconic creation after the other. From everyday products such as furniture and lemon squeezers, to revolutionary mega-yachts, individual windmills, electric bikes or hotels and restaurants that aspire to be wondrous, stimulating and intensely vibrant places. This untiring and rebellious citizen of the world, who considers it his duty to share his ethical and subversive vision of a fairer planet, creates unconventional places and objects whose purpose is to be “good” before being beautiful. Philippe Starck and his wife, Jasmine, mostly live on an airplane or in the "middle of nowhere".
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On disappearing agricultural traditions and communist ruins in Romania: Tamas Dezso - 'Notes for an Epilogue'. As an illustrated book at Hatje Cantz Publishing

The boy in the bearskin, a snowy birch forest, the plump peasant couple in colorful everyday costumes. Then: decay. An interplay of dreamy rustic fairytale worlds and the harsh crumbling reality shapes the mood of the illustrated book by Tamas Dezso. The photographer documents for the first time Romania´s old traditions, agricultural customs, and the dark shadow of the former regime. Lethargy is not only part of the story, it determines the air of his imagery. 'Notes for an Epilogue' was published by Hatje Cantz Publishing, and is the first book of the Hungarian artist. An engaging eyewitness account of a rapidly vanishing world.

With large-scale color photographs, Tamas Dezso describes the forgotten way of life of an economically exhausted Romania and isolated regions within the country. He focuses on the margins of Romanian society, a centuries-old culture with its customs and traditions that have been passed on orally from generation to generation, but never documented. Dezso also illuminates the crumbling structures of forgotten factories, the effects of the autocratic regime lasting from 1946 until 1989.

The artist on his book: "Spiritual tradition and physical heritage are simultaneously disintegrating in Romania. Time is beginning to undermine centuries-old traditions preserved in tiny villages, in communities of only a few houses, as well as the bastions of the communist era’s enforced industrialization, which became part and parcel of Romania’s recent history. Those living in the reservations of forgetting blend with nature, exhibiting a humility inherited through generations. Urged on by modernization, they are living out their last days in evident equality of closeness to nature and, helping time, they are diligently pulling down the absurd edifices of their environment. In the manner of termites, they carry away small pieces of immense concrete constructions on the rickety carts of poverty, pick through reinforced concrete frames of former factory monsters, power stations and furnaces, dismantling monuments of formerly enforced modernization which have corroded into a stage set. Four years ago, I began photographing the scenes of a world irreversibly decaying, the transformation of a Balkan country surviving the region’s hardest dictatorship. When capturing the still recordable milieu I am examining the parallel of a general tendency and personal stories: as resilient humanity condensing into symbolic destinies takes shape in the face of mortality."

About - Tomas Dezso was born in 1978 and lives in Budapest. His works were displayed at worldwide group and solo exhibitions and published in renowned publications including Time Magazine, the New York Times, National Geographic, Geo, Le Monde, The Sunday Times, and The British Journal of Photography.

Tamas Dezso - 'Notes for an Epilogue' . 160 pages, 69 ills. . Text by Eszter Szablyár . hatjecantz.de
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digital art book – beautiful photos in a small series, Dr. Cantz´s Druckerei Medien GmbH and Beltz Grafische Betriebe in a cooperation

The highest printing and binding quality no matter how small the edition – there is only one single source for it. Cantz´s Druckerei Medien GmbH, a company belonging to the Wurzel Media Group and Beltz Grafische Betriebe have completed the circle to cooperate on the 'digital art book'.

"Our target groups are mainly artists, photographers, publishers, museums, and agencies that often need small editions of high-quality books in for presentations or exhibitions. Top quality of this kind was previously only possible with offset printing. However, this method of printing is only economical with a print run of about 500 copies, which is why more books were printed than needed so that the customer not only payed more, but also had more books than they really bargained for," Heinz Wurzel explains, owner of Wurzel Media Group.

Dr. Cantz’s Druckerei Medien GmbH and Beltz Grafische Betriebe are already bond by a long-standing partnership. Cantz is renowned worldwide for manufacturing high-quality books while Beltz Grafische Betriebe is specialized in any kind of binding, whether the exclusive Japanese binding or threadbinding and also the Swiss brochure binding. The company also manufactures high-quality covers and cassettes upon customer request, from color or refined cover and half-linen to box covers. Hand-signed or limited editions are also available.

From this expertise, the target groups of digital art book can now benefit. "Our production is high quality; much of it is still handcrafted. At digital art book, clients can get a special format in a small edition – exquisite book projects in small numbers – all in the desired format. Hardly anybody else can offer this combination." Christian Gaidies, CEO of Beltz Grafische Betriebe explains.

Thomas Uehling, Executive Vice President at Cantz, adds: "Our prints are digital, but the customer gets even more from us than from offset printing. The customer receives, in addition to comprehensive advice, a pre-print copy in proof quality. While, for example, photo books ordered on the Internet are automatically retouched, we ensure that the colors and shades turn out just like our customers want it.

digital art book
debuts at the Frankfurter Book Fair stand of Beltz Grafische Betriebe in Hall 4.0, J 94.

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