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'DAYSINVICHY by Anton Renborg' (Editions Filigranes) - a GoSee photo book recommendation from Marie Bottin, Head of Art Buying Dpt, CLM BBDO, Paris

Our friend Marie Bottin, Head of Art Buying Dpt, CLM BBDO, Paris, presents on GoSee her new photo book highlight: “Anton Renborg, a Swedish photographer, who is familiar with Vichy only by its name, takes part in the discovery of this city and its inhabitants in order to fulfill the request made to him by the eponymous Festival of Photography, in the context of their 2016 edition dedicated to the 'Portrait(s)'. Always faithful to his working habits, Anton avoids any upstream preparation.

No preconceived idea or plan needed: he works with feeling, by listening to his intuitions and by focusing on the moment. This method, unique to this artist, allows him to avoid the distortion of the encounter as it arrives, both with a person and with a place. He wants it as true as possible, without any filter, whether in speech or in pose. No production required even when the image seems staged. His relationship to photography is characterized as wild, pure, humanist and even candid. Anton always leaves room for the person he captures and therefore simply steps back.

Authenticity and simplicity inhabit his pictures. No need for frills and overdoing in Anton’s captions. It’s really about getting the closest possible to a person or place’s Essence. Avoiding negative cliches that might easily appeal to certain situations.

Chacha characterizes this approach; a stripper he decides to photograph while she trains and concentrates on herself and only herself, alone, at home, far from the strip club scene as it could be imagined. The story line takes shape progressively and throughout his various strolls in Vichy, always guided by the several fragments of life told by his fellow travelers who all come from a sort of sleepy upperclass. The History of a city, of its great remains, at the time of the Belle Epoque, the pre-war era. The story of its people who would leave it for absolutely nothing.

From this visual material, Anton first composed a book as one writes a partition, and an exhibition was set up for the Portrait(s) 2016 edition. His book is not purely documentary. It does not claim to be either exhaustive or objective. His book is something different. Anton delivers fragments of his fleeting encounters, his shared experience, his vision – subjective per essence. This visual partition is made up of resonances, echoes, punctuations. The portraits of Antoine, Yves, P.O, and Audran are intermingled with photographs of empty places: rhythmic breathings between two encounters.

Like an enthusiastic folk stroll, one travels the book in one direction then in another, discovering details of a poetic and reassuring simplicity which reminds us that even today, beauty and kindness can coexist. We are not forced to concede to cynicism that prevails in the modern world, at this peculiar time which is ours. We can open up to the other without fear."

DAYSINVICHY by Anton Renborg, has just been published by Editions Filigranes.
Author – Marie Bottin / Head of Art Buying Dpt @ CLM BBDO, Paris
Translator – Sacha Pereira da Silva
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'Kindheit unter den Eichen' - photographer Oksana Kyzymchuk grants private insight into the story of a small Ukrainian village, a photo book at Kerber and a preview on GoSee

The photographs of artist Oksana Kyzymchuk seem immediate, unadorned and direct. The photo book documents the dense social fabric of a culture shaped by agriculture in provincial Ukraine on the edge of Europa.

The focus is above all on images of childhood, in which the universal magic and beauty of being a child emerges. The photo book was published by Kerber Verlag in two different editions. One edition is limited with only 100 copies and includes a DVD with a complementary documentary about the Ukrainian village, produced by the artist.

“The formal brilliance of the photos, the wealth of extremely fine modulations in tonal values, and the lighting moods are very striking. A “monument to childhood” in a rapidly changing world — what a beautiful, strong self-will detached from the relevance criteria of the spirit of the times. The enclosed DVD explores the sound space connected with the world of images that Oksana Guizot presents.” we gladly quote Ulrich Namislow, bestselling author and professor of book design, here on GoSee.

Kindheit unter den Eichen - Oksana Kyzymchuk
. 16.80 x 24.00 cm . 208 pages . 151 color illustrations . softcover with flaps . German . ISBN 978-3-7356-0286-2, 978-3-7356-0313-5 . 29.00€ .
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'The Belt of Venus and the Shadow of the Earth' the bibliophile illustrated book by Swedish photographer duo Inka and Niclas Lindergård was published by Kerber Verlag

Award-winning artist duo Inka and Niclas Lindergård works primarily with photography-based art. With starting points in popular culture, their work circulates around investigations on the photograph as a carrier of a mysterious image of nature. Their imagery spans from the search engines and their algorithmic answers on what nature looks like, to an aesthetic appropriated from nature religions, occultism and spiritual postcards. Inka Lindergård was born 1985 in Finland, and Niclas Lindergård 1984 in Sweden. Since 2007, they live and work together in Stockholm. The bibliophile photo book cut on three sides with printed images was just published by Kerber Verlag.

Their work is presently on display at the Grundemark Nilsson Gallery in Stockholm. Gallery Director Dorothée Nilsson has photos for us from the book signing and describes the book as follows “Their new series The Belt of Venus and the Shadow of the Earth revolves around performative photographic acts that can only be experienced through the photograph, an investigation into the of the act of taking a photograph and the camera's role as a bridge between the physical world and the photographic.” The next book signing with Inka and Niclas is at the Paris Photo Fair on 11 November 6pm, booth 30D. The artists and gallerists look forward to your visit!

And from 19 November, 2016 thru 15 January, 2017, they present their works as part of the exhibition BLING BLING BABY! in NRW Forum Düsseldorf. From glam fashion to natural poetry, from staged irony to pop portraiture – created over the past years is a fascinating round of photos, which celebrates art and is does not stop at kitsch. The international group exhibition includes stars such as David LaChapelle and Pierre et Gilles.

The Belt of Venus and the Shadow of the Earth
. Photographs by Inka & Niclas Lindergård . With texts by Brad Feuerhelm, Kim Knoppers. Designed by Sepidar Hosseini. Language: English . October 2016. ISBN 978-3-7356-0311-1. Size: 34.7 x 29.7 cm, 88 pages. Hardcover, cut on three sides with printed images. Kerber Verlag.
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