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Gudmundur and Geirfinnur, Iceland’s most mysterious murder case. Looked into in the book 'Sugar Paper Theories' byJack Latham, published at Here Press, book launch on 6 September in der Photographers’ Gallery

Forty years ago, two men went missing in southwest Iceland. The facts of their disappearances are scarce, and often mundane. An 18-year-old set off from a nightclub, drunk, on a 10-kilometer walk home in the depths of Icelandic winter. Some months later, a family man failed to return from a meeting with a mysterious stranger. In another time or place, they might have been logged as missing persons and forgotten by all but family and friends. Instead, the Gudmundur and Geirfinnur case became the biggest and most controversial murder investigation in Icelandic history.

In the 1970s, theories about the disappearances fixated on Iceland’s anxieties over smuggling, drugs and alcohol, and the corrupting influence of the outside world. The country’s highest levels of political power were drawn into the plot. But ultimately, a group of young people on the fringes of society became its key protagonists. All made confessions that led to convictions and prison sentences. Yet none could remember what happened on the nights in question.

Now a public inquiry is uncovering another story, of how hundreds of days and nights in the hands of a brutal and inexperienced criminal justice system eroded the link between suspects’ memories and lived experience. Jack Latham photographed the places and people that feature in various accounts of what happened to Gudmundur and Geirfinnur after they vanished. He spent time with the surviving suspects, as well as whistle blowers, conspiracy theorists, expert witnesses and bystanders to the case.

In ‘Sugar Paper Theories’, Latham’s photographs and material from the original police investigation files stand in for memories real and constructed. Professor Gisli Gudjónsson CBE, a former Reykjavik policeman and forensic psychologist whose expert testimony and theory of memory distrust syndrome helped free the Birmingham Six and Guildford Four – and are now central to the Gudmundor and Geirfinnur inquiry – provides a written account of the case.

Jack Latham is the recipient of the Bar Tur Photobook Award 2016. The book is co-published by Here Press and The Photographers’ Gallery.

Book launch on Tuesday, 6 September, at 6:30pm in The Photographers’ Gallery, 16/18 Ramillies Street, London W1F 7LW

Sugar Paper Theories - Jack Latham . 310 x 230mm, 180pp . 46 color photographs, 37 black & white photographs, 8 illustrations, 9 press cuttings . Color photography by Jack Latham . Text by Professor Gisli Gudjónsson . Black & white archive photography sourced from original police files . Offset litho on coated FSC and recycled uncoated color papers . Perfect bound card cover with silk screened cloth spine . Edition of 1000 . ISBN: 978-0-9935853-2-6 .
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GoSee Book Tip : The Maison Européenne de la Photographie rediscovers the oeuvre of Franco-Brazilian photographer Marcel Gautherot and presents icons of modern architectural photography

Scheidegger & Spiess presents the first monograph about the eminent French photographer Marcel Gautherot (1910–1996), who moved to Brazil in 1940 and lived there for the rest of his life. Gautherot is best known for his photos of the construction of the capital city, Brasilia, for which he first photographed the workers and construction sites and then the finished buildings in all of their glamorous elegance. Several of the photos are among the icons of modern architectural photography. On display are travel impressions, ethnological photographic explorations and Brazilian customs, everyday shots, and formal experiments, as well as the confrontation with modernist stylistic elements.

With about 240 carefully reproduced photographs from all creative periods, the book also includes essays by international experts. It accompanies an exibition at the Maison Européenne de la Photographie in Paris in summer 2016. It was created in cooperation with Instituto Moreira Salles, Rio de Janeiro, and the publishing company Scheidegger & Spiess AG.

Marcel Gautherot – The Monograph, edited by Samuel Titan Jr. and Sergio Burgi
With essays by Sergio Burgi, Michel Frizot, Lorento Mammì and Samuel Titan Jr.
hardcover, 256 pages, 241 tritone illustrations, 23.5 x 27.5 cm, ISBN 978-3-85881-495-1
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GoSee Book Tip : THE OPÉRA – Volume IV of the magazine for nude photography receives an award at the European Design Award 2016, and Volume V will soon be released at Kerber Publishing

The European Design Award 2016 just took place in Vienna, and Volume IV of the magazine THE OPÉRA from Kerber publishing was the only German entry to receive an award. GoSee extends its congratulations! Every body tells a story, and nude photography makes the stories visible. THE OPÉRA is committed to collecting and passing on these stories by referring to a selection of contemporary and traditional exponents of nude photography – one of the most immediate and intimate means of portraying human bodies and emotions.

In the fourth volume of the series, publisher Matthias Straub in cooperation with designer Romano Dudas once again provides an overview of current developments, unusual approaches and new perspectives of the art form. The fifth and, for the time being, last volume of the series – the brilliant finale – will be published soon.

Publisher Matthias Straub is active in the areas of art, music and editing. He was the publisher of Kinki magazine for several years and is the Chief Editor of Digital Storytelling at fischerAppelt, play GmbH. What he likes most about photography is that it captures moments and emotions. Important for him is that a photo conveys as much as possible. The idea for THE OPERA was borne from his passion for photography and his interest in people – and the reason why he created a nude compendium with five wonderful acts. Since he sees the human body as both stage and theater play, the comparison to this art form is natural. The photographs in THE OPÉRA reflect classic as well as modern nude photography, and the cover motif of each volume is meant to arouse curiosity about the content inside the book.

In a conversation with the publishing company, Michael explains how he got the idea for the name of the magazine: “Opera is for me a beautiful metaphor for high-quality nude photography: the human body as both stage and theater play. In opera, several different artistic approaches can be found (music, dance, song, acting, scenery) toward the nature of the human being. The audience observes from a certain respectful distance a portrayal of life which is at times opulent, at others euphoric, or sad and even reserved. The solemn and dignified character of opera is for me a suitable comparison to nude photography. In the structure of classic drama according to Gustav Freytag, which is also widely used in opera, I also found the structure for the five chapters of the book: exposition, complication, peripeteia, retardation, and catastrophe.” Read the complete interview at Kerber Publishing.

Here on GoSee, we present an exclusive preview of the new volume appearing in summer and the cover as well as insights into the previously published books.
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