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GoSee Book Tip : Yola Monakhov Stockton 'The Nature of Imitation', now in a monograph by Schilt Publishing & Gallery in Amsterdam

For 'The Nature of Imitation', Yola Monakhov Stockton photographed birds in captivity and under research conditions. The photographer analytically documented in the project which appeared as a monograph the difference between a living subject and a photograph. Yola Monakhov Stockton on her work : “Drawing on the cultural and political history of the image, my work deals with notions of power and empathy and the limits of language and representation. In the photographs for my forthcoming book, The Nature of Imitation, I examine living birds using large-format color film and film manipulations, studio props, and sculptural techniques to consider the connection between a physical, living thing and a picture. In detailed photographs modeled upon natural history drawings, the work strives to evoke the delicate experience of holding a bird by turning to traditions of landscape representation from Renaissance frescoes and tapestries, the early history of photography, and modernist painting and sculpture. Mining my interest in art as a dialogue with other systems of meaning, I collaborated with scientists, ecologists, and naturalists for access to their subjects, wild birds caught for banding and release and those captive in labs, and to institute a parallel methodology for their use. The work engages both scientific and aesthetic discourses, addressing the classical problems of mimesis, the ethics of control over nature and the pictorial subject as well as the conditions of photography.”

Works by the photographer are available via Rick Wester Fine Art Galery, who presented the project last fall in a solo exhibition. “Yola Monakhov Stockton has a unique background, one that you would never expect after looking through today’s body of work titled The Nature of Imitation. For years, she has worked as a photojournalist, shooting in various conflict zones all over the world. Now that part of her life has long passed, Yola’s new monograph embraces a romantic way of looking at photography, one that activates the beauty of study and examination. Her heavy hand reveals processes, both with her camera and through development, which burst with color and amplify our human attraction to nature. The Nature of Imitation, published by Schilt Publishing & Gallery in Amsterdam 2015, is Yola’s first monograph.

About - YOLA MONAKHOV Born in Moscow, Russia. Completed MFA at Columbia University in 2007 and MA in Italian Literature in 1998. Solo exhibitions at Sasha Wolf Gallery include 'Photography After Dante' and 'Once Out of Nature'. Photographer for The New Yorker magazine since 2006. Received a Meredith S. Moody award from Yaddo and a Macina di San Cresci Fellowship from Greve in Chianti. Faculty at Columbia University, Pace University, International Center of Photography, and La Guardia Community College.

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GoSee Tip: The first monograph of fashion photographer Horst Diekgerdes at Distanz Publishing Berlin is a celebration of beauty, fashion and photography

Horst Diekgerdes' work is now also available in the form of a coffee table book, appearing in Distanz Publishing (for approx. 48 euros). Horst's agent Kozva Rigaud from shotview can look back on more than ten years of cooperation with the Berlin-based publishing company and is just as happy about the release as the photographer himself. From the intro, we learn: “Not many fashion photographers get to see their pictures become part of the pop-cultural mainstream. The controversial cover the German photographer Horst Diekgerdes created for the Britpop band Pulp’s album This Is Hardcore was that rare stroke of genius: Collaborating with the legendary art director Peter Saville and the artist John Currin, Diekgerdes captured a young woman in a sexually explicit pose.”

“I only hope that I have not taken my best photo yet,” says Diekgerdes, who has been working in the scene since the mid-1990s, for fashion magazines such as AnOther Magazine, Purple, Dazed & Confused, le magazine double, and self service magazine, but also for several editions of Vogue including Vogue UK, Vogue Hommes International, Vogue China, and Vogue Germany. His commercial work has graced campaigns for MiuMiu, Chloé, Hermès, Sonia Rykiel, and Kenzo, to mention only a few. His pictures have been on view at the Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston, the Fotomuseum Winterthur, and the Deichtorhallen in Hamburg.

The book was created in cooperation with Art Director Beda Achermann from Studio Achermann in Zurich. The two of them met and became friends at a campaign shoot with Claudia Schiffer and Marcus Schenkenberg for JOOP!. The photographer, according to Beda Achermann, is a master of the second glance, which everyone knows goes deeper...

Horst Diekgerdes’s first monograph is a celebration of life, fashion, and photography in the form of a photographic journey from the mid-1990s to the present, combining fashion photographs with pictures from his personal diaries, observations of everyday life, and previously unpublished works. Essays were contributed by Anastasia Barbieri (Stylist and Contributing Editor Vogue Paris), Jean-Pierre Blanc (Director of the Festival International de Mode et de Photographie d'Hyères), Urs Fischer, publisher Jefferson Hack, German-Iranian author Jina Khajjer, and Véronique Leroy, Executive Designer for French fashion house Léonard..
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GoSee loves... Jessica Backhaus 'Six Degrees of Freedom'. On objects from childhood days, the roots of existence and her personal connection to seafaring

“Objects are something very important because they also reveal to us characterization and let us look into a person's soul,” says Jessica Backhaus (born 1970 ) at the Paris Photo event in November. The work of the photographer with the special knack for detail have been exhibited internationally and can be found in important collections. She has published several illustrated books, the most recent of which in November titled Six Degrees of Freedom. A beautiful book and our GoSee last-minute Christmas present tip! In addition, Jessica presents her personal selection from the book on GoSee.

Jessica Backhaus explores with her latest photographic series 'Six Degrees of Freedom' universal questions of human existence. She deliberately chose objects from her childhood, which she photographed in a minimalistic way for the project. Based on her own biography, she asks about the significance of knowing the roots of our own existence and how it is possible to reevaluate these – for the most part – predetermined roots. Unconsciously at first, then in a more targeted way at some point in her life, the photographer, who grew up in a family of artists, embarked on a search of her own heritage. On this journey, she visited places of her childhood and youth to fill the gaps in her memories. With her photographs she preserves the essence of her search and life's stations in symbols.

We wanted to know how she came up with the unusual name for her project. “'Six Degrees of Freedom' is a maritime expression used by navigators. Six different movements are all it takes to sale a ship to freedom at sea: forward, backward, left, right, up, and down. My grandfather on my mom's side was a navigator and my book is about heritage, roots, destiny, the search for my biological father and memories, etc. If you work intensively with your past, you must also let go in order to find your own freedom. That's why I found the title so fitting in many ways.”

Our secret favorite is the curtain. “It's a indirect portrait of my parents: both actors, blended with the metaphor of waves and mountains,” the photographer tells us with a blink.

In a talk on NDR Kultur television, Jessica provides insight into her family history, talks about her relationship with the great photographer Gisèle Freund and describes her impressions of Paris during the Days of Terror. The illustrated book with texts by Caroline von Courten, Lars Mextorf, and Jessica Backhaus was published by Kehrer Publishing.

Jessica Backhaus 'Six Degrees of Freedom'
Authors: Caroline von Courten, Lars Mextorf, Jessica Backhaus
Hardcover, 22.8 x 27.4 cm, 132 pages, 64 color and B/W ills.
ISBN 978-3-86828-667-0, 39.90 euros, Kehrer Publishing
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