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Trade professions for economic strength. From next door. The campaign by Peter RIGAUD

For Heimat, Peter RIGAUD photographed new motifs of the continuing DAS HANDWERK campaign about promoting trade professions. Sven Gessner handled Set/Props, the styling was provided by Suni Hofmann and the production by Shotview. Sublime handled the postproduction. Representing the agency were Jana Weinert (consulting), Arne Stach (AD) and Kerstin Kraus (AB).
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J.M. WESTON - THE MOC' WESTON 2016 EDITION - casting by CREARTVT c/o SHOTVIEW BERLIN for photographer Matthew Brooks

Matthew Brooks staged the newest collection for the Paris shoe manufacture J.M. WESTON. Casting was handled by Oliver Ress of CREARTVT.

Despite its English-sounding name, J.M Weston embodies a very French – and more precisely, very Parisian – form of elegance, in which timeless style is given a bold twist with contemporary influences. The great classics are injected with the freshness of a rather nonchalant rock ‘n’ roll aristocracy, rich and raw materials rub shoulders, calfskin suede goes hand in hand with box leather, cashmere is found alongside denim, and the medallion wing-tip derby echoes the loafer.
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Performance artist Marina Abramovic in SZ magazine, portrayed by Peter Rigaud c/o SHOTVIEW BERLIN

Performance artist Marina Abramovic was portrayed in her New York studio by Peter RIGAUD for SZ MAGAZINE. Styling was handled by Ann-Kathrin Obermeyer c/o SHOTVIEW BERLIN. This year, the native of Serbia celebrates her 70th Birthday, and her autobiography is due to be released this fall. For next year, large projects in Scandinavia and Asia are in the making. Her focus, however, is on the 'Marina Abramovic Institute' which helps performance artists from over the world reach an audience.
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