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Lancôme 'Audacity Paris' - perfect make-up results, staged by NICO c/o SHOTVIEW BERLIN

Fashion and beauty photographer NICO c/o SHOTVIEW BERLIN photographed for 'Audacity in Paris' LANCOME, an homage of the cosmetic company to the timeless city of Paris. Inspired by the modern urban chic of Parisian women, the maxi palettes are presented in a fine flat-black design, which adorns the graceful backdrop of the city of love.
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Rianne van Rompaey in Vogue Netherlands (January 2016), photographed by NICO c/o SHOTVIEW BERLIN

The first cover of the new year in VOGUE NL presents ravishing redhead Rianne van Rompaey, who was photographed by NICO. Styling was done by Dimphy den Otter.
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Katya Konstantinova in Whitelies Magazine #002 'Revolt', photographed by Till JANZ c/o SHOTVIEW BERLIN

For the cover of Berlin's WHITELIES MAGAZINE, Till JANZ had Katya Konstantinova in front of the camera. On the cover motif, she is clad in Junya Watanabe x Comme des Garcons, styled by Erik Raynal. Art Direction was in the hands of Katharina Korbjuhn, with make-up by Helena Narra and hairstyling by Benjamin Becher. REVOLT - In our second issue we search for the indicators of revolt movements within art, literature and especially fashion. Social movements, class and our gender roles influence the way we choose to represent ourselves. Throughout history, revolutions have played out inside of closets. As we all know, style can help to affirm - or disrupt - the status quo...
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