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news | A reason to celebrate: the MERCEDES Buick Verano GS goes to Shanghai - photos by STEFANO MORINI

Together with his team, transportation specialist STEFANO MORINI took it to China where they shot two models for the client MERCEDES-BENZ. In Shanghai, Stefano staged elaborate motifs of the MERCEDES Buick Verano GS. The agency was OGILVY & MATHER with Art Director Jason & Da Peng plus with GCD Zhou Yi.

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news | Made in Beijing - STEFANO MORINI photographs MERCEDES GLE; three motifs for you on GoSee

We see red! For advertising agency BBDO Worldwide and Creative Director Iris Feng, STEFANO MORINI photographed for the client MERCEDES-BENZ the fire red Mercedes GLE model on the streets of ultramodern Beijing. A little excursion into Chinese Farboce theory: The color red has been the color of dignitaries and imperial officials ever since the SUI Dynasty. During the earliest Chinese imperial dynasties, there were already stringent regulations for the use of colors. That is why today brides are c …

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news | STEFANO MORINI photographs the SGM Chevrolet Lova for the Chinese market and the new NISSAN GTR Nismo in the studio

In the studio, the transportation photographer residing in Spain photographed the new NISSAN GTR NISMO, the high-performance sports car of the Japanese carmaker boasting 600 PS and aerodynamic highlights. And the interior of the NISSAN also cuts a fine figure – from the red quilted stitches to the exclusive NISMO bucket seats made of carbon fibre – every single detail inside the NISSAN GT-R NISMO underscores its exceptional style. STEFANO MORINI was commissioned to stage the SGM …

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news | VOLKSWAGEN Italy presents the new Caddy and Transporter campaign - photos by STEFANO MORINI for STV DDB Milan

In July, STEFANO MORINI and his team traveled to Barcelona to photograph the new VOLKSWAGEN Italy campaign. The executive agency was STV DDB Milan with Art Directors Alberto Rigozzi and Silvia Testori. The production was in the hands of Joan Cuní. Post production: Magic Imaging Emotion Amsterdam.

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news | In Tibet with the CHEVROLET Malibu: photographer STEFANO MORINI for McCann Shanghai

McCann Shanghai commissioned the transportation photographer to shoot the new CHEVROLET Malibu model in Tibet. Art direction was under the executive of Orange. Post production: T&W International.

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news | Stefano Morini presents imagery of breathtaking seascapes on the Atlantic Ocean

On a sailing trip on the Atlantic Ocean transportation photographer STEFANO MORINI suddenly found himself in a breathtaking setting surrounded by waves of 6-8 metres. He captured the impressive forces of nature on his camera and presents the impressive results here on GoSee. "To me these are really exciting photographs for their simplicity and at the same time for their great plasticity. This photos that are showing waves in range of 6-8 meters height are really difficult or almost impossib …

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news | Between Mongolia and Shanghai - STEFANO MORINI shoots the new BUICK Envision by GENERAL MOTORS

STEFANO MORINI snapped the brand new BUICK Envision, developed by GENERAL MOTORS, in Shanghai and in the North Chinese countryside near the Mongolian border. The photographer and his team had to fight less than favourable weather conditions, but ended up with lots of light and of course very fresh air in the end. The agency in charge was Publicis with creative director Damao.

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news | HONDA launches the new SUV ‘Vezel’ – in the studio in Shanghai, photographed by STEFANO MORINI

Transportation and landscape photographer STEFANO MORINI captured the pictures of the new HONDA Vezel in the studio in Shanghai. The SUV was introduced to the Japanese market at the end of 2013 and found its place on the North American market at this year’s New York Car Show. Gdad Hakuhodo was the agency in charge with creative director Rou.

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news | Transportation Specialist Stefano Morini shoots the TOYOTA LC200 in Russian winter as well as in Patagonia, China, Switzerland and Vienna

GoSee presents the latest images from Stefano MORINI’s TOYOTA LC200 project. The shoot took place last winter in Russia. Stefano tells GoSee: "Actually there was no time to shoot this pictures in location and so we decided to proceed to do it in a studio in Moscow. The backgrounds are a puzzle of many photos coming mainly from our archive. We mixed some Patagonia, Swiss, China and Pakistan stuff together and voilà. Sochi trampoline, kamchatka and some above the sky somewhere! O …

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news | Stefano Morini : SEAT Service - 2013 Seasonal Campaign shoot in Barcelona and in the Pyrenees, CHEVROLET 50S CARS with Zonefranche plus the BUICK campaign in Shanghai for McCann

The transportation specialist shot the latest BUICK campaign in Shanghai for McCann. Stefano tells GoSee, "you will never feel so good and comfortable in a studio, shooting cars, with a very oily and glossy feeling, as when outside there is a real typhoon blowing and sweeping around. This was my SGM job in Shanghai last September". Menthos took care of the people images; T&W Group was in charge of the post-production. He photographed the legendary 1950s CHEVROLET Cars in an addi …

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