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news | Location hopping for the MERCEDES BENZ S-Class - SONDA PRODUCTIONS on a production mission for Jung von Matt

For the new MERCEDES BENZ S-Class motifs, SONDA PRODUCTIONS went location hopping like never before: They even produced on the Canary Islands, in Portugal and on the Spanish mainland. Working behind the camera was Igor Panitz, executive agency was Jung von Matt. Creative director: Roman Mitterer.

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news | On the road in Spain for the new MERCEDES BENZ Vito motifs: SONDA PRODUCTIONS and photographer Markus Wendler

Producer Tim Michel relied on SONDA PRODUCTIONS for the on-location organization of MERCEDES BENZ Vito shoots in Spain. Many hours and long nights were required by photographer and GoSee member MARKUS WENDLER to capture all the explosions, splatter and all the other flying objects at these extraordinary locations. But in the end, everyone was more than happy with the results, even the agency Lukas Lindemann Rosinski and CD Thomas Schmiedel. …

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news | MERCEDES BENZ lauches the new Vito - Production of the motifs by SONDA PRODUCTIONS for the agency Panama in Argentina

For the MERCEDES BENZ VITO launch, the Panama agency commissioned new motifs, so the SONDA crew travelled to Buenos Aires as the executives for the shoot of the Mini Van. The photographer on set was Anatol Kotte, Creative Director was AD Nicholas Schurr, CD Boris Aue and Caroline Schäufele handled consulting. The whole project can be seen at SONDA.

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news | SONDA PRODUCTIONS produces the campaign motifs for the new generation MERCEDES BENZ B-Class with photographer Emir Haveric and Jung von Matt

Commissioned by Jung von Matt, SONDA PRODUCTIONS produced the motifs for the MERCEDES BENZ B-Class. The shoot took place in Madrid and Barcelona with transportation specialist Emir HAVERIC c/o KLEIN PHOTOGRAPHERS. Executives for the production were senior AD Mark Räke and AD Justin Boeltzek, as well as Head of Creation Hans-Peter Sporer. For further motifs of the production go to SONDA. …

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news | SONDA PRODUCTIONS organizes the VW Golf shoot for DDB Tribal Berlin

Romantic conditions for the VW Golf motifs in southern Spain were not only created by the compact car itself but also by the dynamic crew of SONDA PRODUCTIONS and photographer Bastian Görgens. Backplates were shot in Houston, Texas and then integrated in the car photos. The executive agency was DDB Tribal Berlin with creative director Annika Kempkensteffen and Art Director Christoph Stender.

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news | SONDA PRODUCTIONS presents their new Mobile Office - set comfort to hitch

Spic-and-span and polished to a gloss: SONDA PRODUCTIONS presents their new production trailer. The spacious trailer offers creative comfort in a small space and provides an area for discussions, common meals and work at the computer under one roof. When the weather is good, the side panel can be opened. See you on the set!

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news | Photographer Markus Wendler for PORSCHE models Boxter and Cayman in the warm South. Produced by SONDA PRODUCTIONS

The PORSCHE lacquer reflects the big city lights, captured by GoSee member MARKUS WENDLER for Kemper Kommunikation agency. The PORSCHE Boxter and PORSCHE Cayman models came along for the ride. The photographer shot in both Spain and Portugal for the client. SONDA PRODUCTIONS local knowledge and production agency expertise were a vital part of this successful shoot.

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news | In beautiful Spain with photographer Gregor COLLIENNE for DEUTSCHE TELEKOM - production support from Sonda Productions

How can you not be in a good mood if you are free and independent with your mobile phone? Gregor COLLIENNE c/o GoSee member BIRGIT STÖVER took the pictures for client DEUTSCHE TELEKOM. The team produced the pictures for DDB Tribal agency in Spain, with plenty of support from SONDA PRODUCTIONS.

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news | Willie von Recklinghausen for PORSCHE Turbo and Targa, production support from SONDA PRODUCTIONS

Photographer Willie von Recklinghausen snapped clean and minimalist transportation pictures for client PORSCHE and the Turbo and Targa car models. And SONDA PRODUCTIONS made sure that he was able to fully concentrate on his job on location in Spain. Porsche lead agency Kemper Kommunikation commissioned the shoot.

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