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news | The STACCATO Kids 2015 Summer catalogue - photos by Tobias STÄBLER

Commissioned by the Trading Up Agency, TOBIAS STÄBLER photographed the STACCATO Kids summer catalogue. Petra VOGEL c/o BLOSSOM did the styling. The brand STACCATO offers a trendy, well-balanced children’s collection for babies, toddlers and teenagers, with the main objective of providing functional quality, which is suitable for children of all ages. …

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news | TOBIAS STÄBLER with children's portraits for the Stern mag Marshmallow Test; and we have the motif on GoSee

Personality psychologist Walter Mischel created the famous Marshmallow test, to show the importance of delayed gratification for the academic, emotional and social success of an individual. For a story in the journal STERN, TOBIAS STÄBLER photographed the children's portrait.

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news | Trendy maternity wear - TOBIAS STÄBLER shoots LUNA MUM autumn editorial

TOBIAS STÄBLER carried out a LUNA MUM magazine shoot in Luzern, capturing a range of maternity wear that is totally on trend. Sonja Möcklin came up with the OTM (of the moment) styling, hair and make-up by Claudia Röhner.

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news | TOBIAS STÄBLER shoots portraits for legendary book shop SHAKESPEARE & COMPANY

The people photographer shot portraits in an intimate setting for Parisian bookshop SHAKESPEARE & COMPANY. The small shop made a big impact on the history of literature. Originally founded in 1919 by American Sylvia Beach, it became the meeting point of many writers of the Lost Generation, including Ernest Hemingway, F. Scott Fitzgerald, James Joyce and T.S. Eliot. Shakespeare & Company gained international notoriety when Sylvia Beach published Ulysses. …

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news | Summer series by TOBIAS STÄBLER with Haylie Turnquest

TOBIAS STÄBLER shot a summer series on sunny Spanish island Mallorca with Haylie Turnquest.

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news | Flower fashion for BABIEKINS magazine – photography by Tobias STÄBLER

'Babiekins Magazine was created to translate the style, comfort and sophistication of must-haves for real kids all around the globe.' You can find a flower spread by photographer Tobias STÄBLER in the current issue of BABIEKINS magazine. Petra VOGEL c/o GoSee member BLOSSOM created the flower headwear and was responsible for the styling. Francesca VIGLIAROLO c/o GoSee member NORDISH REPUBLIC and Angelina Pander provided hair and make-up support on set. About - Babiekins. Since the Sout …

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news | The inventor’s toy. Tobias STÄBLER shoots Lego kids for STERN magazine

Helmkopf, castle, Eiffel tower - Tobias STÄBLER snapped kids with their very own handmade and very imaginative Lego invention for weekly German magazine STERN. The toy for big and small kids alike originates in Denmark. The brand name is derived from the Danish words 'leg godt', which means ‘play well’. Very fitting.

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news | Handmade cover for HANDMADE mag by photographer Tobias STÄBLER

Photographer Tobias STÄBLER created the cover photos for the last two issues of HANDMADE KULTUR magazine.

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news | Personal studio work by photographer Tobias STÄBLER

We present a personal studio series by Tobias STÄBLER on GoSee, which he produced in collaboration with Ulla Doyen (styling) and Eliana Turitto (hair & make-up).

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news | Tobias Stäbler : pictures for Disneyland Paris and personal portrait series in New York

TOBIAS STÄBLER snapped new images featuring our favourite childhood stars for Disneyland Paris on location – with a strong focus on Minnie Mouse. And he also created this personal series, which we are pleased to present here on GoSee, in New York – the night portraits behind glass show many different cultures and hairstyles.

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