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news | FAIRMED promises 'Healthcare or the Poorest' - Campaign photos by Staudinger+Franke for Spinas Civil Voices

The Swiss Organization FAIRMED provides healthcare for even the poorest, regardless of how remote they may be. With the title 'For the sick, we go to the ends of the world', STAUDINGER+FRANKE realized campaign motifs with powerful imagery between total despair and a glimmer of hope. The executive agency was Spinas Civil Voices. About - FairMed It is our goal to enable disease and poverty stricken people to access healthcare and to empower them to lead independent lives. The programmatic appro …

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news | Staudinger+Franke photograph paradisial campaign motifs for EVONIK INDUSTRIES und KNSK

The developments of the German Chemical Company EVONIK INDUSTRIES might have prevented one or two of mankind's mistakes. With the slogan 'leave it to mankind to ruin things', STAUDINGER+FRANKE realized a Garden of Eden motif in cooperation with the KNSK advertising agency. The Creative Director was Vera Hape; art direction came from Christoph Klasen.

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news | 'In Harmony With Nature' - Staudinger+Franke realize the GENERAL ELECTRIC campaign with photos & CGI for BBDO New York

Together with BBDO New York, STAUDINGER+FRANKE created a campaign to communicate GENERAL ELECTRICS’ sustainable production methods with a combination of photography and CGI. Art direction came from Eric Goldstein.

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news | Staudinger + Franke - the CGI and retouch specialists in action for CAFE ROYAL with Serviceplan Swiss

With the claim "The Secret Agent Of Good Taste", the launch campaign for NESPRESSO compatible coffee capsules by CAFE ROYAL, a coffee brand of Delica AG, is presented by CAFE ROYAL and the agency Serviceplan Suisse. The ingredients STAUDINGER + FRANKE chose were a CGI coffee machine inspired by architecture, a boat, a Jensen Interceptor car in action – all garnished with hot ladys. The mixture of liquid and coffee beans in the background is based on photographic images.

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news | 'A Journey Of Celebration' - the campaign by STAUDINGER+ FRANKE celebrates 20 years of Dubai Shopping Festival

"A Journey Of Celebration" – the campaign produced in Vienna and Dubai for the 20th anniversary of the Dubai Shopping Festival encompasses various subjects as well as adaptations for various markets. The archways of the "Journey Of Celebration" were thereby realized in a mixture of CGI and photography commissioned by the agency TBWARAAD.

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