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news | Stefan EISELE post-production for PORSCHE 911 Carrera 4 GTS and Kemper Kommunikation

STEFAN EISELE Postproduction has once again cooperated with Grit Hackenberg Creative Retouching. Their latest cooperation was an elaborate project for Porsche AG and the newest PORSCHE 911 Carrera 4 GTS. According to Porsche the three letters unite high performance on the racing track with a high sports factor for the everyday. It boasts higher performance, great road drive and a sharper design. The indoor shoot by transportation photographer Igor Panitz resulted in around 50 images and 30 a …

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news | SEMD - Stefan Eisele : post-production for KIA Motors USA and the K900 brochure

Stefan Eisele Postproduction and Grit Hackenberg creative retouching collaborated for the first time on the development of an elaborate brochure for the new KIA Motors USA flagship K900 model. Car photography specialist Igor Panitz took the pictures, commissioned by KIA Motors USA and David & Goliath agency, Los Angeles. Creative director Andrea Schindler ensured the creative production for this elaborate production and Andrea Mariash carried out the artbuying.

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news | MINI brand campaign made in Los Angeles – post-production on location by SEMD, Stefan Eisele

This time round the MINI brand campaign was produced in Los Angeles. The agency was BSSP with AD Sinan Dagli and CD Steve Mapp. Anita Skocic was the contact person for client MINI Brand Management. SEMD Stefan Eisele spent three weeks locally by photographer Igor Panitz’s side for post-production. GoSee presents the fruits of the incredibly dynamic shoot.

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news | BMW road trip across Spain – post-production by SEMD, Stefan Eisele

Phillip Schlegel photographed a cool road trip for BMW Motorcycles on large Nine T-Machines in Spain. The riders shown here on GoSee are all motorbike makers and customizers. For more information on BMW’s NINE T model check out the BMW website:

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news | Cadillac ELR images and personal transportation project with GoSee Member Marc TRAUTMANN – post-production by SEMD Stefan Eisele

Uli Heckmann hit the streets of California in a Cadillac ELR. We have the results here for you, post-production by SEMD, Stefan Eisele Mediendesign. In addition Stefan Eisele produced a personal transportation project with GoSee Member MARC TRAUTMANN, we have the evidence here on GoSee.

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news | SEMD Stefan Eisele Mediendesign : post-production for MINI, AMG SLS GT, KIA Ceed, MERCEDES-BENZ, BMW, Nikolaus Grünwald and VW

We would like to start the new year by presenting work by post-production company SEMD Stefan Eisele. One of the projects they were in charge of post-production was editing motifs for BMW MINI, produced in London for BSUR agency with ADs Salvatore Gullifa and Thomas Jullien. Igor Panitz shot the images on location. SEMD also post-produced images shot by Igor Panitz for MERCEDE-BENZ. The same goes for pictures for BMW, KIA Ceed and MERCEDE-BENZ AMG. Jung von Matt/Neckar with art directo …

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news | Stefan Eisele : post-production for the MERCEDES BENZ 2012 calendar plus S-Class, KIA, 'Some Visitors' in the museum, ...

The post-producer took care of the fine-tuning for the 'Some Visitors' interior series, which features museum photographs by Marc Hofmann, as well as a fashion / beauty production by Sven Chichowicz. He was also in charge of the post-production of a MERCEDES-BENZ 2012 calendar, photographed by Conny Winter. Watch the making-of on GoSee FILM. Furthermore, he worked on MERCEDES-BENZ S-Class motifs for Igor Panitz, as well as the 125-year Mercedes-Benz car campaign for Jung von Matt from 201 …

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