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news | Sublime post production refines the HORNBACH campaign for the 'Spring collection - designed with what you do'

Agentur Heimat and their customer HORNBACH got SUBLIME to do the creative retouch work. The team with photographer Olaf Wipperfürth, Creative Director Frank Hose, AD Felix Pfannmüller and Andreas Freitag –  creative head at Sublime – made it quite clear: a DIY market campaign doesn't get any more stylish than this. Next stop: Paris Fashion Week? - 'The Hornbach Spring Collection' is here!

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news | SUBLIME POSTPRODUCTION : How good does this sound.' Finishing of the new VW Club & Lounge campaign for Grabarz & Partner

Hip and cheeky, and yet casual and cool - CLUB & LOUNGE is guaranteed to impress, whatever the occasion. The results are seven chart breakers who are just waiting to fascinate their fans, as well as six entertainers, who are ready to impress their audience. SUBLIME’s Andreas Freitag joined forces with Elisabeth Winter on the post-production of the latest VW campaign for their Club & Lounge range. Grabarz & Partner was in charge of the outstanding creative concept. CD Christ …

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news | Sublime Postproduction : stylish S-Class shoot for MERCEDES-BENZ MAGAZINE, MCLAREN SPYDER in Action and Formula 1 star Sebastian Vettel for INFINITI Q50

The photographer duo BREUN & GREGA let it rip in the implementation of free motifs of MCLAREN SPYDER together with the post-production company Sublime. This emerged parallel with the McLaren Spyder shoot for RAMP MAGAZINE. The challenge was to get the images to have the feeling of the 600 horsepower of the legendary cars at first glance. Without a doubt the whole team have succeeded! The post-production company Sublime also edited the photographer ANKE LUCKMANN’s motives of the new …

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news | Sublime Postproduction : the new S-Class in MERCEDES-BENZ MAGAZINE, retouch for SMART FOR TWO special edition vehicles in ‘edition white shade’ and personal work for Manu Agah

SUBLIME carried out the post-production of the new S-Class images for Hamburg based photographer Anatol Kotte and MERCEDES-BENZ MAGAZINE. SUBLIME was in charge of the editing and look creation under the direction of the photographer and art director Markus Rindermann. Andreas Freitag, Head of Sublime Postproduction, was in charge of editing the latest personal work by GoSee Member MANU AGAH. The challenge was to immerse the editorially photographed car people images in a fashionable world of …

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news | Sublime Postproduktion : MERCEDES-BENZ GSP campaign for Shanghai Berlin, SWISSCOM ‘Wireless Glass Fibre Cable’ campaign, CGI for ‘yes to network expansion’ campaign

SUBLIME took care of the post-production of the last MERCEDES-BENZ GSP campaign for Shanghai Berlin. The campaign covers scenes from direct sales and its advantages of the Mercedes-Benz original parts business and is presented in the style of a film poster. Each image represents a particular aspect and the smaller images emphasise its advantages and tell a little story. AD Carsten Reinhardt was in charge of the creative realisation and Uwe Duettmann was the photographer of choice. Heimat …

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news | Sublime Postproduction : REWE GENUSS campaign for Heimat, AUDI Q5 campaign for DDB Spain, PORSCHE reportage on the Le Mans racetracks

Berlin based advertising agency Heimat commissioned SUBLIME with the post-production of the latest REWE-GENUSS campaign. GoSee presents two of five beauty motifs, photographed by Alexander STRAULINO c/o SHOTVIEW. Ricardo Distefano and Alexander Scharlach headed the creative aspects, Carola Storto was in charge of art buying. SUBLIME carried out the editing of the AUDI Q5 for GoSee Member Anke LUCKMANN, commissioned by agency DDB Spain. Marta Calheiros was in charge of production. In addi …

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news | Sublime Postproduktion : eye catching - the VW LIFE special edition models for Garbarz und Partner

SUBLIME took charge of the post production of the previous campaign for VW Life Special Editions. Michael Fitzthum (fitz.) and Andreas Freitag (SUBLIME) were on location. These eye catchers were produced in Spain, where Thomas Strogalski photographed them. Outstanding work indeed by IMAGE NATION post production. The supervising agency was Grabarz und Partner.

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McCann Erickson commissioned SUBLIME CGI with the post production of the spectacular motif for Friedrichsstadt Palast Berlin, photographed by Sonja Müller. It was a challenge to transform the CGI background into Europe’s largest stage and to also have the never-ending trailing dress run smoothly and powerfully into sparkling water. ‘Show me’, the company’s most expensive production to date, will enchant the audience for the next two years. SUBLIME created the …

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news | Sublime Postproduction : ADIDAS Champions League ‘Make your Choice’ campaign, underwater images for CUSTOMFORM and JOB OFFER in Berlin

Heimat commissioned Sublime CGI with the post-production of the spectacular motifs of the ADIDAS Champions League 'Make your Choice' campaign Bayern Munich vs. Chelsea in CGI. If you want to find out where and in what size the poster will be on show, check out the YOUTUBE link. Furthermore, Sublime worked on the underwater image by photographer Sonja MÜLLER c/o GoSee Member KSTIEGEMEYER for CUSTOMFORM, agency Mc Cann Erickson Warsaw. Customform offers reproductions and variations of …

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news | Sublime : HORNBACH campaign motifs, GQ Germany featuring Formula One star Sebastian Vettel and new website online

The SUBLIME post-producers turned a winter motif into a summer motif, perfectly prepared by photographer Markus Mueller. The new HORNBACH campaign, which resonates in perfect tune with the motto 'no one feels it like you', was realised by Heimat. Here is the campaign website which includes the new TV spot. We already covered ANKE LUCKMANN's (as reported by GoSee) series for GQ Germany featuring Formula 1 star Sebastian Vettel. Once again, SUBLIME was in charge of the post-production. …

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