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KNITWEAR, ALIVE! Dancer and actress Johanna Korthals Altes presents the new collection from CECILE FEILCHENFELDT, captured by Susanne Stemmer

With her extravagant knitwear creations, designer CECILE FEILCHENFELDT has worked for the great couture houses of Paris for years. Her first own large collection ALIVE! was photographed by Susanne Stemmer in Paris. The individual items were really brought to life by dancer and actress Johanna Korthals Altes.
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Underwater panoramas with a Vienna State Ballet dancer for bathtub manufacturer POLYPEX, photographed in a mountain lake by Susanne Stemmer

A giant panorama – sixty-six meters long and four meters high – was what international bathtub manufacturer POLYPEX wanted for its newest campaign. To realize the shoot, underwater specialist Susanne Stemmer chose the crystal clear water of a mountain lake. Protected by thick thermal insulation, Susanne and her team dove deep into the icy element to make this elaborate shoot possible. “Hours upon hours of underwater location scouting or waiting for the perfect shot at the tripod, feet suspended, trying not to move or even touch the ground so that the sediment could fall again so that the water would be as clear as possible... But it was all worth the effort: The panoramic photo now adorns the newly renovated building of the headquarters in Austria.” the photographer tells GoSee.

For the bath exhibition inside, another series was also part of the photo production: Dancer Josephine Tyler from the Vienna State Ballet company jumped into the icy water and gave a wonderful performance despite the adverse conditions.
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A WINTER TALE - a kids spread story, poetically told by Susanne Stemmer for BABYBOOK

Silently, the boat glides through the night. Will the gang of burglars find its way to the museum? Will they succeed in stealing this wonderful piece of art? All of a sudden, the tables are turned: The brave museum guards hear a noise and catch the thieves red-handed. They are actually quite nice, the guards. And the burglars are not so bad after all, particularly Emma, their leader, with her beautiful dark hair. Hey, let's all have a party and forget about the heist that went wrong.
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