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A colorful interplay with gravity – SUSANNE STEMMER presents her new series, UNDER WATER SEASON II, in a vernissage at WIDE PAINTING gallery in Paris plus a preview on GoSee

After Susanne Stemmer’s successful initial series UNDER WATER with shows in Paris and New York, the series will be continued in April of 2015 – UNDER WATER SEASON II. The beauty and fashion photographer immerses us in a world unknown with her new series. The surface in her works is not meant to depict a mere water surface, but is much more a symbol: "The surface in my work is of course not only the water surface, it's also a symbol. It proposes the viewer to go deeper – into life, into oneself, into our surroundings ... to step back sometimes and rethink things and views, to ask oneself, if the things we think are important really are that important ... if the conventions we think we have to live for and fulfill really are so serious, or if we can perhaps drop some of them without any consequences ... I use water, and water surfaces, as a symbol for entering another world – this world can only be inside of us," says Susanne. The vernissage is on the 1st of April, 2015 at WIDE PAINTING gallery, Paris.
Her first series UNDER WATER told a quiet, easygoing story about a dreamy fairy. The protagonists of her new series are much stronger and self-confident. "In my first series, the girl was quiet and easy, a little fairy in a different world. My new series, UNDER WATER II is, as I see it, a lot more powerful – the woman is a lot stronger, she's an elegant warrior and princess, powerful and relaxed at the same time."

Specializing in underwater photography, Susanne Stemmer focuses on the changes human beings experience after they are immersed below the surface. The characters depicted in her works free themselves of everything that hinders them and binds them on the surface. Due to the loss of their physical weight and the perceived loss of gravity, the figures gain mental and spiritual freedom, no one seems to watch them – they are free. Their image, constructed to survive in society, gradually disappears from their faces. The artist symbolizes this with a variety of masks. This sets off an inside journey into a world of self-discovery, a rediscovery of a long forgotten freedom – a photographic world resembling an imaginary painting.

SUSANNE STEMMER - UNDER WATER SEASON II . 2nd April - 31st May 2015, OPENING 1st April, 7pm . 17, rue du Cardinal Lemoine, 75005 Paris . Galerie Wide Painting
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SOS-Kinderdorf Austria is starting a petition for youth welfare for over 18-year olds. Susanne STEMMER photographed the big SOS Kinderdorf campaign for children and youth welfare in Vienna.

Ale Elsbacher carried out the styling, while Birgit Fuchs was in charge of hair & make-up. Malkasten was responsible for putting the finishing touches on the images during post-production.

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Susanne STEMMER - kids story for BABYBOOK MAGAZINE

Susanne STEMMER developed the concept for and shot an Autumn / Winter fashion spread for French Swiss kids fashion magazine BABYBOOK in the style of a little detective story. Every corner of Hotel d'Angleterre in Geneva was thoroughly searched to find Teddy’s lost hat and the mean thief! Of course they found both and the nice magpie who couldn’t resist taking the hat even got a dinner invitation in the end.

Lia Carrier Thabaret was in charge of styling the kids. Richard Blat and Florian Baudevin carried out the production and Malkasten was responsible for post-producing the images.
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