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news | 'For whom will you take responsibility?' The ALLIANZ image campaign with photos by Michael HEINSEN; we have two motifs for you on GoSee

With the slogan 'For whom will you take responsibility?,' photographer MICHAEL HEINSEN realized motifs on the subject of risk life insurance for ALLIANZ. The image campaign was produced by TAKE AGENCY. Responsible for hair & make-up was Gülsen Tasch.

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news | The SCHWÄBISCH HALL campaign concentrates on the truly important values in life - photos by Edzard PILTZ c/o TAKE AGENCY

At SCHWÄBISCH HALL things are getting cozy! TAKE Agency, together with Ogilvy Frankfurt produced the campaign presented on GoSee about your own home & family, … the things, that count in real life. Photographer Edzard PILTZ captured family life as the most important place in the world, according to the message. "With Edzard’s natural gift to capture human relationships in photographs, his campaign motifs show authentic and genuine values that count in real life," …

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news | 'Just enjoy, live, feel... ' - Edzard PILTZ photographs the valuable emotions of life for the ING-DIBA campaign

"Just live" – true to this philosophy, ING-DIBA presents itself in a completely new light in its new advertising campaign: an uncomplicated, flexible banking partner. Globetrotter and TAKE AGENCY photographer Edzard PILTZ captured happiness, pleasure and love, in short: the most precious emotions in life. The spot was produced in Cape Town with GoSee member NORTH SOUTH PRODUCTIONS. Styling was done by Bronwyn Henning, with hair & make-up by Fiona Gentry. …

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news | With TELEKOM YOUNG High Speed always fast and in the pole position! Campaign photos by TAKE photographer Lars BORGES

Live wire Lars BORGES c/o TAKE AGENCY photographed young spirits in the fast lane for the advertising campaign of the new and extra-fast rates of TELEKOM YOUNG. Flashing lights, color explosions and movement embody Lars Borges style and guarantee absolutely top speed from 0 to 100. The youngsters were styled by Diana Dean.

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news | 'Meet the Amways'. Your own boss with AMWAY in Rumania - the cross-media campaign by photographer Michael HEINSEN for agency Die Botschaft

For the agency DIE BOTSCHAFT and the client AMWAY, TAKE AGENCY photographer MICHAEL HEINSEN realized an image campaign as a jump start into independence.. With the cross-medial testimonial subjects "Meet the Amways", all of Romania gets to know four people who have become independent with Amway, and in the process, they learn all about the special Amway solidarity and its high quality products. About - Amway (short for American Way) is an American company that uses a multi-level mar …

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news | Phatter than Phat! The new six packs from ASTRA, photographed by Timmo SCHREIBER - Production by TAKE AGENCY; we have the motif for you on GoSee. Aight?

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news | For more fun cycling and stylish bike comfort - the STEVENS BIKES image campaign, photographed by Torben CONRAD

'You want to ride fast and in style?' Torben CONRAD c/o TAKE AGENCY changed the perspective and skillfully captured the elegance and technical excellence of the STEVENS BIKES for the new image campaign. Urban scenery and enthusiastic motifs spark your appetite for biking in the city. "Chapeau Mr. Conrad – let’s take a ride!" TAKE says about the result. STEVENS is one of the leading bicycle manufacturers in Germany and located in Hamburg. Its range of models includes racing …

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news | Former astronaut Mark Kelly and the new BREITLING watch 'Exospace B55 Connected', portrayed by Alexander BABIC; we have the motif on GoSee

Space glamour at the airport: The new BREITLING watch 'Exospace B55 Connected' was photographed by Alexander BABIC c/o TAKE AGENCY at Reno Stead airport in Nevada – including a celebrity wearing one: former NASA astronaut Mark Kelly. By the way, Mark’s identical twin Scott is also an astronaut – which makes the two of them the only twins and siblings who have both been to space. About - Mark Edward Kelly (born February 21, 1964) is a retired American astronaut, engineer and …

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news | 'My Name is Cate' - DJane Cate Underwood presents the new STRADIVARIUS collection, photographed by Bèla Adler & Salvador Fresneda

In the spread titled 'My Name is Cate', Mrs. Cate Underwood, who is no less than a model, photographer, blogger and DJane presents the newest STRADIVARIUS collection. Spanish creative team Bèla Adler & Salvador Fresneda staged the shoot at a location which reflects the inspiration of the 1970s in the collection. Styling was done by Klara Morante with hair & make-up by Sonia Pena. The entire spread, including the video, can be seen on stradivarius.com. …

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news | Whiz Kid WUNDERKIND - Spring & Summer 2016, all staged by Cathleen WOLF

Cathleen WOLF shows us what we can look forward to from WUNDERKIND next spring. The clean backgrounds combined with the baroque interior of the location are reflected in the collection by designer Wolfgang Joop, who also did the styling. Anna Neugebauer was on set for hair & make-up. WUNDERKIND is Wolfgang Joop’s personal vision of what a contemporary, sophisticated and independent woman wants in her wardrobe. It is an intimate and emotional expression of the designer’s taste, …

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