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news | Thomas von Salomon : We-Shoot-It.com photograph KIA SPORTAGE for INNOCEAN Worldwide Europe and cafe racers from Blackbean for RAMP MAG

Thomas von Salomon & Michael Compensis (We-shoot-it.com) photographed for KIA SPORTAGE as commissioned by INNOCEAN Worldwide Europe Frankfurt unusual motifs. The new Kia Sportage makes its mark far from the street – its four-wheel drive takes you way off road and even deep into the forest. So dear little animals of the woods, here is a heads up: Watch out for dirt flying, leaves falling, and kicked up mud. Creatively responsible were CDs Uwe Linthe and Thorsten Noack. Post production w …

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news | Thomas von Salomon presents the full-service provider 'We Shoot it' with a new website and the BMW 2016 'Classic Car' oldtimer calender

Photographer THOMAS VON SALOMON and his friend and colleague photographer Michael Compensis launched a new website. we-shoot-it.com provides customers, with its Claim 'Anything Visual, services in the areas photography, CGI, video and post production. Putting together a team of twenty? No problem. Or one excellent post-producer? That´s just as easy. The first project was to create the 2016 'Classic Car' calender with BMW old- and youngtimers, which can be ordered as of immediately from …

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news | THOMAS VON SALOMON wins the the 'Berliner Type' Gold Award for the photo book project 'UpDown', which was supported by Opel Classic

GoSee member THOMAS VON SALOMON and Raum III, Florian Stürmer received the the 'Berliner Type' Gold Award in July for the self-promotion project titled 'UpDown', which was published in a limited edition of only 100 issues. How were the pictures created? "We hung the race cars up by their axles and hoisted them about 6 to 8 meters using a crane. Then I positioned myself in the center beneath them, set up the lighting and got started. I had assumed that all cars look more or less th …

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news | The many sides of the new 1er BMW – as captured by photographer THOMAS VON SALOMON for Serviceplan agency

Serviceplan agency commissioned THOMAS VON SALOMON to capture the new 1er BMW. Atmospheric lighting, perfect shadow and reflections, his studio shots capture the vehicles many variables, both in terms of exteriors and interiors. The model is available in a 3 or 5 door option and as a fully electric Active E. Art Director Nina Witschonke and Creative Director Jan Grothklags contributed to the creative aspects. Post-production by Posch Photomedia.

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news | Thomas VON SALOMON combines typography and photography with new technology – a preview selection of images on GoSee

THOMAS VON SALOMON went location scouting and shot a personal project in the Rhine/Main area using new technology that enables you to integrate typography and images straight into the image, with all its reflections and light effects. Check out the first results in XXL here on GoSee.

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portfolio | BMW & classical designs by Opel

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blog | THOMAS VON SALOMON : BMW 1 for Serviceplan & personal series

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news | BMW 7 HORSE EDITION by Thomas von Salomon and Leo Burnett / BMW China

To celebrate the year of the horse, the BMW 7 long version has been released as a limited edition. In early April Leo Burnett and BMW China commissioned Thomas von Salomon to visualise the campaign. Two identical vehicles were used on two studio sets to cater to the tight schedule. Thomas would like to thank the entire team from BMW, Leo Burnett China, Beijing Eye and Michael, Christoph, Sasha, Anne, Lucie Xia, Jun He, Luise and Martin....

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news | Thomas von Salomon : KIA ‘Hamstars’ campaign, the new MINI Clubman Concept Car and BMW sales literature mood shots

THOMAS VON SALOMON produced the new KIA ‘Hamstars’ campaign in collaboration with Innocean. Thomas photographed the models and vehicles with classic techniques and GoSee member NPIXO created the backgrounds via rendering in post-production. Thomas von Salomon snapped the new MINI Clubman Concept Car, designed by head of design Anders Warming on location in Munich. Christoph Kuhn was in charge of post-production and rendering and created unusual backdrops in collaboration with the …

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news | BMW 4 series Cabriolet launch 2014 - sales literature pictures by Thomas VON SALOMON

Thomas VON SALOMON photographed the full range of models of the new BMW 4 series Cabriolet for BMW’s accompanying sales literature – of course in close collaboration with his team (Bon Ametzbichler, Michael Compensis, Andi Neuerer and Steffen Heinicke). They captured the photographs in the studio in Munich. Following the 4-Coupé, BMW is launching the cabriolet model in early 2014. The cabriolet already premiered at the LA Car Show in late 2013. In terms of its front, it is ver …

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