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news | Timm Brockfeld : across Germany to DEUTSCHE BAHN factory workshops

Timm Brockfeld produced a new Universal shoot with over 300 motifs for DEUTSCHE BAHN. For three weeks he travelled across Germany with his team to six DB factory workshops, which were used as photo studios for this production. We have attached a small selection of the results.

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news | Timm Brockfeld : interactive art class with the colourful NINTENDO Art Academy campaign

Following the success of his NINTENDO/Europe DSi Kids Summer campaign, Timm Brockfeld photographed the consecutive NINTENDO Art Academy campaign. The lively and colourful pictures were produced in collaboration with art buyer Tanja Braune and Arnd Greve/Head Office from the Popular Group AG Agency. You can use the Nintedo DS touch screen as a canvas and learn various painting and drawing techniques. From an amateur to an experienced artist, everyone is bound to find something to worth practi …

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