news | Hamburg band B.O.X.E.R. in MAXI mag's 'Music Meets Fashion' editorial, photographed by Patrizia DOUBEK

At Superbude and Lunastudio in Hamburg's St. Pauli district, Patrizia DOUBEK c/o FARIYAL KENNEL photographed the fashion editorial titled 'Music Meets Fashion' for MAXI magazine. Appearing for her camera in person, she had Anna Maria Nemetz and Jan Ole Jönsson, two members of the up & coming indie-electro band B.O.X.E.R.. Production was under the executive of Maxi Editor Anna Marie Thiecke with visagist Francesca VIGLIAROLO c/o GoSee member NORDISH REPUBLIC. About - B.O.X.E.R. is Ann …

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news | 'Germany exercises' - the Germany-wide INJOY fitness campaign of INJOY and INLINE - photos by Christian DEUTSCHER c/o FARIYAL KENNEL

With the slogan 'Germany exercises', INJOY Fitness together with Inline Consulting presents what is according to them the largest-scale German campaign to gain members in the area of fitness. The campaign is aimed at raising consciousness for health and offer tools for a balanced fitness management. People photographer Christian DEUTSCHER c/o FARIYAL KENNEL staged the motivating campaign across different target groups. Teamwork for better health! On the job for Injoy and Inline were Bettina Lang …

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news | ELLE G - the ladies of soft swing on Tour in Europe - promotion photos by Dirk HEINRICH

On tour in Europe – the band ELLE G announces its European tour with promotion photos by Dirk HEINRICH. With sensitivity and enthusiasm, the FARIYAL KENNEL photographer portrayed the two ladies from the worlds of soft swing. The shoot took place in Lithuania´s capital Vilnius. To perfectly go with the charming sound of ELLE G, the band is presented in the retro look of the Lithuanian fashion label Son De Flor. /ellegmusic …

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news | EISMANN shares winter festive menus – as captured by food photographer Misha VETTER

Food specialist Misha VETTER shot elaborate winter menus as part of home freezing service EISMANN’s home delivery service. Goose, lamb and the seven-course holiday menu look simply mouth watering. Food stylist Martina Mehldau ensured all the morsels looked as moreish as possible. Ilona Kotzur and Anke Przybyla from Eismann marketing were on location.

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news | LOVE, PEACE & FREEDOM with Christian DEUTSCHER and the FEBI 2015 Girls Calendar

The New Year is looking good thanks to FEBI’s 2015 Girls Calendar, hot off the press! Pure sensuality and lust for life unfold in a South African setting. Christian DEUTSCHER photographed the flower girls and lascivious beauties on their adventure in the great outdoors. Christian channelled 1970s love and freedom on this charming expedition. The FEBI calendar is a highly popular object and a true marketing tool! The making-of video takes us behind the scenes. The production team includ …

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news | 'Hand Made Since 1967' - Christian DEUTSCHER shoots LAMBERT ad campaign

As usual the LAMBERT Hand Made Since 1967 ad campaign features stills by Christian DEUTSCHER. The combination of high-end furniture and interior accessories for stylish living impressed exclusive interiors and architecture publications such as Schöner Wohnen, Architektur & Wohnen as well as Gala. Lambert’s team comprised Borivoj Markov and Stefanie Mülders from marketing – styling by Nadine Dase.

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news | Vlado GOLUB shoots wintery BUNGALOW fashion faves

Fashion and people photographer Vlado GOLUB spreads the festive spirit with a season shoot for BUNGALOW with all the mens outfitter’s favourites in a colourful smart look! Creative supervision by CD Viktor Jovcevski, production headed up by Uwe Meier in house. Vlado focused his lens on Simon Lohmeier and Labradorhündin Bombay.

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news | Jewellery designer VANESSA BARONI – jewellery look book by photographer Vlado GOLUB

Vlado GOLUB shot the S/S 15 look book for jewellery designer VANESSA BARONI. With the nonchalant styling he turned the pictures into sweet eye candy. Thanks to the great team: Vanessa Baroni herself, CD Victor Jovcevski (Jovcevski Creative), hair & make-up artist Eleni Yannopoulos as well as model Maya c/o BRODYBOOKINGS.

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news | Vlado GOLUB captured Spring - S/S 2015 look book shots for PASSPORT ‘new women’s wear’

PASSPORT’s Spring season is fresh, clear, sunny and light – fashion photographer Vlado GOLUB captured the Böblingen based ‘new women’s wear’ specialist’s new look book in the same atmosphere. The specially crafted outdoor set by Art of Stage created the illusion of an (Italian) spring sky, which Vlado worked with beautifully to create stunning pictures in natural light. PASSPORT director Frank Gouder and head of marketing Saskia Richte developed the cool …

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news | ‘Sweet lazy Sunday’ – a personal beach series by Patrizia DOUBEK

Sunday, Sunday! Fashion photographer Patrizia DOUBEK spends a ‘Sweet Lazy Sunday’ with models Karyna and Emilia in her latest personal series. After a stressful week of castings in Bangkok, both models found the perfect release at the beach of Rayong, Thailand. Stylist Dieter Fieres completed the ‘Sunday’ team.

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