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The MERCEDES GLS web special with One Republic front man Ryan Tedder, photographed by Benjamin Pichelmann and with post production by twentyfour-7

One Republic front man Ryan Tedder is the new face of the Mercedes GLS web special photos. Photographer Benjamin Pichelmann photographed him for it in Los Angeles. Creation was in the hands of Matthias Wilke and Marcel Franke from the executive agency Antoni. The photos were retouched in Berlin – by the post experts at c/oTWENTYFOUR-7 – and that according to the credo “Inspiration needs space.”

Twentyfour Seven welcomes visitors once again this year to their booth at UPDATE16BERLIN. The trade fair takes place on Friday 30 September at Kronprinzenpalais in Berlin – just a hop, skip and a jump away from the agency. From 12 noon – 8 pm, you can have a look at all of the post and CGI work there – with cold drinks and small snacks.
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'No Place for Missuse' - TWENTYFOUR-7 post-produces the UBSKM-campaign on the sensitive topic in fully CGI

Paper art is a special way of working with paper. It is particularly defined by the haptic characteristics of the material. That is what makes the UBSKM campaign “No room for abuse” of TWENTY FOUR which was realized in full CGI all the more impressive. UBSKM stands for “Independent Representative on Questions of Child Sexual Abuse”. The sensitive issue required an equally sensitive and authentic, topic-related realization of the motifs from the creative agency Ballhaus West. “The motifs look like they were constructed completely for real and then photographed, and the important factor haptics seems palpable.” TWENTY FOUR-7 tells GoSee – we say: See for yourself!
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VOLKSWAGEN AG wants a little bit more... the motif by Maak Roberts, post production by TWENTYFOUR-7

Maak Roberts once again photographed an elaborate motif for VOLKSWAGEN AG. “At first glance, the motif seems as if it contains lots of CGI, but that is not the credo of the photographer. TWENTY FOUR-7 tells GoSee: “So the photo was completely built on set and then posted by us.” The result of the detailed retouch work and symbiosis of post production and photography is a credible motif, for which some people would more or less like to lend a helping hand. The executive agency was Grabarz & Partner with the Creative Directors David Morales and Etienne Kiefer.
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