UPdate Salon / BERLIN 30. SEPT 2016



news | GoSee is celebrating its annual (re)unification. We' ll be seeing you at UPdate16 Berlin on September 30th - Register now!

Two perfect reasons for you to enjoy a long weekend in Berlin: On October 3rd, all of Germany will celebrate Unity Day. The nation-wide German holiday commemorates the country's unprecedented historical reunification, which finally came to fruition when the GDR became part of the Federal Republic of Germany on that day in 1990. Reason enough for GoSee to warm up for the celebration: On Friday, September 30th, we kick off the long weekend of creative (re)unification in the hip & happening ci …

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blog | UPdate16 | First confirmations for you on GoSee

Meet the famous art producers of Kolle Rebbe and Jung von Matt Hamburg at UPdate16 Berlin. Hope to GoSee you soon !

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portfolio | UPdate16 BERLIN - 30 SEP 2016 - Welcome back to Kronprinzen Palais, Berlin-Mitte

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blog | UPdate16 getting ready for the new season !

We are getting ready for season 2016 - and hope to see all of creative people end of September in Berlin. We found an amazing location in the very center, so make sure you reserve your hotel nearby Berlin-Mitte - once the exact date is out ;-) !! Love Your GoSee Team

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news | UPDATE BERLIN : That's the way love goes... we say MERCI, plus we have a few quotes and impressions from the event for you on GoSee

After the GoSeeAWARDS winners were announced by Fashion Consultant Nicole Smallwood and Dirk Koeberle, Creative Director WORMLAND, VIP guest RANKIN was introduced by Donald Schneider, CEO Donald Schneider Studio and Head of Global Advertising H&M, with his new commercials for G-STAR, PRADA, SWATCH, and absolutely legendary COCO DE MER in our GoSee Talk round. We present you several quotes and impressions from the UPDATE BERLIN event on GoSee: "I would like to thank the entire GoSe …

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blog | UPDATE15BERLIN - we say: MERCI !

What a spectacle, what a dinner, what an award show, what a talk, what a party, ..... we are very tired and very, very happy. Our GoSee thanks go out to all our exhibitors - and of course to our GoSee friends who came by to see us and of course of course to Rankin, Pippa Bhatt, Donald Schneider, Dirk Köberle and Nicole Smallwood, our Team GoSee UPDATE15BERLIN. Merci, we love you ! NEWS coming soon.

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blog | Enjoy the new film for John Lewis Home Insurance 2015 - and meet Daniel Moorey / adam&eveDDB at UPDATE15

"Every little girl has been this Tiny Dancer in our new ad for John Lewis which shows you can let life happen with the brand's Premier Home Insurance..." this is how the story starts, invented by adam&eveDDB. What else can happen - you never know. What will happen on the 25 Sep 2015 in Berlin? Only one word: UPDATE15 ! Meet our London friend Daniel Moorey on location. Plus a whole lot of other very interesting/important/incredible people. Register now: up-date.ws …

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news | UPDATE15 – the GoSee Salon on 25 September, 2015 in Berlin. Meet creatives from the areas of photography, post production, HMS, illustration, digital art, CGI, film, music, ... and GoSee!

We look forward to UPDATE15 in Berlin! UPdate – is the established creative salon which invites GoSee members from the areas of representation, post production, CGI, illustration, syndication, hair, make-up, styling, film, ... art buying, art production, and creation. UPdate takes place annually in Berlin and can count on broad support in 2015 from Art Buyers & Art Producers just like every year. "It is always great to be able to broaden our own beautiful horizons together once …

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news | GoSee AWARDS 2015 - present your artwork to top creatives from the areas of fashion, advertising & publishing and submit your spreads & projects free of charge!

The GoSee AWARDS 2015 are just around the corner – and we are happy to have great jury support from Donald Schneider, Creative Mastermind of H&M, with Marketing Director PORSCHE DESIGN GROUP and ADIDAS, Image Lead AD ZALANDO, Head of Art Buying JUNG VON MATT - KOLLE REBBE - GRABARZ & PARTNER - THJNK - FCB HAMBURG - CLM BBDO PARIS, OTTO advertising team, plus: STERN Mag - VOGUE - JANVIER BURGER & STASCH - JDR - ZEIT ONLINE - HEIMAT - SELECTNY - GREY - PHILLIP UND …

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Just a very short reminder: we officially started working on UPDATE 15 Berlin - the one and only show regarding creative connections in the industry. For info Go & See : up-date.ws

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