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news | A roadtrip with the AUDI A1 to Lake Garda and on an expedition across the USA for JACK WOLFSKIN with photographer Jan Eric EULER c/o UPFRONT

The agency Philipp & Keuntje went on a road trip to Lake Garda and back in the AUDI A1 where Jan Eric EULER staged the motifs for AUDI's novice driver brochure. AD was Andreas Stamm, with art buying by Karen Schwarzer. With GoSee member NATURAL BORN EXPLORERS, Jan Eric EULER started his next adventure. On an expedition across the USA, at times surrounded by forest fires, he photographed the new JACK WOLFSKIN Spring/Summer collection.

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news | 'Moments of Change' - moments campaign of OBI and SPARDA-BANK ads, shot by people photographer Murat ASLAN c/o UPFRONT

Commissioned by Jung von Matt, Murat ASLAN photographed the "Moments of Change" campaign for OBI. Art direction was done by Irina Schweigert, with styling by Roya Bachtiari and hair & make-up by Patrick Heck. 'Good-bye arrogance' & 'Good riddance to bans' – is SPARDA BANK's message in the two campaign motifs, which were photographed by Murat ASLAN for the agency Heldisch in Berlin. And additional motifs will soon follow. The Creative Director was Mikael Oscarsson, and …

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news | 'Get Vertical' with the SALEWA Winter collection in the Dolomites and in the gym with the Fitness app 'FitMit AOK' with action photographer Ray DEMSKI c/o UPFRONT

Working up a sweat, but at lower temperatures, it was off to the Dolomites. With the slogan “Get vertical”, Ray DEMSKI photographed the new SALEWA brand campaign. Zoom Productions was also in charge of organization. “Your commitment pays off” is the claim to advertise for the new fitness app “FitMit AOK”. Ray DEMSKI together with Scholz & Friends realized the campaign motifs. Art direction was handled by Lars Ecker, with styling by Roya Bachtiari, and b …

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news | Launch campaign for the SwissPass, photographed by Jonathan HEYER c/o UPFRONT for Maxomedia

For Swiss Railway SCHWEIZERISCHE BUNDESBAHNEN, Jonathan HEYER went to sea, hit the streets, took the rails & was up in the air where he photographed the ads for the SwissPass campaign. The agency was Maxomedia with CD Reno Schild and AD Daniel Rudel. “The key visuals focus on the variety of transportation means and convey the message directly and entertaining.” the agency tells us.

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news | GEOKOMPAKT shows what harms our cardio-vascular system - drastically visualized by Christian LOHFINK c/o UPFRONT

A heart made of cigarettes, a bottle full of sugar cubes and a bacon knife – these rather unusual subjects were realized by still life expert Christian LOHFINK for GEOkompakt on the topic of cardio-vascular system. We present three motifs meant to confront us with our unhealthy consumer behavior.

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news | With the new SKODA OCTAVIA through Norways magnificent Fjord landscapes - automotive photographer Thomas MOTTA c/o UPDATE for Fallon Prague

In Norway, Thomas MOTTA teamed up with lead agency Fallon Prague to photograph the SKODA OCTAVIA. Creative Director was Michael Pfeiffer-Belli, and post production was done by Pixology. The vehicle combines functionality with dynamic elegance so that even the trunk has enough room to meditate. Wearing a helmet and less meditative, Thomas MOTTA continued through Norway, where he also photographed a personal spread of the impressive landscape.

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news | SIEMENS apprenticeship campaign for Scholz & Friends by Bastian WERNER

Bastian WERNER photographed the new apprenticeship campaign for SIEMENS. The agency was Scholz & Friends with AD Stephen Overmeyer.

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news | Hanging on the cliffs of Yosemite National Park for ADIDAS Outdoor: photographer Ray DEMSKI

Photographer Ray DEMSKI was on the road in Yosemite National Park in Utah for ADIDAS Outdoor, where he documented every climber´s dream. Together with his protagonists, climbing experts Alex Luger and Hanno Schluge, he mastered extraordinary routs – despite the extreme level of difficulty. Since 2015, Ray has also been the official adidas brand ambassador/athlete.

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news | 'The Spirit of Mountain Sports' - the VAUDE image spot. Direction & camera by Lukas TIELKE

With the brand claim 'The Spirit of Mountain Sports', Lukas TIELKE c/o UPFRONT, both Director and DOP, filmed the new image spot of the outdoor brand.

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news | 'The Voice Of Germany'- coach Rea Garvey launches his new slbum 'Prisma' - portraits by Sven SINDT for UNIVERSAL

For his new album titled 'Prisma', Sven SINDT c/o UPFRONT portrayed Irish singer Rea Garvey as commissioned by the music label UNIVERSAL. About - Ray Garvey Raymond Michael "Rea" Garvey is an Irish singer-songwriter, guitarist and solo artist. In 1999, he formed the band Reamonn. Over the 11 years, that Rea Garvey was front man of Reamonn, they saw chart-topping success, with a number of gold and platinum selling albums and several sold out European tours. In 2011, after the release …

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