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Backplates shoot in Monte Carlo - Thomas MOTTA for SKODA and the agency Fallon Prague

For SKODA, UPFRONT photographer Tomas MOTTA traveled to peaceful Monte Carlo, where he shot the backplates for the models Citigo, Fabia, Rapid and Yeti. Back in Hamburg, he and Stefan Lampe built up the models in Full CGI, illuminated them and put them on the road. The executive agency was Fallon Prague with Art Director James Cruickshank. He also realized the new campaign with testimonial Carlo Monte & dog Bella; the motifs will soon be presented here on GoSee.
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MC Fitti invites you to take the PEPSI can design challenge - social media campaign by Murat ASLAN (photo & directing) and Lukas TIELKE (DOP & editing)

It is the largest international social media campaign to date, and in Germany, it's even the largest communication spectacle of all times: With its PEPSI challenge, the soft drink manufacturer PEPSICO plans nothing less this year than to show its rival Coca-Cola who’s the boss. At four sets in one day, Murat ASLAN photographed and filmed the new PEPSI social media campaign with his musician friend MC Fitti.

After the motifs were shot, the German Rapper really got loose showing the viewer how he designed his own can. It was literally a huge color bash at the Berlin studio. The campaign call: Design your own can and be amongst the exclusive designs that make it into the stores. Behind the camera was DOP Lukas TIELKE, who later also did the editing. The executive agency was Die Botschaft with CD Markus Schneider. Responsible for the smooth production and enough confetti was also UPFRONT. We present a look behind the scenes with the making-of video by Chris Caliman.
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Thomas MOTTA c/o UPFRONT shoots the VOLVO campaign for HAVAS and the German market

For Havas worldwide, the transportation photographer realized the new VOLVO campaign for the German market. After a 10-year adaptation period, the carmaker just started new production for Germany. The production was under the creative executive of CD Andreas Balog, AD Florian Schneider and Art Buyer Nicole Arnold. J&I Productions was in charge of organization.
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