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FRANZISKANER Kellerbier and wheat beer range plus VIO BIO ads - photographed by still life expert Christian LOHFINK c/o UPFRONT

For FRANZISKANER, Christian LOHFINK photographed the new Kellerbier (a type of German beer which is typically not clarified or pasteurized) and the new non-alcoholic "wheat beer range" of the client. The executive agency was BBDO with Art Director Claudia Janus. The perfect beer head was created by Ulf Müller from the Effectiv Team. The background pictures were provided by Jochen Manz c/o Rockenfeller & Göbels.

The Agency Heimat Berlin commissioned Christian Lohfink to photograph the new ViO BiO Ads. The perfect splash was provided by the Effectiv Team.
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Futuristic zero-emission van from VOLKSWAGEN - the Budd-e, photographed by Jan Eric EULER c/o UPFRONT

The new Volkswagen zero-emission van opens the door to the year 2019: BUDD-e gets the Internet of options and with them the world on board. For VOLKSWAGEN, Jan Eric EULER photographed the concept vehicle Budd-e. A futuristic electric van or a gigantic smartphone on wheels, as Auto BILD described the car. The motifs will be shown all globally on the VOLKSWAGEN social media channels. The electronic final touches were done Andreas Doria Post Production
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Because life is beautiful! - the new 'Foot Off the Gas' Autobahn campaign by Scholz & Friends and Jan Eric EULER goes for emotions

"BECAUSE LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL – take your foot off the gas!" – that is now the emotional message with which Scholz & Friends calls upon the public to drive more considerately on the German Autobahn. In addition to the printed campaign motifs, Jan Eric EULER realized several mood clips.

GoSee member ADD PICTURES guaranteed a smooth production on location. Representing the agency, Art Director Michael Winterhagen and Management Supervisor Michael Schulze accompanied the shoot. Post production was handled by Andreas Doria Post Production. The 'Foot off the Gas' Autobahn campaign was accompanied by an interactive campaign on
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