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Hanging on the cliffs of Yosemite National Park for ADIDAS Outdoor: photographer Ray DEMSKI

Photographer Ray DEMSKI was on the road in Yosemite National Park in Utah for ADIDAS Outdoor, where he documented every climber´s dream. Together with his protagonists, climbing experts Alex Luger and Hanno Schluge, he mastered extraordinary routs – despite the extreme level of difficulty. Since 2015, Ray has also been the official adidas brand ambassador/athlete.
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'The Spirit of Mountain Sports' - the VAUDE image spot. Direction & camera by Lukas TIELKE

With the brand claim 'The Spirit of Mountain Sports', Lukas TIELKE c/o UPFRONT, both Director and DOP, filmed the new image spot of the outdoor brand.
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'The Voice Of Germany'- coach Rea Garvey launches his new slbum 'Prisma' - portraits by Sven SINDT for UNIVERSAL

For his new album titled 'Prisma', Sven SINDT c/o UPFRONT portrayed Irish singer Rea Garvey as commissioned by the music label UNIVERSAL.

About - Ray Garvey Raymond Michael "Rea" Garvey is an Irish singer-songwriter, guitarist and solo artist. In 1999, he formed the band Reamonn. Over the 11 years, that Rea Garvey was front man of Reamonn, they saw chart-topping success, with a number of gold and platinum selling albums and several sold out European tours. In 2011, after the release of the band's best of album/DVD "Eleven", and a best of tour, the band parted ways. Garvey took this time to pursue a solo career, which gave birth to his first solo album "Can't Stand the Silence". reagarvey.com
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