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news | Latest interviews on Wertical : fashion designer and artist, Stefan Golz; photographer, Stephan Zirwes; artist Filippo Minelli

It’s been nearly ten years since Stefan Golz and two of his friends started their own fashion label. They wanted to call it Remoto, after the Spanish word for remote. But the name had already been taken. So they swapped the R for a W. And that’s how Wemoto was born. The name does not sound Spanish, nor does it give any clue that its founders hail from the region of Rhine Main Area, in Germany. The first Wemoto products were skateboards and t-shirts. Golz, the label’s creativ …

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news | Wertical : with Headful artist Piet Janssen aka Parra, and San Francisco-based Francesco Igory Deiana on GoSee

Whether it is an absurd photo that he comes across on the Internet or a book that he stumbles upon, it is the “everyday and the awkward” that inspires Dutch artist Piet Janssen. Whatever medium he works in, his style remains very much the same: human, yet abstract; plain, yet coloured. And that hallmark is seen on canvas, in a sketch, a shoe, a sculpture, or even a laptop sleeve. Janssen, who is more commonly known by his alias Parra, didn’t realize how successful he was unt …

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news | Wertical presents Japanese photographer Daido Moriyama on GoSee

Daido Moriyama, born in 1938 and one of the most important photographers of the second half of the twentieth century, studied Design and Photography in Kobe, Japan. His first photo book ‘Japan, a Photo Theater’ was published in 1968 and he has played an important role in establishing Japanese photography on an international scale ever since. He created his most influential and innovative photographic body of work between the late 1960s and early 1970s. He was particularly tak …

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news | Wertical : presents London set designer Es Devlin and New York-based photographer Asger Carlsen on GoSee

Here are some extracts of the two June interviews by Wertical. This month, they featured 'Headful Set Designer' Es Devlin from London, as well as Danish 'Headful Photographer' Asger Carlsen, who lives and works in New York. Asger is showing his work at the ruttkowski;68 Gallery in Cologne at the moment. If you are keen to learn more about Asger and the exhibition, have a look at the gallery’s GoSee Blog, which features the works of the exhibition – including a price list. Wertica …

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news | NEW : Wertical, the blog print hybrid, Cologne and their ‘Headful Creators’

WERTICAL is the newest entry at GoSee, a hybrid of blog and print and firmly dedicated to all things art, design and photography. The ambitious project is the brainchild of the people behind the Ruttkowski68 gallery in Cologne, which is a definite must go see (as reported by GoSee). The project about art and its creators was born from the realisation that the art world seems to be subject to abundant arbitrariness. In this day and age, images make their way around the globe at a faster rate t …

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