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Grosses NÜRNBERG-Opening by WORMLAND! Neben Formal-, Casual- und Jeanswear vieler nationaler und internationaler Marken und Designer, warten viele tolle Angebote, exklusive Aktionen und Geschenke auf Sie! Newcomer- bis High-End-Labels präsentieren sich zwischen ausgefallenem Interieur modern bis klassisch, entspannt bis exklusiv. Ab einem Einkaufswert von 50 € schenken wir Ihnen ein limitiertes T-Shirt. Unser neuer Store ist zentral in der Nürnberger Innenstadt gelegen &ndas …

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news | Valentine's Day Special: Win an adventurous romantic trip to the Azores with Wormland ! We have the details for you on GoSee

Discover the explorer in you! WORMLAND is giving away a trip for two including non-stop flights with Sata International from Frankfurt to the Azores – only 4.5 hours away, unique and unknown to most. The archipelago of nine islands is rich in unspoiled nature, glittering crater lakes and clean air. What awaits you is a whole week in a double room at the 4-star Hotel Caloura Resort Halfboard (travel is subject to availability on selected dates in April or October, 2016. Total value: 1800 eu …

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news | WORMLAND presents the sexy F/W character campaign with Tony Ward on GoSee and meet Creative Director Dirk Koeberle at the creative get-together: UPDATE BERLIN

No matter who you are!' Whether freethinker, jumper, daydreamer or maximalist – the retailer leaves no holds barred once again in its newest campaign. Creative Director Dirk Koeberle took it to the limits with sexy advertisements in WORMLAND magazine and at the POS in stores. For many years, Dirk has been responsible for the visual orientation of the brand and has ensured fashion-conscious and young imagery. "The world is colorful! Important is diversity and what could ever be bett …

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news | Wormland presents the Spring/Summer campaigne 2015 with top model Sam Webb and photographer Ali Kepenek

Fashion and art are made for each other – a fact Wormland's new Spring/Summer 2015 campaign clearly demonstrates. Top model Sam Webb posed for the camera with which Ali Kepenek shot these most impressive images. Smart, progressive and equally cool and cultivated is the look of the newest Spring/Summer styles in the artistically composed photographs taken, among other places, against the backdrop of the historic Palm House in London's Kew Garden. This liaison of fashion, art and design …

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news | WORMLAND "a sensory feast." '[identify] yourself' the fragrance for men Christmas 2014?

'[identify] yourself' the fragrance for men is cool, bold, masculine and fresh – attributes that almost every man wants to identify himself with. The WORMLAND fragrance claims to be ‘effortless, attractive, alive and free’. [identify] yourself is made up of ingredients such as Bergamot, nutmeg, aniseed, patchouli and sandalwood and other natural ingredients. Certainly a GoSee gift tip.

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news | Wackelpudding - the fourth WORMLAND Compilation brings Ibiza atmosphere and booming Berlin club vibes straight to your home

WORMLAND’s 'Wackelpudding' is a real treat for you ears with a touch of Ibiza and booming Berlin club atmosphere. Artists include: John Jacobsen, Greg Stainer, Ekala, Maximono, Mario Chris, Fisher & Fiebak, Nopopstar, Gariy & Hacker and Laut & Leise.

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news | Painting Dreams. Ernst, Magritte, Dali, Piccasso, Antes, Nay .... THE WORMLAND DONATION to the re-opened Pinakothek der Moderne, Munich. Win a trip !

Since the ‘60s, Theo Wormland (1907-1983), founder of the WORMLAND company, has built up one of the most important private German collections of Surrealism. An exhibition to honour the fashion entrepreneur, the collection will be on show in the special exhibition ‘PAINTING DREAMS. ERNST, MAGRITTE, DALÍ, PICASSO, ANTES, NAY – THE WORMLAND DONATION’ at the recently reopened Pinakothek der Moderne, Munich. In addition to classic key pieces in classic Surrealism, i …

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news | Designers wanted! The Print T-Shirt Contest by WORMLAND Men’s Fashion and EINSTEIN & NEWTON. Looking for 2013’s summer shirt trend

Talented designers can still submit their sketches to the WORMLAND website and on Facebook until 26 May 2013. An expert panel of judges will choose the six best submissions and subsequently produce the selected prints. The resulting exclusive BE A TALENT collection will be available at WORMLAND and THEO from June 2013. The winners will receive 1,000 Euro each as well as a professional photo shoot with the collection. Part of the proceeds from the T-shirt sales will go to the charitable organi …

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news | ’A Weekend Holiday’ in Los Angeles. Tony Kelly throws a massive party for WORMLAND. Campaign and making-of video on GoSee

‘A Weekend Holiday’– photographer Tony KELLY once again captured this feeling for fashion client WORMLAND in his unmistakable style in Los Angeles. Ally, Jared, Louis, Sasha, Stefano KUHN c/o LOUISA MODELS, Sam, Tara and Taylor celebrated with him by the pool in front of the camera. This time WORMLAND Men’s Fashion booked a whole group of young and happy people to represent their brand – which makes us all excited about the new Spring / Summer collection already …

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news | Wormland : exclusively launches the new KARL by KARL LAGERFELD Spring/Summer 2013 menswear collection in Germany

It's KARL time: WORMLAND men’s fashion presents the KARL Spring/ Summer 2013 collection, created by star designer, fashion icon and stylish mastermind Karl Lagerfeld. As the exclusive retail partner of KARL LAGERFELD in Germany, WORMLAND launched the brand in five locations: Hamburg, Hannover, Frankfurt, CentrO Oberhausen and Munich. Karl Lagerfeld is not only one of the most famous German faces, he is also a style icon, photographer, artist and one of the most influential designers …

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