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news | Zena Holloway : Message in a bottle. Underwater still life editorial and accompanying moving imagery for CENT MAGAZINE

Underwater specialist Zena Holloway brought an interesting idea to life in a series of photographs. Instead of capturing her signature passion for fashion and accessories on models effortlessly afloat in photos, she focused her lens on perfume bottles underwater. The London based photographer shot the editorial, entitled ‘Message in a Bottle’, for the ‘Cornucopia’ issue of CENT magazine, which regularly commissions her for editorials. FYI – the horn of plenty na …

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news | Zena Holloway : on the trail of great British portrait painter Sir Joshua Reynolds (1723-1792)

During his lifetime painter Sir Joshua Reynolds (1723-1792) was an important figure in London’s intellectual circles. He immortalised the who is who of his day and incorporated metaphoric symbols in his paintings to accentuate the qualities of his portrait sitters. This idealisation wasn’t just popular amongst patrons – it was a must during this time. Portrait sitters were incredibly vain and the only true portrait painting was considered to come from Italy or France. Sir …

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news | Underwater skiers for LINDE WERDELIN watches and PLAZA mag, angels vs. devils or party & work for GQ Russia, plus personal series by underwater specialist Zena Holloway

LINDE WERDELIN watches and Plaza Watch magazine commissioned photographer Zena HOLLOWAY to create an underwater ski image for their latest issue. The pool water was convincingly transformed into a glacier and the surging bubbles bare a close resemblance to snow. Zena on the sporty model: ‘our terrific model Freddy from Storm skied his way down the pool in complete style’. Morten Linde and Jorn Werdelin founded Linde Werdelin in 2002. Her concept: ‘a highly crafted mech …

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news | Zena Holloway : editorial for the showgirl issue of SCHÖN! Magazine plus campaign images for FASHION VALLEY

Photographer Zena HOLLOWAY contributed an underwater spread to the Showgirl issue of SCHÖN! Magazine. Illustrator Becha supported the SCREENings 2012 finalist above water. Back on the underwater front Zena shot a campaign for the new Fashion Valley shopping centre in Milan, Italy. The supervising agency was Independent Ideas with ADs Giulia Bison and Eleonora Galeazzi, as well as Planner Luca Genova. Lapo Eduard Elkann (born 7 October, 1977) founded the agency in 2007. He is a …

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news | Zena Holloway : underwater for spread, cover and video of CENT mag’s ‘The Archive Issue’, curated by David Koma

London-based photographer Zena HOLLOWAY shot the current cover and stunning accompanying underwater spread for London’s CENT magazine. Fashion designer David Koma, guest editor of the Autumn/Winter 2012/13 issue of CENT magazine, chose ‘The Archive Issue’ as the title of ‘his’ issue. Georgian-born 25-year old David Koma aka David Komakhidze graduated in 2009 with an MA in Fashion from London’s Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design. He previously …

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news | Zena Holloway : photographed fashion underwater for B.INSPIRED magazine

London-based photographer Zena HOLLOWAY told GoSee ‘the idea for the story was based on the birth of Aphrodite with a very Grecian look’. Just in case you don’t have your Greek mythology book to hand, GoSee is happy to help out: Aphrodite is the Greek goddess of love, beauty, pleasure, lust and last, but not least, procreation. Her Roman equivalent is the goddess Venus – and according to Hesiod’s Theogony she was born when Cronus, advised by his mother Gaia, …

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news | Zena Holloway : cover and spread for ‘The Sense of Wonder’ issue of CENT magazine

GoSee is pleased to present Zena HOLLOWAY's underwater story for CENT magazine, supported by CD Jo Phillips. The cinematic cover deserves a special mention : eye make-up of the third dimension. Kim and Marija posed for the camera, enjoying some pool time in London. The images wer made for the British mag’s May issue, which was dedicated to the theme 'Sense of Wonder'. Info : Cent magazine is a digital interactive magazine which is free to hear see and watch. It is uniquely wri …

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news | Zena Holloway : underwater for 'Breathe' editorial in STYLIST magazine

GoSee presents Zena HOLLOWAY's underwater photography series for London’s STYLIST magazine. Apart from the water itself, the star of the 'Breath' series is the gorgeous Lydia. Zena : "We worked at a 25m swimming pool in West London which was 4m deep and whilst we were shooting we had a number of the local club members swimming up and down the lanes - I think they thought we were mad. All of the images were taken in just eight hours and retouching was very minimal. All of the cl …

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news | Swan Song by Zena Holloway - four additional limited edition motifs now available

Four additional images from the limited edition 'Swan Song' series by London-based photographer Zena HOLLOWAY are now available. The new underwater-photographs are the perfect addition to the series, initially created in 2007. The series has proven rather successful on the art market and also enjoys a following of dedicated collectors. Not only collections mind you – even interior designers were happy to take the motifs off her hands. Hence, the Marcel Wanders interior design s …

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portfolio | Swan Song series

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