2Agenten : CZESC BRAT BREWERY, corporate motifs for the VARTA Annual Report, ANJOLA soda campaign, illustrations for DIE ZEIT, DOGS MAG, PIPER PUBLISHING, NZZ STIL, set design for SYOSS ... and an exhibitor at UPDATE-19-BERLIN


Agent Molly & Co : Swedish mini-series 'Quicksand' on NETFLIX, DIOR COSMETICS, MAGIC CREAM by Charlotte Tilbury, Cervera, RUM Hemma, Åhlens mag, PIBE mag, ICA, Systrarna, ... and AGENT MOLLY & CO, Stockholm, exhibiting once again at UPDATE-19-BERLIN


Rankin : music video & campaign with The Flik Flak Minis for Swatch, 'Soul of Motion' - the MAZDA 3 launch campaign


Severin Wendeler : MAZDA 3 campaign, launch campaign of premium gin VILLA ASCENTI (DIAGEO) for Fold 7, plus the campaign for the color experts from HISTOR ... and once again an exhibitor at UPDATE-19-BERLIN


GoSee loves ... Liz Johnson Artur celebrates with 'Dusha' (Soul) her first museum exhibition in the Brooklyn Museum and presents photo & video highlights from her 'Black Balloon Archive' of the last 30 years #lizjohnsonartur


'Kühn is Hungry' by successful author Jan Weiler with a cover illustration by Emiliano PONZI c/o 2AGENTEN at Pieper Publishing