Agent Molly & Co : Swedish mini-series 'Quicksand' on NETFLIX, DIOR COSMETICS, MAGIC CREAM by Charlotte Tilbury, Cervera, RUM Hemma, Åhlens mag, PIBE mag, ICA, Systrarna, ... and AGENT MOLLY & CO, Stockholm, exhibiting once again at UPDATE-19-BERLIN


GoSee loves ... Liz Johnson Artur celebrates with 'Dusha' (Soul) her first museum exhibition in the Brooklyn Museum and presents photo & video highlights from her 'Black Balloon Archive' of the last 30 years #lizjohnsonartur


Damien Krisl photographs the beauty of Iceland's natural landscape with young Parisian model Maeva Marshall for SLIMI MAGAZINE


Swedish mini-series 'Quicksand' aired on NETFLIX since 5 April - the cast was photographed by Sanna LINDBERG c/o AGENT MOLLY & CO


VISUALEYES ARTISTS : Brooke Shields in the love story on the cover of RESERVED mag, supermodel Gigi Hadid in VOGUE CS, VS mag and THE WEEKND for the 70th issue of NOTION mag – we have the Helena Christensen Special for you on GoSee