DIRK WEYER photographs the new generation of MIELE built-in appliances including a smart oven for Select World Hamburg

Hamburg Stills Dirk Weyer Media: 8 C: 868

Kristina Korb : IWC Schaffhausen FILM & CAMPAIGN WITH JOSEPHINE SKRIVER AND ACTRESS NING CHANG, for BRUNO BANANI at the Beach of Tulum, FABIANA FILIPPI, Essential Homme, ELLE Mexico, Vogue Living with Mini Anden, Campagna Isa Belle & an UPDATE-19-BERLIN exhibitor


GoSee Tip : 'The Deconstructed Self' – Natalie Christensen photographs suburban everyday life in the American Southwest, an exhibition at Berlin's Galerie Minimal


Tobias Bosch Fotomanagement : Union Invest campaign for Crossland, VW POLO GTi social media campaign in Majorca, 'THE WILD LIFE' FOR QUALITY MAGAZINE, and an MCM advertorial in YOHO!CHINAGIRL MAG