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news | SPLENDIDA BVLGARI TUBEREUSE MYSTIQUE - the new, mysterious Eau de Parfum from BULGARI, staged by Director DAMIEN KRISL c/o 1ST UNIT

Beauty Director Damien Krisl c/o 1ST UNIT realized the new SPLENDIDA BVLGARI TUBEREUSE MYSTIQUE commercial with dancer Fanny Sage. Also known as mistress of the night, Tuberose has an enchantingly opulent, mystical fragrance. It blooms only in the complete darkness of night to unfold the full intensity of its aroma. Which is why the tuberose is only harvested nocturnally in order to capture the entire breadth and depth of its precious olfactory notes. Created by Master Parfumier Sophie Labbé, the mysterious and enchanting eau de parfum, SPLENDIDA BVLGARI TUBEREUSE MYSTIQUE, is the epitome of sensuality, an invitation to succumb to precious seduction.” according to BULGARI.

Production of the commercial was in the hands of Allucinazione Italy with Producer Lucinda Agar, and styling was taken care of by Azadeh Zoragi & René Gloor from Narcisse Agency. The Splendida Bvlgari Eau de Parfum collection is the alignment of nature’s hidden gems with pure seduction; each fragrance...

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