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news | BERLIN S-BAHN 'Das Haus am Gleis' (web series) by Director Tim GÜNTHER c/o 1ST UNIT for Fischer Appelt

Don't let germs throw you off track! We're all in here together. Be considerate! ... The Berlin 'S-Bahn' railway system is raising awareness about proper behavior on their trains with a humorous campaign—and had Fischer Appelt produce two miniseries in the style of Netflix. In the first series, "Das Haus am Gleis" (The House on the Platform), the theme is germs in the S-Bahn: pure horror. Tim GÜNTHER c/o 1ST UNIT directed, the creative director was Match Herceg, and the TV producer was Dagmara Konsek. More films are available on the S-Bahn YouTube channel.

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