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'It opens up only to you' – The spot for the HUAWEI MATE 20 PRO delivers a Hollywood-style car chase with photos by DOP Jalaludin TRAUTMANN c/o 1ST UNIT

Mid-October 2018, HUAWEI introduced the Mate 20 Pro, the successor model to the Mate 10 Pro in London. Innovations of the Mate 20 Pro: It's the first Huawei smartphone that comes from the factory with Android 9 and the new EMUI 9 user interface. The feature advertised here in the spot is the fingerprint sensor integrated in the display – which is of course the gist of the slogan in the spot: 'It opens up only to you'. It was directed by Tibor Glage, and the DOP was Jalaludin TRAUTMANN c/o 1ST UNIT. The Mate 20 Pro is available worldwide in five colors: Black, Green, Pink, Blue, and Twilight.

Netzwelt on the mobile phone: "The Huawei Mate 20 Pro is a true technological trailblazer, and in this regard at least in the Android sector, is making all other devices eat its dust." For those in search of a high-end cellphone, this is the right model. Even though the Chinese manufacturer still hasn't fully exploited the full potential of the hardware, and some features will be added later via software update." In stores from about 999 euros.
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NEWBORN SHARPNESS! DOP Stefan von Borbély c/o 1st Unit behind the camera for the new HONGQI H5 commercial, produced by Beijing Eye for OGILVY AND MATHER BEIJING

DOP Stefan von Borbély c/o GoSee member 1st Unit teamed up with Director Matthias Zentner, GoSee member Beijing Eye and post production VELVET media design from Munich to realize an elegant commercial for premium Chinese car brand Hongqi.

Hongqi, China's symbolic sedan brand with a red flag on the hood was established in 1958 and has since been used as a vehicle on parades for state celebrations. The new model HONGQI H5 is marked by the vehicle's intelligent, voice-controlled connectivity systems and audio and video systems.

Velvet on the production : "Initiated by a spark of the creative idea, the process of car-making becomes a wild and free manifesto of crafting grandness. The red flag logo comes to life as the spark of ignited creation. Beams of red light are released from the mind to the pen, out of the design studio and in the calm night cityscape spreading the spiritual grace and elegance over China. Traveling through landscapes across China, the red tails illuminate the people and enrich the scenery in a whimsical way. The Chinese the word Honqi means red flag. Derived from the logo, it became a spark forming the shape of the new H5 model along the design lines immersed in a red glow. The red lines form the material emphasizing its entire, new-born, beauty evolved from the power of a waterfall. A legend reborn."
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'Be Yourself' – an artistic manifestation of courage and self confidence, filmed as a strong coming-out story by Director Sandro Suppnig and DOP Jalaludin Trautmann c/o 1ST UNIT for the Single Step Foundation

Sandro Suppnig c/o 1ST UNIT teamed up with DOP Jalaludin Trautmann c/o 1ST UNIT to realize the film 'Be Yourself' for Single Step in Sofia, Berlin and New York.  The idea : 'Be Yourself was born as a passion project in order to inspire young people around the world to be true to themselves. Produced by the Single Step Foundation in Bulgaria, which provides critical support to LGBT youths and their families, with the generous pro bono collaboration of a number of international professionals, companies and partners, the video is an artistic manifestation of courage, self-expression, human connection and community.'

“I wanted to create a coming-out story that is universal that everyone can relate to on some level. A piece to inspire young people to have the courage to be their true self, using parkour as a metaphor for finding inner strength by belonging to a community. If this film helps only one person, I have achieved what I wanted,” says Director Sandro Suppnig.

Appearing in 'Be Yourself' is German actor Robert Maaser ('Mission Impossible – Rogue Nation',
'Sense8'), New York artist Edward Granger and a group of Bulgarian parkour athletes. The shoot took place in the greater Sofia area with support from B2Y. In the beginning of June, the film is appearing across online channels worldwide.

“One year ago, I had a vision of a young man in distress standing on the edge of a cliff. And he takes one crucial step… I am deeply grateful to the amazing team that created Be Yourself, for their dedication and heart,” says Ivan Dimov, founder of Single Step.

Sandro on his work as a Director : "Through my professional as well as private life I have been very lucky to meet, and learn from extraordinary personalities along the way, live in several countries, and to have acquired the availability to speak five different languages fluently (German, English, French, Spanish, and Italian). My multicultural sensibility and understanding is also reflected in my work, often drawing inspirations from Italian and French cinema, photography – everything from Helmut Newton to Peter Beard, music. I’m constantly observing things, watching people, situations and moments. Sometimes I take notes or pictures, sometimes these observations just become memories. Then, one day, they re-appear in modified form, in a scene of a film of mine."

Single Step’s mission is to help LGBTI youth, their families, friends and allies in Bulgaria in the process of recognizing, coming out and affirming their sexual orientation and gender identity. We fully realize that this process is challenging and unique to each individual, but we are here to help the young members of our community in Bulgaria take that essential first step. We provide comprehensive resources to the community: a toll-free hotline, an online support chat, peer support groups and soon, a physical community center which will not only be a “safe house” for LGBTI kids in need, but will be a real home for the community. Our ultimate goal is to help create a viable, tight, proud and accepted LGBTI community in Bulgaria. We believe that the only way to do so is through personal example in order to motivate and inspire young LGBTI people to be themselves.
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