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Dreamlike sedan spot for the new ALFA ROMEO Giulia by DOP Stefan BORBELY c/o 1ST UNIT

Out of the city and into the sunshine, getting together with friends again and soaking up the sun... that is what the ALFA ROMEO dream looks like. The beautiful photos for the dream spot came from DOP Stefan BORBELY c/o 1ST UNIT. The shoot for the 'meccanica delle emozioni' from ALFA ROMEO took place in Los Angeles with Director Rob Groenwold. Production: George Films.
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'Jump' - surreal commercial for Mexican hotel chain CAMINO REAL by DOP Stefan BORBELY c/o 1ST UNIT and Director Matthias Zentner

For the Mexican hotel chain CAMINO REAL, Director Matthias Zentner filmed the spot 'Jump' in Mexico City. The jump into the paradise of the CAMINO REAL Hotels was supported by DOP Stefan BORBELY c/o 1ST UNIT. Production of the spot was in the hands of Bikini Film.

About - The unique location of the iconic Camino Real Group Hotel Polanco in Mexico by architect Ricardo Legoretta set a milestone of Mexican architecture and was envisioned as reminiscent of Preshispanic pyramids in the style of the great modernist architect Louis Barragan. Visually and …
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ABDUL SAMAD AL QURASHI Fragrances with the '1000 Arabian Nights' feel by DOP Stefan BORBELY c/o 1ST UNIT for Mi7 Cairo

"He who ruled scent ruled the hearts of men." Süskind - Perfume... This quote comes to mind when you watch the new commercial for ABDUL SAMAD AL QURASHI Fragrances. Together with Director Tarek Montasser, 1ST UNIT DOP Stefan BORBELY realized the spot with powerful imagery... The shoot took place in Cairo and India (Second Unit Andre Segone, Post Velvet Munich, Soundtrack Ahmed Nazmi). The perhaps most famous perfume maker on the Arabian Peninsula looks back on a 150-year history, and the oriental scents are sold today in more than 500 stores worldwide.
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'Make Every Drop Amazing' NBA Star Stephen Curry in the new BRITA water filter commercial - DOP Stefan BORBELY c/o 1ST UNIT

DDB San Francisco commissioned director Matthias Zentner and 1ST UNIT DOP Stefan BORBELY to realize a commercial for BRITA water filters. NBA player Stephen Curry stood in front of the camera as the testimonial during the shoot in Los Angeles (Production: Harvestfilms, Santa Monica USA, Executive Producer Bonnie Goldfarb & Senior Producer Ron Mohrhoff).

“Drinking water is essential to a healthy lifestyle,” the athlete says. “Water is my drink. I like the way Brita makes tap water taste so good, you don’t need to spend money or waste plastic with …
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