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'Visions - this is how we live in 2067' with universal genius Ted Selker for BOSCH SIEMENS household appliances and 'A Little Nature Encyclopedia' in WERDE magazine from WELEDA, realized by Rinah LANG c/o 2AGENTEN

'Experts vision future.' Berlin-based illustrator Rinah LANG c/o 2AGENTEN created twelve illustrations for the Web content of BOSCH SIEMENS household appliances on the topic of 'Visions – this is how we live in 2067'. The brief was basically about a day in the life of a swimmer in 2067. The swimmer describing his day is Ted Selker, a computer scientist, inventor and human-machine interaction wizard – and inventor of the trackpoint. Watch the whole day predicted by him here : – and visit his website under :

Plus, Rinah LANG regularly works for WERDE magazine from WELEDA Natural Cosmetics, for which she creates a double-page illustration for the column 'Little Natural Encyclopedia'. The great magazine from Weleda comes out four times a year with more than 100 large-format pages full of nature and art of living. 

About - Weleda is a multinational company that produces both beauty products and naturopathic medicines. Both branches design their products based on anthroposophic principles. The company takes its name from the German form of the name of the 1st-century Bructeri völva Veleda. As well as being known to use green energy, Weleda uses natural ingredients grown using biodynamic methods, and none of their ingredients or products are tested on animals.
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'22 Things You'll Never Hear A Berliner Say' – Illustrations for BABBEL Language School by Noam WEINER c/o 2AGENTEN

Illustrator and graphic designer Noam WEINER c/o 2AGENTEN grew up in Tel Aviv and now lives in beautiful Cologne on the Rhine river. She has a Bachelor of Design from the Visual Communication Department of the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem. Her extensive and multifaceted portfolio is made up of editorials, poster designs, comics, children's books, icon design, character and environmental design.

Noam WEINER regularly works together with the BABBEL Language School and also for the 22 things a real Berliner would never say. One of them is: "My bike has never been stolen." What other things do they say? Ask 2AGENTEN or visit to the website:

About - Babbel is a subscription-based language learning app and e-learning platform, available in various languages since January 2008. Fourteen languages are currently offered: Dutch, Danish, English, French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, Swedish, Spanish, and Turkish.

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New entry at Berlin-based 2AGENTEN – welcome abord designer, illustrator and letter expert Martina FLOR

When Martina FLOR is not doing commercial work she might be spending her time on preparing a keynote presentation or working one of her self-initiated projects. She is the co-founder of the project 'Lettering vs Calligraphy' and the founder of the great 'Letter Collections'; Martina on her project: "In this new project, I’ll be getting in touch with people I always wanted to reach or simply people I miss. I’ll be sending real (analog) postcards to them wherever they are in the world, entirely made and written by me with love. Additionally, the cards (digital) could be forwarded to someone else so hopefully you’ll have fun with it too!".

Plus, Martina FLOR holds letter design workshops as well as lectures at serveral universities. Find more info or artwork here : as well as:

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