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7 Mountains Productions, sister of 7 Seas Productions, has a unique approach for photo and film shoots in Chamonix and the wider Alps. Their producers and location managers are qualified ski instructors and mountain guides, making them the best people possible to lead the crew. Chamonix is the perfect location for clients seeking snow-capped mountains, sprawling Alpine meadows, quaint chalet interiors & exteriors and crystal-clear lakes with a wintery atmosphere.

What makes Chamonix so special? You have two different climates on each side of the Mont Blanc. The cities of Chamonix (France) and Courmayeur (Italy) are connected by the famous Mont-Blanc Tunnel, giving you access to glaciers and breath taking high altitude mountain plateaus within a 30 minutes drive of each other.

Here you can see the behind-the-scenes shots of a recent production, taking advantage of both the Helbronner Glacier on the Italian side and Plan de l’Aiguille on the French side. It was all led by...

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