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news | Once upon a time not too long ago … – 7 SEAS PRODUCTIONS produced the ‘Disney Fairy Tale Weddings Collection’ campaign for DISNEY in good old Germany

The strong production sites of 7 SEAS PRODUCTIONS with local offices are in the South of France and the Americas. But when a brief for amazing castles comes in, it’s hard to look any further than Germany. That was the task the Walt Disney Company had for 7 Seas in early March when they were searching for the world’s best castles for their Disney Fairy Tale Weddings Collection campaign.

What better location to capture the Disney magic than the Lichtenstein and Hohenzollern Castles or Southern Germany’s lakes and forests. The wedding dress designs, created exclusively by Allure Bridal, are all inspired by famous Disney characters including Snow White, Pocahontas and Cinderella. Photographer Jovana Rikalo and DOP Gerd George along with the rest of the crew helped to bring these iconic animated characters to life. The video is coming out soon … so stay tuned !

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