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7 SEAS PRODUCTION : presents a new website with productions for MR PORTER, CONLEYS, MONSOON, MERCEDES AMG MAG and produces the BONPRIX Summer campaign in Cartagena / Colombia, the happening production hub

"2018 is off to a great start for 7 Seas Productions, and we hope you are experiencing the same. They are already underway preparing for the next shoot in Cartagena, Colombia in the coming weeks. Right now, clients are looking for somewhere warm, sunny and exotic to shoot their SS18 campaigns. Our recommendation? Colombia! The New York Times just announced Colombia made the number two spot in the ’52 Places to Go in 2018’ list.
“Colombia is eager to become the adventurous, cosmopolitan hot spot it deserves to be.”
The New York Times

It’s true, the entire country is opening up. Take it from us! 7 Seas Productions have been taking clients to Colombia since 2002 and this impossibly beautiful place is expanding in every way like we have never seen. There is an abundance on offer in this country from Cartagena’s colonial city, to its grand interiors and the nearby beaches and waterfront villas, all the way to the tropical rainforests of Santa Marta. Ample turquoise waters, endless stretches of idyllic beaches, magnificent mansions and year-round sunshine are all available here.

7 Seas Productions took Bonprix to Cartagena to shoot one of their summer campaigns and the results showcase some of the very best backdrops available in Cartagena. Holger Friedrich photographed five models across a series of locations in what looks like a very fun shoot. The local production crew is a natural extension of their international team, ensuring every need is catered to during the production from start to finish.

Be sure to check out our new website:"

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7 SEAS PRODUCTIONS produce for American women’s clothing company CABI in Nice and for WELLENDORF Jewelry on the dreamlike French Riviera

In southern France, the team from 7 Seas Productions had the honor of supporting two productions, which they present us on GoSee: “7 Seas Productions were recently in Nice, France for a big production with American women’s clothing company CABI. They hunted high and low for extra beautiful locations, including the Nice Lawn Tennis Club and a sailing vessel called the Mojo II. Matador Productions came with two producers, owner-producer Tracy Gosein and second producer Miles Godwin. With such a big team and lots to do, thankfully host Becky Jantzen was on hand to give fashion and outfit advice throughout the production. The story was captured by funny and charming photographer Mark Andrew.

The next production 7 Seas carried out was for Germany’s #1 jewelry brand Wellendorff. Located on the famously glamorous French Riviera, the story was inspired by the ‘reveries of a day by the sea’ and showcases their newest collection of jewelry creations. Photographs by Yvonne Schmedemann, styled by Christiane Graf, hair & make-up by Nini Nielson."

7 seas is a specialist production company in South America and Cuba – Experience the diverse beauty and the magic world of Latin America, discover a metropolitan Buenos Aires or take a journey through time in Havana, visit the picture book Colombian Caribbean with Cartagena as its capital. With 7 Seas Production Services you get the best of both worlds: The insiders’ knowledge with all the regional contacts and the internationally experienced Swiss clockwork-minded head of production Chris Bengsch and just a couple of other well-versed characters.
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7 SEAS PRODUCTIONS produce for ELLESSE in Monaco with brand ambassadors Tommy Haas and Feliciano Lopez

The producers from 7 SEAS PRODUCTIONS with Head Office in Antibes were once again on the job right at your doorstep: For Italian sports label ELLESSE, founded in 1959, it was off to neighboring Monaco. The celebrity shoot took the team to various locations throughout the beautiful little country – and in front of the camera stood two pro tennis players and brand ambassadors Tommy Haas and Feliciano Lopez, who were both styled to perfection by Bjorn Kirschker in the ELLESSE looks of the season. The motifs were photographed by Neil Bedford, represented by Go See member MAKING PICTURES.
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