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Albert Bauer Studios : Post production for location motifs of the BMW F45/F46 for BMW CoC Artwork and Aerial Showreel from Kopterwork 2017 with breathtaking aerial shots

Albert Bauer Studios has been among Germany's leading studios for image processing, 3D visualization and animation at the highest level for many years. Here on GoSee, they now present you the Aerial Showreel 2017 from KOPTERWORK, which presents a best-of national and international projects.

With ambition, the highest commitment and a passion for breathtaking aerial shots, the Kopterwork team goes to work. High up in the air, down on the ground, outdoors or indoors – all precisely tailored to the needs of clients, kopterwork turns ideas into images, true to the slogan “close up and still free”. (aerial shots: kopterwork, editing: Kai Thorarensen, Pascal Noller, grading: Karsten Knüppel, Maik Przybylski, sound design: Tobias Scherer, music: Marius Kirsten, support: Daniel Manns, Moritz Götte)

For the project BMW F45/F46, ALBERT BAUER STUDIOS took care of post production for the location motifs. The location backgrounds were shot by photographer David Maurer, and the vehicles were integrated via CGI.
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'Oh yeah, Lake Balaton' - post production for the ad motif of the ZDF three-part series 'Honigfrauen' by ALBERT BAUER Studios

For the campaign of the new ZDF three-part series "Honigfrauen" (Honey Women), ALBERT BAUER Studios took care of post production. The campaign was developed by the agency KNSK. Responsible for photographing the leading actresses was Tobias Schult. The motif appeared as an 18/1 poster.
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'Everything beautiful grows' – CGI for the VELUX growth campaign by ALBERT BAUER STUDIOS

VELUX shines light on life. Created for the client VELUX were three impressive motifs with CGI. The room as well as all other parts were modeled and rendered in 3D. Only the people were photographed by duo Neumann and Rodtmann. The campaign is the brainchild of the agency VSF&P. The motifs are now hung throughout Germany as 18/1 posters and ads.
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