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DEUTSCH VOGUE presents for the Berlin Fashion Week at Kronprinzenpalais once again young designers and labels in the 'VOGUE Salon' and up-and-coming photographers in the 'VOGUE Salon Photo'

Front and center once again at the VOGUE SALON by DEUTSCH VOGUE for the Berlin Fashion Week were young designers, and presented at the VOGUE Salon Photo were works by young camera artists. With the VOGUE Fashion Party, a new event format has been successfully launched at the end of the fashion week.

For the 15th time now, VOGUE Editor-in-Chief Christiane Arp invited to the VOGUE salon, the fashion magazine's promotion initiative for young talents. Presented in Berlin's Kronprinzenpalais for the first time alongside labels from the previous season – Claudia Bertini, Belize, Lou de Bètoly, I'VR Isabel Vollrath, Working Title and Nhu Doung – was Swiss label Julia Seemann. Plus, six accessory designers presented their designs. She welcomed Berlin's Senator for Economics Ramona Pop and underscored the importance of state funding for the further development of German fashion design as a relevant economic factor. The VOGUE Salon coincided with the group exhibition of the BERLIN SALON, which was co-initiated by Christiane Arp.

More than a thousand applications followed the call for submissions to the VOGUE and Huawei photo contest. A jury comprised of representatives from the VOGUE editor's office, from the sponsor as well as renowned VOGUE photographers chose the winners: Julia Sang Nguyen, Corinna Hopmann and Jan Lessner convinced them with their works, which were exhibited at Kronprinzenpalais. The works of all finalists can also be seen in the latest VOGUE and on

Designers, industry experts and celebrities met up at the end of Fashion Week for the first VOGUE Fashion Party. About 400 guests followed VOGUE's invitation, including model Toni Garrn, actors Elizabeth Banks, Susanne Wuest, Jana Pallaske, Julia Malik, and Iris Berben plus numerous designers, such as William Fan, Tim Labenda, Otto Drögsler and Jörg Ehrlich. At a private location in Berlin, the celebration continued until the little hours. More is available on
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#WHATMATTERS – DEUTSCH VOGUE is dedicated to social commitment in the fashion world and presents people who bring about change. Four August cover stars including Naomi Campbell, Doutzen Kroes, Edie Campbell and Anja Rubik on GoSee

Under #WHATMATTERS, the August issue of VOGUE is dedicated to socially relevant commitment in the fashion world. Thirteen protagonists, including the four August cover stars Naomi Campbell, Doutzen Kroes, Edie Campbell and Anja Rubik, talk about their heartfelt projects: from commitment to environmental conservation and the fight against racism to discrimination or even their campaigns for sexual education and against abuse and exploitation in the modeling industry.

"In times of radical social upraising and debate, the fashion industry and its agents do not remain exempted. In the broad field of tension ranging from carefree digital exhibitionism and profound political actions, we wanted to know: 'What matters?' The answers are touching stories that stir things up a bit and stimulate thought," says VOGUE Editor-in-Chief Christiane Arp.

Naomi Campbell: "Did I not get certain jobs because of the color of my skin or because some people didn't like me?" In the VOGUE interview, model Naomi Campbell talks with her mentor Bethann Hardison about racism in the modeling industry and her courageous colleagues: "In the beginning, I often didn't understand what was going on. Did I not get certain jobs because of the color of my skin or because some people didn't like me? I felt rejected. I didn't want to believe it, but I think that's what you call racism." Despite growing success, equality has long been disregarded: "Christy, Cindy, Linda, Stephanie got the high-paying contracts – not me. All of my colleagues made more money than I did. "But the models stuck together: "I wouldn't have made it without the help of my comrades. Christy, Cindy and Linda eventually started threatening certain fashion designers: 'If you don't book Naomi, you will not get us either.' That helped. The companies usually changed their minds very quickly, so I finally started getting the well-paid advertising jobs."

Anja Rubik: "I just decided to say what I think. And that at the top of my voice." The Polish government decided to tighten abortion laws two years ago. Model Anja Rubik campaigns for sexual education and women's rights in her country, which has made her many enemies: "I just decided to say what I think. And that at the top of my voice. Because human rights are violated in our country. Women's rights are human rights. "Her voice has been heard. She organizes demonstrations with hundreds of thousands of participants: "The government does not like it at all. My face was on the front pages of pro-government press: 'Whoever loves Poland, doesn't listen to Anja Rubik.' "But the 35-year-old remains true to her decision:" My mission is to educate. (...) I ignore the hatred."

Edie Campbell: "I have had to endure uncomfortable situations myself." In November, Edie Campbell denounced the fashion industry for systematically tolerating abuse and concealing it: "I have heard so many sad reports which were sent to me: from female to male models, from assistants and designers. And I too have had to endure uncomfortable situations." Is there a solution to this problem? "You would have to start with the agencies since it's their job to protect the models. Some do, but many do not. Most importantly is that we started taking a closer look at our behavior."
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