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news | 'Minimal Modern Basics' - Creative Director DIRK MEYCKE presents the PHYNE F/W campaign with Bo Develius and Alex Cunha, photographed by Joachim Baldauf with timeless and high-quality basics on GoSee

The Modern Basics from PHYNE celebrate quality and design, according to the maxim “Less is More.” For a style, that is on point... After one year of work and research, the label PHYNE is now on the market and available online under Phyne.com. PHYNE is focused on quality and not too much on trends. “We produce responsibly and sustainably in Portugal. The collection is made up of menswear at the moment. Since we create favorite pieces, our collection is bound to grow continuously. Nothing we manufacture will be taken out of the program. So we are, as they say, here to stay,” PHYNE Creative Director DIRK MEYCKE tells GoSee.

One important milestone was the campaign shoot for the launch collection. Joachim BALDAUF c/o AGENTUR NEUBAUER photographed them with the two top male models Bo Develius c/o Nest and Alex Cunha c/o PMA. Styling was in the hands of CLAUDIA HOFMANN, and grooming came from Alexander Hofmann c/o Uschi Rabe. The Creative Director in charge was DIRK...

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