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news | featured by Darius Ramazani : Cunt, bitch, old lady... are “Not only words. But violence against women.” – DARIUS RAMAZANI photographs the #UNHATEWOMEN campaign for TERRE DES FEMMES

Women’s rights are human rights! TERRE DES FEMMES is dedicated to a just world in which girls and women have the right to live self-determined lives in freedom and dignity. Violence against women is not always of physical nature. Language can also be a form of violence. Verbal violence against women is heard million-fold, liked, shared and often celebrated unconsciously – and thus almost unnoticably becomes a part of our lives. #UNHATEWOMEN wants to make this violence against women visible.

This was triggered by the German rap scene with its at times complete verbal lapses. Which is why the lyrics of more or less successful rap and hip hop songs were addressed in the campaign – because they are, as the title says, “Not only words. But violence against women.” Which is also the core message of the campaign which was developed by the creative agency Philipp & Keuntje for human rights organization Terre des Femmes.

“Everyone is always talking about how society is becoming increasingly...

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