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Kathi Walter, Creative Director Art, Überground GmbH

Kathi Walter is a dedicated Art Director with a good sense for concepts and ideas. So far so usual. But mainly she is absolutely
hands-on! A rare task nowadays and maybe a relict from her times as a car painter. When she used to spend her workdays with
boys, fast cars and spray cans. Which is also clearly the source of some great deadpan humor reflected in her work.
She likes to think generalistically and somehow the term Wunderwuzzi (Austrian for all-rounder) suits quite well for her.

With over 10 passionate years of «create, present, repeat» at agencies like Jung von Matt, Heimat, MUTABOR and LOVED, she
created ideas for brands like Audi, Bosch, Lidl, Rebelle, Telekom and Viva von Agua. For the moment Kathi has been tamed by
the Creative Collective Überground in Hamburg as Creative Director Art.

Besides the agency work, she hosts an ongoing project called THE DOM DANCERIST which is less good to describe but well to
discover on