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news | 'Raw Elegance' and 'Forged as One' - KATJA HAECKER Creative Direction realizes two films for TODD REED Jewelry, Boulder, Colorado

KATJA HAECKER and James Benard realized two wonderful films for TODD REED Jewelry. While the first is an allusion to the label claim 'Raw Elegance' and takes you on a trip to magical locations with endlessly curvy streets, deep waters, and plenty of nature, the second, 'Forged as One', makes you familiar with the manufacturing philiosophy world of the label. Every piece of jewelry created at Todd Reed carries two signitures – that from Todd as the designer and a second from the individual …

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news | 'Which Princess are you?' KATJA HAECKER, Creative Director & GoSeeAWARDS juror, New York, realizes the new DISNEY 'Enchanted Fine Jewelry' campaign with Snow White, Belle & Cinderella for MMF

Together with CD and Director James Benard, Katja HAECKER realized the new magical ’Enchanted Fine Jewelry’– campaign from DISNEY for MMF, TV and print: “We translated Disney’s magic of transformation in a stylish and sophisticated way, elevating the ordinary into a magical moment. Disney’s fairy tales characters translated in this campaign are Snow White, Belle, Cinderella and Elsa (print only),” the New York resident creative on her work for Jewel Mark …

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news | Henri Daussi - The Only One. US nationwide launch of the multimedia film for Henri Daussi jewelry by Katja Haecker & James Benard

Together with James Benard, New York resident Creative Director Katja Haecker realized the new commercial titled 'The Only One' for HENRI DAUSSI, which just celebrated its US launch. Founded 60 years ago in the diamond metropolis Antwerp, the jewelry label is headquartered today in New York, and its jewelry is available to retailers throughout Canada and the US. The DOP responsible for the commercials was Jennifer Askew (Penelope Production), and art direction was in the hands of Kevin Sulliva. …

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