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featured by Winteler Production : WINTELER PRODUCTION presents handmade beauties in VOGUE Portugal, photos by Andreas Achmann

WINTELER PRODUCTION was asked to produce a still life editorial for VOGUE Portugal on the subject of culture and handicraft. The photographer was Andreas Achmann, and the stylist was Alexander Wuchterl who is represented by Les Artists.

Vogue is the world’s number one fashion magazine and a flagship product of the Condé Nast empire. Its first issue came out over 120 years ago. Vogue is often called ‘the fashion Bible’. The magazine is always the first to give a full review of new beauty and fashion trends and sometimes even sets new trends, discovers promising names and dictates highest standards. To appear in Vogue is the top quality label in the fashion industry for designers, models, actors, photographers, and authors.

Vogue Portugal is not just a women’s magazine or a fashion magazine or a lifestyle magazine. It’s all of those combined and more, with a special touch and, above all, it’s a publication that speaks to the heart. GoSee: &

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featured by UPDATE-20 : UPDATE CHARITY BAR 2019 – rakes in almost € 2000 again for the charity PRO NAMIBIAN CHILDREN supported by UPDATE with Marion Walter and Kristina Korb at the helm

Wherever people mingle a lot, they certainly have to drink something. Sometimes it’s water, or a bit more... and those not invited to a glass of champagne upon strolling the booths needed not dismay – but instead turn to our UPDATE CHARITY Bar – where charming baristas awaited them with cold drinks – all for a good cause. In 2019, MARION WALTER and KRISTINA KORB teamed up again to make the CHARITY BAR happen. Just like last year, the proceeds of nearly €2000 go to:

At GoSee, we’re thrilled about so much commitment and would like to take the time to thank everyone who helped to make it possible: above all, Asa Tallgard, who was flown in especially from Stockholm, but also Susanne Spiel and Byron Mollinedo – all three artists c/o KRISTINA KORB.

About – Pro Namibian Children e.V. is an association which supports children and youths in the particularly poor south of Namibia. We are committed to the Omomas Care Center, a hostel which houses up to 120 children at one same time and visit the connected state St. Patrick’s Primary School. We promote the independence of children and prepare them for life’s daily demands and challenges. In addition to a school education, we help children to improve their personal, social and technical skills to enable them to lead a self-determined, promising life.

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Benjamin MONN c/o KRISTINA KORB visits the timelessly beautiful houses of star architect Frank Lloyd Wright for the ROBB REPORT, stylishly in a BMW X7

Benjamin MONN c/o KRISTINA KORB photographed a photo spread on his trip to the houses of architecture icon Frank Lloyd Wright for the ROBB REPORT. Star of the journey, besides the architect, was the BMW X7. “The vehicle exudes an air of luxury and comfort, the exact ingredients for a road trip like this.” says the photographer. The text was written by Sebastian Tromm.

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