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featured by Sabine Duerichen : ‘What Babies really cry for’ – SABINE DUERICHEN photographs for babycare start-up LILLYDOO

The diaper subscription that adapts to your needs... LILLYDOO is a babycare brand founded in February 2015 which is headquartered in Frankfurt am Main. To meed the demands of modern parents, LILLYDOO offers babycare products with optimum efficiency, that are uncompromisingly skin friendly and come in beautiful designs. Midwife Sissi Rasche, integral to the LILLYDOO team, lets her valuable know-how and expertise flow directly into the brand. Munich-based kid’s photographer Sabine Dürichen photographed the latest photo spread for Frankfurt-based babycare start-up LILLYDOO.

Sabine Dürichen: “What made this shoot so special was being able to work with real mothers and their babies as models. The situations depict everyday moments in a parent’s life and are therefore relatable and authentic.”

LILLYDOO diapers do not contain perfumes and lotions, and all products are developed embracing the ethos ‘less is more’. The particular skin-friendliness of the diapers is also confirmed by the certification according to MADE IN GREEN by OEKO-TEX®. Plus, all products are PETA certified and are therefore deemed vegan & cruelty free, as LILLYDOO does not use animal products in production or test on animals.

Sabine Dürichen is represented by KRISTINA KORB, Munich. GoSee:
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CHANEL Special for HARPER’S BAZAAR INDIA and an ELLE INDIA shoot in Milan with Tuhir Brahmbhatt by Andrea VARANI c/o KRISTINA KORB

Andrea VARANI c/o KRISTINA KORB photographed a photo series full of style for HARPER’S BAZAAR INDIA and CHANEL in Paris. The photos show model Madhulika Sharma in everyday situations on the streets of France – quite befitting of the sensual image of Paris. Styling was in the hands of Smridhi Siba, with hair by Alexis Parente and make-up by Elsa Nyemb Durrens.

Andrea VARANI c/o KRISTINA KORB photographed a stylish fashion spread for ELLE INDIA with up-and-coming Indian model Tuhir Brahmbhatt in Milan. The equally rustic and elegant location is paired perfectly with the model’s relaxed poses, giving the photos a casual and stylish look while the lush dark colors make for an exquisite touch. Grooming was taken care of by Fabio Cicerale.
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featured by GoSeeAWARDS : Mexican women in VOGUE Mexico - the PORTRAIT spread by Anne Menke was on the shortlist of the GOSEEAWARDS 2019, and here once again for you on GoSee

Anne Menke portrayed Mexican women, one more beautiful than the next, for VOGUE Mexico. The photos have an incredibly natural effect which brings out the beauty of the indigenous facial features more clearly. “Four of the seven women are not models, and the other three have just started their modeling careers. This makes the photos even more natural, which are not meant to show ideals of the fashion world, but present real women to whom other can look up to and relate to. Every single photo exudes an individual and wonderful aura. The simple backgrounds, few accessories and black and white film used shift the focus clearly to the faces.” says Anne Menke.

Anne Menke and her keen eye for the special captured the individual beauties in Sayulita, a beautiful village on the Pacific coast of Mexico. Creative direction was in the hands of Debbie Smith, with styling by Max Ortega Govela, hair by Lisa-Raquel Baines and make-up by Ana Marie Rizzieri.

About – Anne Menke occupies the unique realm where high fashion meets Bohemian travel and a free spirit. Her editorial work (for magazines including W, Sports Illustrated, Esquire, Elle, In Style, Travel & Leisure, Conde Nast Traveler, and Vogue) exudes a sense of glamour often amidst a backdrop of far-flung, exotic locales. Menke has photographed couture on the mountains of Peru and beauty contests on the plains of Mongolia. Her eye for the authentic, somehow she’s an insider wherever she goes, has informed her campaigns for clients including Tommy Hilfiger, Nine West, Keds, Clarins, L’Oreal, Aveda, Banana Republic, Ralph Lauren, Macy’s, J. Crew, Nike, Wrangler, and Hush Puppies .

Anne Menke was born in Germany and has lived and worked in London, Paris and New York City. At the moment, she splits her time between New York City and Sayulita, Mexico, where she surfs and chartered a green school, The Costa Verde International school project. Mexico is also the perfect base for her frequent photography excursions. In 2001, Menke published a photography book “Our New York” in conjunction with Tommy Hilfiger. Her second book was published in 2012 entitled “See The World Beautiful” and is about her personal work from the last 15 years. Over the last two years, she had exhibitions in New York and Mexico.

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