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MAKS CIECHANOWSKI, DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY at RCKT Berlin, is supporting the GoSeeAWARDS jury and introduces the digital agency as well as the latest 'Don't Call Mom' ADAC campaign on GoSee

We are delighted that MAKS CIECHANOWSKI from the digital agency RCKT in Berlin is supporting the GoSeeAWARDS as a jury member. Once again, renowned photographers as well as up-and-coming photographers, illustrators, ADs or stylists can submit their most beautiful artwork and their most exciting reportages or projects of the last year – free of charge. Awaiting participants instead of a trophy is the opportunity of being seen by a jury of top creatives, top art producers and top art buyers. We introduce the winners' works and the jury's favorites on GoSee and will be showcased on for one year. Since 2015, Maks Ciechanowski has been working at hip agency RCKT, and since last year as Director of Photography. We introduce you to the congenial creative in an interview here on GoSee.

What is your job as Director of Photography at RCKT? I am responsible for all moving image and photography projects. So I supervise the concept, planning, production and post production. Or I work on it myself.

And what are you working on right now? At the moment, I am busy mainly with the “Don't Call Mom” campaign for ADAC. In addition, I am preparing the next pitches, both for old friends and for new clients.

Your team is from the first generation of the digital age. What makes RCKT different than a classic advertising agency? We are a fairly young and interdisciplinary team and have a strong hands-on mentality. We don't have long communication paths since we try to be as solution-oriented and proactive as possible. Of course, the workflows are different depending on the client and requirements. Our expert teams work together directly and bring their expertise to the table throughout the entire process. Our setup is more and more adapted to the needs of the world out there. That means, old agency models don't work for us too well. On creative projects, the core team we work with is made up of creative directors, brand strategist, performance marketing experts and my position. That way, we can plan distribution from the very beginning, especially with regard to tech options and the requirements that come with them.

What is so exciting about working RCKT for you personally? The variety of customers and projects is what makes working here so exciting for me. We support both DAX companies as well as start-ups and, most recently, the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy. It is interesting for me to see how these worlds attract and stimulate one another. Which is not only interesting from a business point of view, but also with regard to work culture, mindset and workflows.

A nice statement from RCKT : “We've learned a thing or two about proper content over the last few years: First, everyone wants content. Second, very few actually have good content. To produce great content, you have to be brave and be passionate about what you are doing.” What does this mean at RCKT in concrete terms? Because we come from a background in classical communication and PR, we have a very deep understanding of content and high standards for it. We do not produce content for the sake of content. The output can only be relevant with the right input. First, we examine the core and the history of a brand to research its actual added value. We then distill what we have learned and distribute the essence of it across the relevant channels.

The first spot of your new digital campaign for #ADAC #dontcallmom is on the air. Can you tell us something about the campaign? #dontcallmom is a very good example of what you can achieve with courage, mutual trust, resoluteness, and dedication. We are really proud of the films we made for the campaign. Working together with Peter Harton and Big Fish has taken us to an entirely new level. But the campaign revolves around the WhatsApp line measure, which is supported by copywriters and experts from ADAC daily from 8 am to 10 pm for the entire 6 week duration of the campaign. All questions can be sent to the ADAC WhatsApp line. Really, any question at all. We are also on the road at festivals such as SonneMondSterne, we designed special merchandise, worked closely with influencers and bundled everything on an special landing page.

The initiative of the Federal Government you spoke about is meant to promote and network digital hubs throughout Germany. RCKT is in charge of coordinating the project. Do you already have a masterplan for it?
Digital is nothing new for our generation – we would like to pass this mindset on to established companies. In the end, it is all about making Germany a digital location attractive both nationally and internationally – for founders, SMEs and investors.

What is your connection to photography? You are also a photographer yourself?
My true roots are in photography, but I soon also discovered video as a medium for me. I never saw photography and moving images as two separate fields; for me they are simply two different approaches. While I often leave a lot to free interpretation and perception by the viewer in photography, I make sure the viewer is guided in video and cannot help but immerse themselves in our emotional world and way of thinking.
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