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news | featured by Upfront Photo & Film GmbH : “Foot off the gas!” - Monika HÖFLER c/o UPFRONT photographs the campaign for the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure for the agency Scholz & Friends Berlin

Monika HÖFLER c/o UPFRONT photographed the latest autobahn campaign “Foot off the gas” for the German Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure. The executive agency was Scholz & Friends, Berlin, with CD Philipp Weber and AD Ciara Astuti. Production was in the hands of Andreas Krogmann. “Foot off the gas” reminds of the severe consequences which inappropriate behavior in traffic can have with three new motifs – and appeals to the responsibility of motorists. Topics on the 2019 posters include the accident causes drunk driving, inadequate speed and distraction.

With its emotional and positive approach, “Foot off the gas” aims to sensitize all motorists to the dangers of road traffic. The initiators of the campaign want to create a social climate which encourages people to understand and show consideration for other motorists and to interact with car, motorcycle and bicycle drivers in this way. GoSee:

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