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news | SONJA HEINTSCHEL presents NEW entry Jonathan STOKES on GoSee, landscape, interior, travel & documentary photography from London

“I really love working with natural light; the classic dawn and dusk golden hours, following the light and seeing what it does to textures, landscapes and faces. I love looking to make ‘big’ pictures loaded with detail and, at the same time, finding simple, graphical shapes to complement. I’m lucky in that a lot of the work I do incorporates several genres of photography – from landscape and portraiture to interiors or even food – so I have the opportunity to play a bit. I have always been really into cinema which has definitely influenced me. I am always taking screen shots of compositions that maybe wouldn’t naturally occur to me. I watched The Third Man for the first time when I was at university, and the cinematography kind of blew my mind.” Read the complete interview with London-based photographer Jonathan STOKES, new entry at SONJA HEINTSCHEL, Munich, on LODESTARS ANTHOLOGY under – we present you a first portfolio on...

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