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Claudia Bußjaeger

AB · Photo Prod
Frankfurt, D-Land
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news | The UPDATE PRESENCE LIBRARY is delighted to announce independent Art Buyer and SCREENINGS 12 Judge Claudia Bußjäger will be overseeing the event in future, interview on GoSee… now open for submissions!

Who invented work? We certainly didn’t. And who do we ask if it even gets too much for us? That’s right, Claudia. We have been admiring her dedication for years, her speed paired with curious precision. Always jolly and at apparently at least two places at the same time.

We are very pleased to have secured independent art buyer Claudia Bußjäger for this date: on 25 October she will be overseeing the UPDATE13 PRESENCE LIBRARY for us. Photographers, filmographers and as a new addition, post-producers, can submit their PORTFOLIO to her either in print or digitally.

And having her eye look over your portfolio is already reason enough to take part - Telekom and Zalando are amongst her long-term clients and she herself has become an institution as a visitor to our library. What better excuse for you to get to know her a bit better through our interview here on GoSee…

You are a freelance art buyer. How do you describe your job? What does it entail?
I have really perfected...

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