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ELLE France

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location // Paris



Buffalo Zine

Buffalo Zine is a timeless and placeless expression of art, aesthetics, youth and self expression. The design and format changes with each issue, allowing the form to be as free as the content. Buffalo is as homemade as good...

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Two Palms Productions

Welcome to Two Palms Productions – the full service production company by Lucia Coimbra for still photography. Based in Rio de Janeiro, providing locations from all over the country and comprehensive support services for...

location // Rio de Janeiro Sao Paulo

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The Coup • Melanie Marten | CEO

location // Berlin

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Studio Chérie PRODUCTION

Chérie offers two professional rental studios for photography, video and events in Berlin Neukölln, just steps away from Hermannplatz and the Landwehrkanal. Located on the 3rd and 4th floor of an industrial building, these...

location // Berlin Berlin

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modeldistrict is a young, dynamic and performance-based agency, striving for perfection. the years of experience of the foundress in the fashion and media industries provides a solid base to be fair to both our models and our...

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Markus Rauchenwald Photography & Film

location // Los Angeles Vienna



GS13 Studio • Günter Stömmer

location // München



Jorg Rozier | Photographer & Cinematographer

Jorg Rozier is a photographer and cinematographer based in the Netherlands. In the past few years, Jorg has travelled around the world to make campaign films for several fashion labels. He avoids making just another picture or...

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location // Amsterdam München



Falca • Jerónimo P. Hummelsheim

Falca means Wedge, a piece of wood, metal, etc., with one pointed end and one thicker end that is used to split something, to fit into a space, to separate two things stuck together, etc. Our name is what we do. As a...

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location // Barcelona

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Total Management

Total Management is a creative agency representing some of the most established and emerging photographers, stylists, and creative directors working in the fashion and design industries today. Total Management was founded in...

location // Paris New York



Odalisque Magazine

Odalisque seeks to challenge, question, and pay tribute to the objectified human body. Showcasing fashion, photography and visual arts that involve and engage the viewer, Odalisque presents artistic and eccentric imagery and...

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location // Stockholm



08 Media Productions

08 Media Productions was founded by fellow Swedes Anna-Eva Svensson Goodes and Ulrica Knutsdotter. The 08 in the Company's name is taken from the area code for Stockholm, capital of Sweden.

Both have been fortunate enough...

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location // Cape Town



ICON Magazine

Icon is one of the world's finest architecture and design magazines. Every month we interview the most exciting architects and designers in the world, visit the best new buildings, analyse the most interesting new cultural...

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location // London



ELLE Sweden

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location // Stockholm