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news | Originality to the max – Adobe Stock presents you new face Lilly Friedeberg on GoSee

Lilly Friedeberg makes the world the way she wants it – because in the end, our environment is what sets our imagination in motion. All we have to do is go through life with our eyes open. A revelation for Adobe Stock's latest new face Lilly Friedeberg in this respect were particularly the Simpsons and Super Mario: Trees don't always have to be green, and rivers don't necessarily have to be blue. Which is why Lilly's artworks whisk viewers away to her loud, colorful world. Her tip: Think up the color combination first from time to time and then the motif. That can turn a colorful summer dress at the flea market into a short visual trip to the cool soothing shade of a palm grove.

But the Düsseldorf-based graphic designer not only draws inspiration from everyday observations. The Internet and, in particular, image-focussed platforms such as Instagram are a great way to get inspired by other artists and network with them. “Get inspired by other disciplines, styles and artists!...

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