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Originality to the max – Adobe Stock presents you new face Lilly Friedeberg on GoSee

Lilly Friedeberg makes the world the way she wants it – because in the end, our environment is what sets our imagination in motion. All we have to do is go through life with our eyes open. A revelation for Adobe Stock's latest new face Lilly Friedeberg in this respect were particularly the Simpsons and Super Mario: Trees don't always have to be green, and rivers don't necessarily have to be blue. Which is why Lilly's artworks whisk viewers away to her loud, colorful world. Her tip: Think up the color combination first from time to time and then the motif. That can turn a colorful summer dress at the flea market into a short visual trip to the cool soothing shade of a palm grove.

But the Düsseldorf-based graphic designer not only draws inspiration from everyday observations. The Internet and, in particular, image-focussed platforms such as Instagram are a great way to get inspired by other artists and network with them. “Get inspired by other disciplines, styles and artists! You'd be surprised where the next stroke of genius or the next collaboration can come from.” is Lilly's second piece of advice. Please stop by the Creative Connection blog for all further tips on working with loud colors and an insight into Lilly's impressive experiments with color.

About – LillyDüsseldorf-based Illustrator and Designer Lilly Friedeberg works mostly with outlines and combines her colorful illustrations with an abstract and graphic style. She studied design in Berlin and Düsseldorf and founded her own studio (Design Studio B.O.B) with two other designers in 2018. She is also represented for illustration by German agent and GoSee member kombinatrotweiss.

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Colorful, more colorful, joie de vivre – 'Creative Democracy' is the hip Adobe Visual Trend of the hour

Today, whether as creative professionals or not, we all design our own visual worlds. The results of which we then share in real time and in every color nuance with our world. Generation Z and the millennials may be pioneers in doing so, but meanwhile, all age groups have cheerfully hopped onto the bandwagon of this lifestyle. Mobile services make it possible with how easy it is to share content on the go and stream it live via social networks. And the louder the better: Deep and vibrant colors whisk us directly back to the intense neon world of the 80s and 90s. And bold color blocking, like it was popular in the 60s, is back and bigger than ever.

The third Adobe Stock Visual Trend 2019, CREATIVE DEMOCRACY, stands for going wild, trying new things, daring to be an individualist – and also offers a pleasant alternative to the everyday grind. There is finally a bit of contrast to the tensions and serious issues of society and politics, in which everyone can be a creative artist and enjoy the freedom to break design rules and just have fun.

Colorful is synonym for joie de vivre for good reason – because joy is palpable in colorful mixtures and bright eye-catching colors. Art can recharge your batteries. Art is supposed to make you feel good – that's the motto of the style of Creative Democracy. Farewell boring monotony and dull looks. Hip now: different geometric shapes, large fonts, simple typeface and clear concise claims. Adobe Stock shows how to realize this happy explosion of colors in its latest #VisualTrends Creative Democracy Galerie.

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Open eyes for a better future – the ADOBE STOCK #VisualTrendsRemix Brand Stand with an XXL video tutorial by Martin Grohs

Sustainability is so much more than just a trend for eco-fans; the topic has been taken up by the middle of society for some time. And that's a good thing because we don't have much time left. Within the next few years, according to a Spiegel report, around one million species are threatened with extinction. More and more people don't want to accept this and are not only reassessing their own lives in terms of sustainability but are increasingly pressuring brands to operate more sustainably.

Art and protest have always had an intimate liaison. Particularly images, whether photographed or illustrated, convey multilayered messages and, thanks to the power of their intensity, make a lasting impression. Adobe Stock has thus defined the Visual Trend Brand Stand : Brands in turn have to rethink their processes and act more sustainably. For the #VisualTrendsRemix, the creative marketplace has therefore brought seasoned illustrator Martin Grohs on board and asked him for a creative interpretation of the topic. The Leipzig native is convinced: "This is not only up to every individual, companies too also have to take responsibility."

For his artwork on the #VisualTrendsRemix, Martin Grohs was inspired by the Adobe Stock Visual Trend Brand Gallery and created an expressive image with the help of stock media, with which he wants to stir things up a bit. His impressive message behind it: "We can no longer stand by ignorantly with these increasingly imminent dangers. If we don't act now, it will be too late." In his video tutorial, Martin Grohs shares his thoughts and the creative workflow behind the artwork as well as insight into integrating Adobe Stock in the Creative Cloud.

About – Martin Grohs, art director and illustrator, lives & works in Leipzig, Germany. He creates brand identities, print products, websites, illustrations, and everything in between. GoSee :

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