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Yummy photos – with Photoshop and Lightroom, Adobe Stock offers you a CREATIVE CLOUD PHOTO SUBSCRIPTION at an unbeatable price

A CREATIVE CLOUD PHOTO SUBSCRIPTION gives you the right tools to turn your photos into true delicacies: Get Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom including 20 GB of storage space for only 9.90 € (incl. VAT) per month through 23 May, 2019.

Good photos are just a click away. With Photoshop's Liquify filter, you can push, pull, rotate, reflect, pucker, and mirror any area of an image and retouch your photos any way you want. Minor irregularities can be easily removed making your photo the perfect shot. This offer is only valid until 23 May, 2019. Get started now under:
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Adobe Stock Visual Trends asks you: What's your opinion on the global topic of 'Brand Stand' or 'What is your mission?'

The second Adobe Stock Visual Trend 2019 depicts the changing relationship between customers and brands. Outstanding products or services alone are no longer enough for companies to bind their customers today: More and more people want products that live up to their moral standards – brands must show their true colors.

Social networks play a key role in this development because these platforms make it easier than ever for consumers to share their views and network with like-minded people. Interaction with brands has also changed through social networks. Customers follow brands and comment directly on their actions. Our individual buying decisions and interactions with brands are therefore politically significant. Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of their position of power and are encouraging businesses to increase their social and environmental commitment.

ADOBE STOCK explains: “Regardless of the topic at hand, two things matter most for brands: Firstly, the claim must be authentic because hollow statements are too easily seen through. On the other hand, the brands' visual communication must also represent the customers own opinions in an appealing and impressive manner.”

Precisely how corporate imagery is changing, whether in terms of sustainability, social justice or diversity, is shown by Adobe Stock in its latest #VisualTrends Brand Stand Gallery #VisualTrends Brand Stand Galerie

About - Seeing 2019: The Visual Trend Forecast from Adobe StockAs designers and brands know, we live in a fast-paced, intensely visual age, which means that images are one of the most important ways brands connect with consumers. That’s the reason visual fluency — the ability to see visual trends coming and understand what they mean to consumers — is so important. And it’s the purpose behind Adobe Stock’s Visual Trends. Our trend reports help the creative community spot trends as they’re evolving, understand what they mean to consumers, and build on them for maximum impact.

In 2019, our visual landscape will reflect far more than fleeting fads, likes, and shares. We’ll be surrounded by images that capture passionate, beautiful, contentious, messy cultural conversations about values, how we express our individuality and experiences, and how we find refuge in tumultuous times. The Adobe Stock team looked around the world, from fashion runways and art galleries to the business world, pop culture, and social media — all with the goal of uncovering the major visual trends that will shape the year. GoSee : &
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Creative Cloud is the oasis for creatives : So let your creativity grow and secure a 40% Easter rebate for a short time only on your ADOBE Creative Cloud – with the offer now extended thru 19 April, 2019

According to ADOBE, creativity is something like an oasis – and with its Creative Cloud, it offers you all the tools, apps and features to turn your ideas into unique designs. Try it out and increase your productivity: through 19 April, 2019, the Creative Cloud is available for only 35.69 € (incl. VAT) instead of 59.49 € per month.

You're probably wondering: What does an oasis for designers look like? Artist Nadine Kolodziey is one of this year's Creative Residents at ADOBE. In her artwork from the garden of creativity, she shows you the magic behind the Creative Cloud in a video. Nadine calls it her "magic powers". She says, "I can use it to create trees and create clouds; I can transcend time and space and work on a file together with friends from all over the world at the same time. "That's literally how creativity can grow.

Nadine sees herself as an intersection between analogue and digital design. For her garden of creativity, she cuts shapes out of foil and melts them in the next step, photographs them and refines them in Illustrator CC with the new freehand gradient. Via the CC library, the visual is exported to Adobe After Effects CC and then animated. She does the final editing and adds sound effects and music in Adobe Premiere Pro CC. This hybrid work gives her design its special look.

And what does your garden of creativity look like? Make sure to secure Adobe Creative Cloud for only 35.69 € (incl. VAT) instead of 59.49 € per month through 19 April, 2019. Get started now under :
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