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Adobe Stock #NewFace Ben Simon Rehn : On the trail of nature

“We are becoming aware of the fact today that we are destroying the world and cannot continue with our old ways.” photographer and Adobe Stock Premium provider Ben Simon Rehn believes. Five years ago, he emigrated to Iceland to be closer to nature.

On the path of success – With his intense animal and nature photos, he wants to make his contribution to the protection of species, and is quite successful: The 32-year-old has commissions for global brands to show for, including Olympus and Jeep, and perfectly reflects the latest Adobe Stock Visual Trend 'Natural Instincts' with his fascinating nature photography. A selection of his photos is even on display at the international gallery on the trend. “Since last summer, several of my photographs are offered on Adobe Stock,” the passionate nature photographer tells us. “You often have really good photos, that would otherwise just not be used.”

Vivid wildlife – For his expressive animal portraits, Ben Simon Rehn's approach is marked by intensive contact with nature. “A photo must transport emotions. Whether an elephant or a polar fox: when the animal looks directly into the soul of its beholder, then the photo is something special,” he is convinced. This takes above all patience. When Ben Simon Rehn is not busy in his home away from home, Iceland, he is photographing his way through the African savanna: Up with the sun, to bed late and shooting thousands of photos in a day. His Adobe Stock Premium Portfolio proves it: With much more than only an outstanding photo!
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Photos that tell a story – Adobe Stock presents you #NewFace Jörg Nicht

Over half a million people follow his gripping photographs in social networks. As one of the first influencers and one of the most successful German photographers on Instagram, Jörg Nicht now also offers his art on Adobe Stock.

There from the beginning – he was one of the first to join the photo platform in 2010 shortly after Instagram launched. Which is why Jörg Nicht got one of the shortest and probably the coolest nicknames: @jn. Authentic street photography and exciting landscapes have since adorned his profile and inspire a constantly growing community. His success is not only thanks to his knack for social networks, but above all, to his talent for telling stories with photos. "I'm interested in life on the street. What are the people doing there? How do they get to where they're going?" Jörg explains. The most photogenic city in this regard in his opinion is Havana.

A question of perspective – not only the perspective and the picture detail must be chosen wisely; the future viewer also has an influence on the development of photography. How so? A very specific visual language works on Instagram. On Adobe Stock, on the other hand, other things work. "Since I offer my work there, I look at the places I visit differently," Jörg reveals. "At Adobe Stock, you're more flexible, for example in terms of format. But, you also have to ask yourself certain questions: What kind of photos and motifs are interesting for potential buyers? Are people portrayed with whom I have to clarify the rights? Is the quality high enough? This has sharpened my perspective on my surroundings." Interested in the result of Jörg's mindset on the job? Then, please take a look at his portfolio on Adobe Stock.
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Adobe Stock presents #NewFace: TIMDAVIDCOLLECTION or the adventurer from 'Project: Antarctica' on GoSee

Three young filmmakers, an expedition ship, a vision and lots of ice cream. Tim David Müller-Zitzke, Dennis Vogt and Michael Ginzburg are three creative men in their mid-twenties who have gotten quite far: working on Hollywood blockbusters, lecturing at Cambridge and Oxford universities, expeditions for National Geographic. This time, their work led them to the other side of the planet to create unique photos and videos. "to do that, you have to leave your comfort zone and go far, far away from home," they explain. More precisely, it meant: Off to the Antarctic! From the eternal ice, they brought home a movie ("Project: Antarctica", since 25 October 2018 in German movie theaters) and stunning images, which they now offer at Adobe Stock.

All in for the perfect photo – minus ten to minus twenty degrees Celsius and a wobbling "office" - the conditions for the creators of "Project: Antarctica" were definitely adverse. "But the perfect photo is worth fighting for," Tim David, Dennis and Michael agree. Once the photos are taken, work is far from over. In their improvised office aboard the expedition ship, the photos were first viewed: Water and snow on the lens can not be avoided in gusts of wind and temperatures below zero, but hidden underneath were skilfully captured treasures.

From the ice to Adobe Stock – Whoever looks at the Adobe Stock portfolio of the three adventurers immediately notices that the extraordinary photos have their own special style. "We created our color looks and signature style with Adobe Lightroom CC or Adobe Camera Raw," they reveal. "Then the individual files were uploaded to Adobe Stock and tagged so that potential buyers can quickly and easily find the photos. After a short quality check, our works were online in our premium portfolio – for everyone to see!"

About – PROJECT : ANTARCTICA is a travel documentary project by the three photographers & filmmakers Tim David Müller-Zitzke, Dennis Vogt & Michael Ginzburg. The film deals with a life changing trip to Antarctica and with an alternative attitude towards the young generation's future. The film will be released in cinemas at the end of 2018.

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