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'Drive the Style' : The&Partnership stages the Toyota Style Selection with fashion photographer Esther Haase – and meet Oliver Kapusta, Creative Director of the agency and GoSeeAWARDS Juror at UPDATE19 in Berlin

With the 'Drive the Style' campaign, The&Partnership puts the design of the new Toyota Style Selection front and center. The Style Selection from Toyota is an individual design and equipment line, which was launched for the first time in 2017 exclusively in Germany. It includes bestselling cars Aygo, Yaris, C-HR, Corolla, and RAV4.

The exclusive looks were shot in April 2019 in Valencia together with fashion photographer and GoSee member ESTHER HAASE. She has already worked for Vogue, Vanity Fair or Elle, where she has continuously made her mark in the high-fashion industry with her authentic-natural signature. And her Mongolia fashion spread inspired the jury at last year’s GoSeeAWARDS in the area of fashion.

“The Style Selection is what we offer our clientele, who are not only environmentally aware but also very style and design oriented.” says Niels Klamma, Head of Marketing Communication Toyota Germany. “T&P has created a visually convincing campaign which has more than met the demands of our target group. ”

“Toyota stands for particularly outstanding quality and the sustainable hybrid drive – but also the new design of the Corolla, for instance, is an absolute eye-catcher – which is why we decided to stage it in this way,” says Oliver Kapusta, Creative Director of the agency.

We are also absolutely delighted that Creative Director Oliver Kapusta is supporting the GoSeeAWARDS as a juror and will announce the winners this year at UPDATE19 in Berlin. Oliver Kapusta, a member of ADC for so many years and highly decorated with more than 270 Awards, has been at the helm of creative direction for The&Partnership in Germany since this summer.

“After helping to build Saatchi & Saatchi Berlin with Days of Hope as the creative highlight, I decided to go freelance so that I could dedicate more time to my newborn daughter and my wife,” says Oliver Kapusta. “But when T&P approached me, explained the agency model and I got to meet the colleagues from London and Germany, I just had to say yes. The agency and its model – the &Model – is unique in the German market, and I believe that our data- and technology-driven mindset puts us a step ahead of the rest.”

The London-based agency, specialized in data- and technology-driven campaigns, was able to win the Pan-European Toyota and Lexus account two years ago and has since been operating in Germany as an individual, in-house solution for the company.
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featured by Louis Cubbon : Meet Louis Cubbon, Senior Integrated Producer at Iris London, as a GoSeeAWARDS Juror at UPDATE19 BERLIN, and we present you projects by the London-based agency – ADIDAS ‘The Deal’ campaign, REEBOK JJ Watt Sneaker III, and the HAVEN campaign

Louis Cubbon, Senior Integrated Producer at Iris London, is supporting this year’s GoSeeAWARDS as a jury member and is coming to Berlin once again for the UPDATE SALON on 15 November. The top producer was at UPDATE for the first time last year and looks forward to another day full of inspiration and exchange in Berlin. He’s been with the London-based creative agency since this summer. “Moving you forward” is the promise of IRIS WORLDWIDE, which was founded in 1999 by six visionaries and is represented today in fourteen locations across the globe.

“Working within various different advertising agencies across London, from small start-ups to internationally recognized networks, I’ve experienced a lot within production. In my opinion, the best weapon a producer has is their ‘little black book’. Contacts, connections, old friends, someone you met at a show… a producer’s network is vital and needs to constantly grow. You never know when you’ll need an expert in taxidermy, a helicopter pilot or service company in a city you’ve never heard of. After nearly five years at the decorated adam&eveDDB, I’ve recently been lucky enough to move to Iris. An ambitious and energetic agency, with a wealth of talented people. The agency’s strapline ‘For the Forward’ underlines the drive that we all share. I really enjoyed GoSee’s UPDATE in 2018 and am looking forward to adding to my little black book this year.”

We present you several projects by IRIS LONDON here on GoSee, including ADIDAS’ brand new ‘The Deal’ campaign, plus ‘Predator Is Back’ for ADIDAS, REEBOK, and the award-winning campaign for HAVEN.
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Getty Images and AlmapBBDO 'Endless Stories' campaign about the fight of the century between boxers Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier wins at Cannes Lions – and meet Getty Images at UPDATE18 in Berlin

''Endless Stories'' presents the fight of the century with photos from the Getty Images archive.  For the bout on 8 March, 1971, celebrities of all kinds gathered at the sold-out Madison Square Gardens. This included Frank Sinatra, who stood at the side of the ring as photographer for the magazine LIFE. The global campaign by Brazilian agency AlmapBBDO in cooperation with Getty Images received several awards at Cannes Lions 2018 (Film – Gold Lion, Entertainment – Silver Lion, Film Craft Editing – Silver Lion, Film Craft Script – Bronze, Design – Bronze). We present you the film here on GoSee.

"The Endless Stories campaign shows the breadth and depth of Getty Images’ archive with rare footage and imagery from the fight of the century. The campaign includes a short film, an interactive video and website which were created entirely with Getty Images content and highlights the parallel stories which can be found in a single event. The film shows the story of what happened on the day of the fight of the century – the famous boxing match between Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier. Stories just as improbable as the result of the fight, including Frank Sinatra’s ringside presence and Frank Lucas’ grand entrance, among other famous faces help to showcase the endless possibilities of Getty Images’ editorial archive," Getty Images tells us.

“The ‘Endless Stories’ campaign deftly shows off Getty Images’ deep archive while capturing a unique perspective on one of the most historic moments in sporting history” says Gene Foca, Chief Marketing Officer from Getty Images. “AlmapBBDO’s drive and creativity is relentless and pushes our team at Getty Images to match the work ethic that they consistently display. Simply put, I couldn’t ask for a better creative partner.”

Over the past nine years, Getty Images and AlmapBBDO have realized successful campaigns which received international awards. These include the Getty Images Anniversary campaign entitled “Millions of Images. Endless Possibilities” or the Nosferatu campaign, which was awarded last year at Cannes Lions.

And meet the German Getty Images Marketing team once again this year at UPDATE on 19 October in Berlin – where they are glad to answer questions about the project and present you their services all about images.
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