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REBUILT FROM MEMORIES – a virtual reality project on life in Aleppo before the war by ARTHELPS and Jung von Matt on GoSee

With ‘Rebuilt From Memories’, ARTHELPS and the German advertising agency Jung von Matt reconstruct life in the Syrian city of Aleppo before the war– in a virtual reality project in which the 3D surroundings were generated using photogrammetry from Instagram pictures.

In a first-of-a-kind experiment, nominated for the now cancelled Innovation Awards at SXSW 2020, destroyed Syrian sites can be visited again as live and mobile VR experiences. In a first-of-a-kind experiment, nominated for the now cancelled Innovation Awards at SXSW 2020, destroyed Syrian sites can be visited again as live and mobile VR experiences. The 360° images were created directly from people’s memories shared on images in our generation’s biggest visual archive – Instagram. Pre-war posts of three historical Aleppo sites were crowdsourced via geotags in three languages, then resorted via deep learning and processed as a dataset for photogrammetry. In collaboration with Exozet, the two-dimensional dataset was then transformed into immersive 3D environments. Photogrammetry generates 3D worlds for virtual reality from large datasets of 2D images in an automated process.

“Only on Instagram could we find the data we needed: unique angles and moments of encounter – to create this view into a collective memory” says Rico Noël, Creative Director at Jung von Matt/Neckar.

ARTHELPS shows with “Rebuilt From Memories” once again how art can help to reach people with relevant topics to make us rethink. Tom Lupo, founder of ARTHELPS on the project: “Modern technologies and digital solutions can help us to remember and recount history, the memory of a whole society. We want to go back in time – to create a better future.”


ARTHELPS is an initiative of creatives and artists which helps in a very special way: with art. For ARTHELPS, creativity is the most important tool, the motor and universal language. As a non-profit art initiative, ARTHELPS can not only reach people themselves but also build bridges between different social classes. For this purpose, each member of ARTHELPS dedicates their time and talent.

Help Syria with your donation to: 
BANK: BW | Bank 
ACCOUNT: 2822365 
BANK CODE: 60050101 
IBAN: DE81600501010002822365 
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featured by Casting Company : Rolf Scheider / Casting Company presents the results of the DWA Director Promotion Prize 2019 including speed recruiting on GoSee – with young filmmaker talent Joy X. Song as the first female winner, who can realize her concept until 2020

“We congratulate the winner of the DWA Promotion Prize 2019: JOY X. SONG with her concept 'The Dollhouse',” says Rolf Scheider, who followed the live pitch and the award ceremony on 25 September in Hamburg for GoSee and has several impressions in store for you.

That morning, some 100 guests experienced the live pitch of the young directors at Markenfilm Crossing in Hamburg’s Schanzenviertel: Not only winner Joy X. Song managed to impress the jury, Benjamin Leichtenstern, Florian Reittner, Caren Wuhrer & Miriam Suad Bühler, Babor Massomi, Sara del Barba & Johanna Hörl, Vincent Dolinsek & Christoph Hans, Zornitsa Dimitrova, Lukas Kölling, and Eugen Merher & Philip Chrobot each did the same with their seven-minute pitches, before the jury met and the members of the producer alliance went on to Play Studios for a round of speed recruiting.

“At the event, twenty directors got the chance to audition and make contacts with twenty selected film production companies every seven minutes,” Rolf Scheider continues. “Speed recruiting is so popular today that film production companies are competing to get in on the action. This time, the following film producers participated in speed recruiting: 27 kilometers, 5th floor, Bigfish, BLM FILM, Bubbles, CHUNK, Cobblestone, ELEMENT E, Film Deluxe, Fox Devil Films, Ivory, Kanu Film, Markenfilm, NOKTO, Rabiccorn, Rekorder, Simon & Paul, Tempomedia, Zauberberg, and Zeitsprung.”

The jury, made up of creatives Marjorieth Sanmartin from TBWA, Director Sergej Moya, Executive Post Producer Olaia Kasal from Infected and Executive Producer Justin Mundhenke from Tempomedia, chose the brainchild of the young director as the winner, who now has five months to realize her award-winning concept – supported by members of the Advertising section of the Producers Alliance, which now comprises nearly 90 German productions. The finished spot will celebrate its premiere at the German Advertising Film Award on 27 March, 2020, in Hamburg.

'Producer Florian Sigle was a very lively presenter and involved the candidates again and again. And the jury was quite competent, always asking the right questions and going deeper and deeper... Director Joy X. Song is shooting an ad for a future screenwriting app in which she divides different stories with razor-sharp precision. Strange stories full of intrigue are blended in an irritating atmosphere between Dollhouse and Alice in Wonderland. Joy X. Song made a very convincing appearance, had a crystal clear vision of what she wanted and cast a spell on the jury and everyone present.

The surprise of the evening was the presentation of the honorary membership of the German Advertising Film Academy to founder of HKF and Sterntag, Gerhard Leis, who was moved to tears with an emotional speech by his partner Steffen Esaias – like many others in the audience, too...

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featured by marcus philipp sauer : MARCUS PHILIPP SAUER : photographs the new SKODA KAMIQ, a genuine character, for Prague-based agency OPTIMIST in Barcelona – and meet OPTIMIST at UPDATE-19-BERLIN

The new SKODA Kamiq is finally out. For the occasion, transportation specialist MARCUS P. SAUER and his team had the honor of realizing the production in dream destination Barcelona. Marcus P. Sauer was commissioned by Prague-based agency Optimist. “With an incredible team, the motifs were photographed on eight days of shooting.” Marcus  tells GoSee and continues: “The idea was to leave an honest editorial impression and not have to iron out the kinks too much in post production... but, of course, none at all wouldn’t be an option either.” the photographer tells GoSee tongue in cheek. We have the result as well as several making-of impressions for you here on GoSee.

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