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featured by now open : ‘NIGHTRIDER’ – New York-based agency NOW OPEN presents you Director AN LE’s latest spot for YSL BEAUTY here on GoSee

We present you the latest artwork by multitalented An LE c/o NOW OPEN for YSL BEAUTY. The director realized the spot almost entirely in CGI/3D. At his side for support, he had top model Luz Pavon, who – not all too surprisingly – made an equally captivating as sensational appearance on the machine. The spot was created in close cooperation with An’s agency NOW OPEN, which he co-founded. NOW OPEN not only supported the film shoot but also the complete post production from start to finish – in other words, CGI, music, retouching, grading, and editing.

CEO Victoria c/o NOW OPEN : “Speed into the season with the ultimate in extremely pigmented glitter and shimmer... Sequin Crush, which embodies the brand’s sexy and powerful image with a fast and pumping soundtrack and striking visuals.”

L’ORÉAL tells us about its for so many reasons invaluable brand : “Yves Saint Laurent Beauté gives a style its body and soul. Completely liberated, it asserts itself as a collection of icons – each creation driven by boldness, youth and the avant-garde. In the wake of Saint Laurent, who showcased the spirit of the times for nearly 40 years, YSL Beauté continues its unbridled love affair with women to create, shape and develop modernity. No compromise. Your own rules. Now.” GoSee : yslbeauty.com
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featured by Elements Production Services Pvt Ltd : 100 Percent ‘BACK TO NATURE’ with ELEMENTS PRODUCTION SERVICES and VEEBA TRULY TOMATO KETCHUP

This 30-second ad for VEEBA was designed for maximum brand recognition with a sharp focus on the core qualities of VEEBA Ketchup, which are simultaneously: One, that it is full of farm fresh goodness and purity; and two, that it has no room (physically or metaphorically) for harmful chemicals, preservatives, synthetic colors or artificial flavors. The spot convinces its audience with great food appeal and cuts away from the surfeit of ads in the online space by the way it runs the farm-to-bottle story in reverse... powerfully illustrating that the goodness Veeba contains in every bottle comes straight from the farm!

Achal Sinha c/o ELEMENTS : “We shot this in Mumbai, and just when we were wrapping up, we received message that Covid-19 had been declared a Pandemic. Post was taken care of during the lockdown.” It was directed by Jayant Hadka, DOP was Sanket Satam, and the executive agency was GCD with CD Gopika Chowfla. In front of the camera stood Onima Kashyap, and the spot was produced by ELEMENTS PRODUCTION SERVICES PVT LTD, India.

About – Veeba is one of the leading condiments & sauce companies in India. Our strong focus on quality, innovation and products which are ‘better for you’ has helped us to stand out in a highly competitive retail market. With a pan-Indian distribution network reaching both general trade and modern trade shops, we offer our consumers the freshest and the most authentic flavors in the comfort of their own homes. Extreme focus is put on procuring the finest and most authentic ingredients from across the globe which are then used in a world class ISO 22000 certified manufacturing facility.

We are a very proud Indian company which manufactures world class food products in India. Veeba started off as a B2B sauce & condiments company, and our client list includes several of the biggest global names in quick service restaurants and the coffee industry. Not to mention, that our manufacturing plants pass the strictest quality tests and audits. We have won numerous awards from our esteemed clients, honoring us as a quality-focused and a highly innovative business partner. We pride ourselves in a vast distribution network which enables us to offer world-class products to small restaurants, bakeries and canteens across the length and breadth of the country, enabling them in turn to offer their consumers a wide variety of the best quality sandwiches, pizzas, pastas, shakes and many other delicious menu items. GoSee :
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featured by Severin Wendeler : DIOR PRESTIGE ‘WILD BORN BEAUTY’ … FOR RADIANT BEAUTY – director’s cut of the new commercial by SANDRO BAEBLER c/o SEVERIN WENDELER for DRAMA PARIS

SANDRO BAEBLER c/o SEVERIN WENDELER presents the director’s cut of the new DIOR PRESTIGE WILD BORN BEAUTY commercial here on GoSee. DIOR PRESTIGE and its premium skincare products offer the extraordinary life force, or élan vital, of the Rose de Granville: a regenerative double effect for perfectly radiant skin and blossoming senses. Precisely the message Sandro conveyed in this breathtaking commercial. It was filmed, among others places, on the roaring coast of Brittany.

The agency was Drama Paris (CD: OLIVIER DE KERSAINTGILLY, AD: PHILIPPINE VUATRIN, Consulting: SABRINA PAPON), and production support from the client came from AURÉLIE PYVKA, Directrice du Studio de Création, and Art Director ANNE-CHARLOTTE PASCAL.

Sandro Baebler is a celebrity, portrait, advertising, and editorial photographer and director. He studied Graphic Design in Zurich where he developed an eye for stunning visual concepts and compositions, which helped him to define his current style as both a director and photographer. It was during his studies that Sandro discovered his passion for the medium, built his own portfolio and started working as a photographer. His work has appeared in ELLE, GQ, VANITY FAIR, WIRED, L’OFFICIEL HOMMES, ZEIT, ROLLING STONE & VOGUE, and he has shot portraits of notable people and celebrities.

In addition to photography, he transforms his unique style into beautifully directed motion pieces. As a director, Sandro combines the precision and earthiness from his Swiss roots with the vitality and empathy from his frequent travels. When he’s not on the road, you will most likely find him in Zurich or Los Angeles. He works locally or in Los Angeles, New York City, London, Paris and Zurich.

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